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Jacob Dinezon’s historical Jewish romance is set in the Russian Empire in the 1840s and weaves the bittersweet tale of Yosef, a poor but brilliant yeshiva student, who falls in love with Roza, the beautiful and charming daughter of a rich merchant. But the couple's bright horizon is clouded by the ruthless actions of Roza's brother-in-law, the Dark Young Man, who plots to protect his position in the family by destroying the young lovers. The startling outcome made The Dark Young Man a runaway bestseller when it was first published in 1877.

Originally written in Yiddish and translated for the first time in English by Tina Lunson, Jacob Dinezon’s The Dark Young Man delves deeply into the personalities and politics of Jewish middle-class urban society, and describes in vivid detail the growing opposition to arranged marriages, the disparities between rich and poor, and the effects of assimilation and modernity on traditional Jewish life—all wrapped up in a realistic Jewish romance.

Will Yosef and Roza's love prevail or will the Dark Young Man be triumphant? Jacob Dinezon's The Dark Young Man possesses all the intrigue and excitement of an Alexandre Dumas novel while providing a startling fictional account of mid-nineteenth-century Jewish life, culture, and religion.

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ISBN-13: 9780979815652
Publisher: Jewish Storyteller Press
Publication date: 02/03/2019
Pages: 310
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Preface 9

Part One

Chapter One: Midnight in the Study House 19

Chapter Two: The Letter 29

Chapter Three: The Dark Young Man 34

Chapter Four: Golde 41

Chapter Five: The God-Fearing Women 48

Chapter Six: Yosef and Meyshe Shneyur 58

Chapter Seven: Yosef and Roza 69

Part Two

Chapter One: Roza 77

Chapter Two: A Strange Prescription 85

Chapter Three: Yosef and Shimen 89

Chapter Four: The Diary 96

Chapter Five: Yosef and Roza 104

Chapter Six: God Sent Him 112

Chapter Seven: Thoughts While Praying 121

Chapter Eight: Devotions on Shavuos 124

Chapter Nine: A Few Days Before the Journey 135

Part Three

Chapter One: The Letters 151

Chapter Two: Dawn 163

Chapter Three: Until Late at Night 171

Chapter Four: Pity from a Wolf 177

Chapter Five: A Mother and Her Daughter 183

Chapter Six: The Last Attempt 188

Chapter Seven: As Some Say 195

Chapter Eight: The Engagement Contract 201

Part Four

Chapter One: Out of Jail 211

Chapter Two: From Petersburg 220

Chapter Three: A Good Sign: A Wedding in Town 222

Chapter Four: Rukhame 226

Chapter Five: Golde’s Last Kindness to Yosef 236

Chapter Six: Almost Too Late Already 242

Chapter Seven: A Doctor in the House 247

Chapter Eight: Who Are the Modern Demons? 254

Chapter Nine: The Engagement Evening 260

Chapter Ten: God Desires A Sacrifice 264

Chapter Eleven: The Real Value 270

Acknowledgments 285

Glossary 287

A Reader’s Guide 291

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