The Darkest Star (Lux: Origin Series #1)

The Darkest Star (Lux: Origin Series #1)

by Jennifer L. Armentrout


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ISBN-13: 9781250175731
Publisher: Tom Doherty Associates
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Series: Lux: Origin Series , #1
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 9,749
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.40(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT is a #1 New York Times, USA Today, and international bestselling author of the Lux series and other books for teens and adults. She is a #1 bestseller in Germany and Italy, and a top seller in markets around the world.

Her young adult novels have sold over a million copies since 2011 in the US alone, and have been finalists for the Goodreads Choice Awards and many others. Jennifer lives in West Virginia with her husband and dogs.

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The Darkest Star (Lux: Origin Series #1) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 49 reviews.
alishaluvsdaemon 18 days ago
Luc is EVERYTHING! ❤❤❤ I am rating this SUPER high. 10+++++ stars! Maybe I'm biased when it comes to JLA? Because I freaking ADORE the Lux world? These characters? Guilty as charged to all of the above! If you haven't read the Lux series are seriously missing out & what are you waiting for?? Read that series first! Then you'll be able to appreciate ALL that is Luc*-* This book was fan-freaking-tastic! LOVE LOVE LOVE! It was so much fun to read! There are plenty of CUTE CUTE moments! *sighs* Drama, Fun times, LUC & some of our favorite characters from the 'Lux series' *gasps...Daemon* JLA knows how to make us readers have a good time. & make us CRAVE more & LOATHE the wait till the next one ....basically she's Phenomenal! Wrap up: Read this book! (& be prepared to rock in a corner until the next one) Read the Lux series Read ALL her books...
bookscoffeeandrepeat 5 days ago
"More of a starter novel than a spin-off" Worth the read especially if you enjoyed The Lux series by the same author. And while this book was predictable and imperfect (does contain plot holes and it feels like something's missing), "The Darkest Star" was still a fun and entertaining read.
Anonymous 6 days ago
I’m a Lux fan so re-visiting the world with this new beginning is exciting, and I can’t wait for the next installment, if there is one!
BookAngel_Emma 6 days ago
There is really only one word you need to know in order for you to read The Darkest Star - LUC!!!!! If like myself, you are a huge fan of the Lux series (Daemon and Kat will always hold a special place in my heart) then I am sure you were also chomping for further information about our intrepid youthful leader of the resistance - Luc.  Did you wonder what happened after the invasion? How did humans and luxen cope with the sudden integration of their species? What happened to Daedalus? How did the Origin children grow-up? These were just some of the questions that wandered my mind before I opened the pages of The Darkest Star. While these questions were answered in the story, there were plenty more questions that arose as a result opening up a whole new can of worms so to speak. What I didn't expect from the narrative was how much I would empathise with Luc, how his loneliness would permeate through the pages and straight into my heart. In all honesty, I cannot give details of the plot because it is so cleverly interwoven even the smallest detail may spoil the whole thing.  While I adored getting to know Luc and the events that shaped his identity, I will say the surprising undercurrent of the story was unsettling - a harsh reflection of the hate-driven society we currently occupy. It was a very poignant representation of the political climate especially that within the United States As I have already stated The Darkest Star opens up a new line of questions that we have to wait an entire year to have answered - hence the deduction of half a point in my rating I only hope I remember the questions by the time I get to read The Burning Shadow. 
Amanda_BetweentheShelves 7 days ago
Evie Dasher lives in a world balanced on a precarious peace between humans and the alien race, Luxen, that have invaded them. Trying to be adventurous, Evie witnesses this balance first hand at the local night club where many Luxen are known to hang out. It's there that she meets Luc, a dangerous Luxen who is about to turn her world on its head. As new information about her past filters in, Evie has to re-learn who she really is. Jennifer L. Armentrout has crafted an exhilarating romance that brings its readers on a twisting roller coaster ride of emotions. Much like Evie, we're kept in the dark for most of the novel of what's actually happening between the Luxen and the American government, but there's a lot that the government is covering up (unsurprisingly). In what YA dystopia does the government not know more than its population? Answer: none. While I would not 100% place this into the dystopia category, there are elements of this genre that creep up throughout the story. Mainly: we've been invaded by an alien race that's way more powerful than we are. But, plot twist! Humans are the ones that are in control in the story, not the aliens. In fact, we get to witness the deep prejudice that a lot of the humans have against the aliens throughout the story, from the way their treated on the streets to the protests that are launched right in Evie's school. I thoroughly enjoyed the power dynamic between the two species here; it made commentary about our own society that isn't too direct. Evie could be a bit whiny at times, but I guess we'll cut her some slack because basically everyone in her life was hiding a massive secret from her. The relationship between her and Luc definitely drives the entire story froward; why does Luc take such an interest to her? What is he, really? Why isn't he registered with the government? So many questions--all mostly answered by the end of the story. I think this is the start to a new series, so I'm interested in seeing where the series goes next!
Anonymous 8 days ago
It's intriguing, earth shattering, and leaves you desperate for the next book
Anonymous 11 days ago
pooled_ink 11 days ago
pooled ink Reviews: the Luxen have left the shadows, but the darkest secrets aren't over for some... I'm going to be upfront and say that this book is very CW but I'm here for it haha. (I'm assuming you're aware of the plot, character, and writing cliches for CW shows) Hot aliens, government secrets, a murderous psycho on the loose, and of course a little forbidden romance, all unfolds with an addictive intensity that will have you devouring the pages and craving more. THE DARKEST STAR takes a stab at rekindling this world of Luxen assimilating on earth beside humans and does so with dramatic gusto that will make one want to swoon and rage at once. Brace yourself for a new binge-worthy read.
Roobie 12 days ago
-"It still amazes me. The whole thing. Like how all the basic human rights can be stripped away, but because you have a bed, a room, and food on your plate, you don’t even realize you have no rights." I'm a big JLA fan and I really liked the Lux series so I might be a bit biased when it comes to this but it felt so good being back in that world! We got even more things explained in this book and really liked that. I was always a fan of Luc so of course I was excited to read his story and I'm happy to say I'm satisfied. Well, for now. Can't wait to see what's coming next. I'm not going to spoil anything, all I'm going to say is if you loved the Lux universe and wanted more of it then definitely give this story a chance.
ValerieStuckInBooks 12 days ago
I've always been a fan of this author from her very beginning. I loved the Lux series and am thrilled that there is a spin-off series featuring Luc. I have to admit that I remember Luc as a kid. It took me a bit to have him be older but I totally fell in love with him. Who couldn't? I wondered what secrets where left to have after the ending of the Lux series, but I should never doubt JLA to have crafted some twists and turns that throws off even the biggest Lux fan. And with Luc involved, anything is possible. Now let me say, if you are going into this book thinking that Luc will be another Daemon, think again. Luc is better. Yes, you heard me right. I love Luc better. He has a mysterious edge and a lot of power. He's gorgeous, of course, but I loved how he was with Evie. Not at the very beginning but later. He's adorable really. He has issues with "peopling" and he has no sense of personal space. I do love him. As for Evie, she's lived her life away from the Luxen and a little afraid of them. Everything is safe and easy until she meets Luc. Then things run into crazy town and have her holding on for dear life. And things are just not what she's always believed. A deal she has no idea about comes unraveled and she's in the middle of nothing she understands. But she's not to be walked all over either. She stands up to Luc and doesn't put up with his excuses. I do love a strong female character. It's a great story that I devoured. I loved being back in this world and seeing Daemon a bit. I will never grow tired of the Lux world and look forward to more from the Origin series. Any JLA fan will want this right away! But it can stand alone so if you've never read this author or about the Lux world, give it a go. It's a great read.
LibaryInTheCountry 13 days ago
Review copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review OH MY GOSH, FOLKS. This book! I stayed up until 3am to finish this book (on a worknight!), it had me THAT hooked. “Our stares connected, and the effect was instantaneous. Everything around us faded, and there was just us, and this … this sensation of falling. I couldn’t look away as the feeling surfaced, rushing to the top.” I was totally new to Jennifer L. Armentrout when I received this book to review, so I promptly jumped into listening to her Lux series on audio so I could prepare myself for this read. For those that don’t know, that series is a sort of prequel to this new series. Do you need to read them first? No. But reading them will give you a much better understanding of the world in The Darkest Star, particularly things that have happened in the past – plus it will introduce you to Daemon Black and there is no going wrong with that. The Darkest Star was full of angst, secrets and action. It was so swoony and I absolutely could not put it down. It follows much of the same path as Obsidian – in that, girl meets beautiful, broody boy with a secret, and stuff happens. BUT this was so much more than that too. I really mean it! There are some really explosive secrets in this that I did not see coming in the least bit. I cannot say much there because it will absolutely spoil it, but you’ll likely feel the foreshadowing and have an inkling about what is coming before it hits you. This book follows Evie Dasher (*cough*), a high school student who encounters Luc one evening at a club. To Evie, it is clear that Luc is one of the Luxen, due to his unnatural beauty and the energy that seems to radiate off him. Except Luc insists that he is not Luxen. After a startling first encounter, Evie knows Luc is bad news but as fate (or just Luc) would have it they keep crossing paths. With every meeting, Evie begins to suspect that perhaps Luc knows more about her than he lets on – something about him is strangely familiar, though she has no recollection of ever meeting him before. “We were all dark stars, but Luc … he was the darkest.” Luc, oh Luc. Yes, this is the same Luc we meet in the later Luxen series books. I have a terrible weakness for characters like him and he really drove this story for me. I could not get enough of his character and just drank in everything he did and every single secret he held. And those secrets drilled a hole straight into my heart. How I feel for everything he has been through and the torment his actions have caused him over the years. I want him to finally be happy! Finally, I just LOVED Evie and Luc in this. *fans self* Their chemistry was through the roof and dare I say it, I think I love them more than even Katy and Daemon. Speaking of – we DO get a glimpse of Lux series characters Daemon and Archer, plus mention of characters such as Katy, Dee and Paris. It was great to see them again! This was a fantastic continuation of the Luxen universe and I am DYING to get my hands on the next book. After reading these books, I am so ready to dive headfirst into everything Jennifer L. Armentrout has written. I can understand why she has such a huge following!
Anonymous 13 days ago
Another great book from her.
Anonymous 14 days ago
I loved Luc’s character in the Lux series but this was just wow! This was amazing start to finish. I loved seeing snippets of main characters from the Lux series as well. Great book!
KaileyReadsYA 14 days ago
3.5 stars. I think the story was well-written and fleshed out nicely, but I had trouble getting into it. It didn't help that the beginning felt like I was reading a book written how someone thought a teenager SHOULD talk as opposed to how teenagers (at least the ones I know) actually do speak and behave.. Still, for the most part that passed and I didn't have too many issues with the writing itself beyond that. Sci-fi can be a hard genre to really get into sometimes and for me to really love one it needs to check all my boxes. This didn't do that for me. I will say this though: I read the entire thing in one sitting.. So, as far as "I couldn't put it down"ness goes . . . well I couldn't put it down. After the first fifty or so pages anyway. It took the book a while to get started and truthfully I almost DNFed it until it finally picked up. I don't know how much my desire to keep going had to do with the plot more than with my fascination with the characters, though. That's one thing I loved, and the reason this review is 3.5 stars as opposed to the 2 stars I would've otherwise given it. Fans of her other books will love this one, but casual fans may want to tread lightly here. It was overall an average book. Am I happy I read it? I think so, yeah. Would I read it again? Right now it's doubtful.
Squirrelikins 14 days ago
A Great Beginning to a great series! First Thoughts: I literally devoured this book in a matter of a day or so. I literally couldn't put this book down (that's how good it was). If you loved Jennifer's Lux series you're going to love her Origin series just as much! The characters are just not feisty and yummy but they're really mysterious and devour-able. The Lux are at it again and you won't want to miss what else they have up their sleeves! Plot: Jennifer did a great job on keeping the reader entertained the entire book; not once was I bored. I was itching to turn each page faster; wanting to absorb Evie's world. This book took place after the war between the humans and the Luxen. We learn even more about the Luxen and the characters past and present. I will admit, I wasn't this absorbed in the Luxen series as I was with this one. You don't have to read the Lux series to start this series! You can start with this book, it pretty much tells you all you need to know to get this book. You can always go back and read the Lux series later. Also, this book had so much going on, new and old characters introduced, elements new and old but it still drew me in. It was heart breaking at times and laughable at others. But this book really dealt with mental strength for Evie. She was put through some terrible things and yet had to decide whether to come out stronger or let it devour her. The ending left me wanting more and there will definitely be more in this series and I can't wait to devour them too! I want to know what happens next! Lots of twists and also some predictable parts too but it didn't seem to bother me. I still enjoyed reading it. Romance: Okay, the tension between Luc and Evie was sexual and high! Though almost the entire time Evie was fighting it! So it was frustrating at times to see the two interact but also realastic. I mean realistically speaking you're not going to thrust yourself at a mysterious stranger; someone you just met! He could be a serial killer for all you know! If you're smart, you'll take things slow and that's how the romance in this book played out. Characters: Loved, loved, loved Evie and Luc together. The two of them together were a hoot! I literally laughed at them since the beginning. They clashed yet were inseparable at the same time. Without one the other just didn't make sense. Luc has got to be one of my favorite characters of the year so far! He had the perfect attitude and personality. Jennifer did a great job creating him; allowing him in this world at the right moments to make the book more exciting and memorable. Some of Evie's friends like Zoe were good characters too. And Heidi. They were both great supporting characters! They were perfectly introduced into the story at the right moment to help give Evie a supporting hand. Luc's fellows were just as great as he was. I cannot emphasize how much the characters made this book so enjoyable and fun to read! Description: I liked that Jennifer described the scenery in a way that it kinda foreshadowed what was to come. She was poetic at times and hilarious at others. By hilarious I mean she described the scene in a way that put the reader at ease but also strung her up by her toes at the same time. It left the reader both frustrated but happy at the same time. The description was brilliant. The way the luxen were described gave the reader a idea on how to identify them later on. Also if you hadn't read the Lux series this was a huge help.
BookCrookReviews 14 days ago
It is SO good to be back in the world with Luxen and Origins and all the other things that go bump in the night. The Darkest Star picks up a little while after the events of the final Lux book and things are still adjusting after the events of the final Lux book (if you don't want to be spoiled for the Lux books please pick those up first, they're fun and fast reads and I highly recommend!). Things are of course not always as they seem and Luxen are struggling to fit into a society that is unsure if it should be so welcoming or not. This grown-up version of Luc we see is even more intimidating, mysterious and also HOT. We get to see a whole other side of the origin to end all origins and I am so here for it. Evie is also great and also a surprisingly refreshing character. She gives us a sort've outside yet inside view of living in a Luxen world and her strange ties to the Luxen/Origins are complicated and delicious. For fans of the Lux series have no fear we do get to see some familiar faces and it is SO GOOD. I think this book is proof Jen is back in her element in this world that she's created that all her fans will love and enjoy. Her writing has grown so much since the Lux series that it's amazing and adds so much depth to the book! The Darkest Star is by one of my new all-time favorite books of the year and I can honestly say I cannot wait for the next book in the series, I need more Luc in my life!
UpAllNightBB 15 days ago
5 Stars Review by Sasha Late Night Reviewer Up All Night w/ Books Blog Evie Dasher’s entire world changed when she decided to walk into the club Foretoken one night. She knew that this club was a place where people who didn’t fit in could attend. This was a safe place for any Luxen, a new alien species that had invaded earth a couple years ago. They could come to blow off some steam and not be afraid of getting taken away. Evie had thought that it would be a night filled with dancing and laughing with her best friend and meeting her best friend’s crush. What she didn’t expect was for a devastatingly handsome but outrageously rude guy named Luc to declare that she shouldn’t be there. From her first encounter with Luc, the world around her decides to get turned upside down. Suddenly Evie finds that the world she has come to know, and the life that she had been told was hers, wasn’t what it seemed to be. There is nothing that Evie would like more than to forget about that night at Foretoken, but Luc seems to be popping up everywhere she goes. He insults her when they first meet, leaves her with nothing but a couple lines of cryptic dialogue and then begins appearing all around her like some guardian angel. Despite the annoyance that Luc brings into her life, Evie finds herself drawn to him. He holds the answers to the questions that she begins searching for. The closer she gets to Luc, the more she finds herself wondering who she can trust and who is actually the person they say there are. God, I loved this book. It was the perfect young adult novel for any reader who is looking for something similar to the Divergent series. The witty banter between all the characters, especially Luc and Evie, gives the story that youthful tone and vibe. The back and forth nature between Luc and Evie is too funny and it makes the slow burn of their relationship almost bearable. Evie stands up and fights for herself, which gives the young girls reading this another great character to look up to. The fact that it’s a spin-off of another one of Armentrout’s popular series and doesn’t rely on the reader having extensive knowledge of the previous series is a comfort to new readers who are picking up the new series. I’m definitely a fan of Armentrout’s writing after reading this book. I can’t wait to get my hands no only on the next book in this series but also her other books. Between the dramatic discoveries and the slow burn between Luc and Evie, I was on the edge of my seat reading this novel.
Anonymous 15 days ago
Everything just ends up making sense and love that I got to see evelyn's point of view about Luc but would have loved to see Lucs point of view, But OMG that twist was amazing I ended up laughing as soon as I realized it I am definitely reading the book again with the knowledge I have now!. I need more of luc I hope there's another book coming soon because this was amazing!
BookDragonGirl 15 days ago
This book is full of SO MUCH YUMMY GOODNESS!!!! Yes, Luc is as Yummy as Daemon!!!! Except Luc has that quirky, weird thing he had going on when we met him in the Lux Series. There are some really great swoon-worthy romance moments between Luc and Evie too!! But it also has the good and bad aliens, the action, the suspense and the shock factor! The Darkest Star is definitely a great start to another of JLA’s promising new SciFi/Romance Series! When I kept reading that you will love Luc as much, if not more than Daemon, I said no way. But IT IS SOOO TRUE!!! I loved Daemon, I was (and still am) a HUGE Daemon fan!! But Luc is really something special!!! You have to experience him to believe it!! And YES, you will see some of those we love from the Lux series! In fact, as this series goes on we will see more!! But I am now such a HUGE Luc fan!!! Yes, he’s my favorite now!! If you love the Lux series then you are DEFINITELY going to LOVE this!! If you haven’t read the Lux series, what are you waiting for? Jennifer L. Armentrout is one of the best and her series are awesome, especially the Lux and now this spin off series!! Highly, HIGHLY recommend this!!! 5+5+5+ Stars!!!
TheBookCoverGirl 16 days ago
I loved the original Lux series and I just felt like this didn’t live up to that standard. Katy and Daemon will forever be goals. Their relationship, their banter, their sass, their inside jokes, all of it was golden. Evie and Luc seemed like a watered-down version of that. I didn’t really enjoy the romance and I was a bit disappointed by the plot twists. I totally called the first reveal from like page 8, and the other one disappointed me for other reasons. There were a lot of nods to the original series and a lot of moments when they brought up the original characters, but it still felt like it was ripping off a lot of the original. Or at least, like it was trying too hard to get you to remember the good ol’ days with the original gang so you wouldn’t notice a lot of the recycled story. Even bits of the dialogue was taken right from the original series and I really didn’t like that. Like the whole joke with the adverbs, that’s Katy and Daemon’s joke (if you’ve read the series you’ll know what I mean). And Luc was constantly quoting Daemon and saying “I once knew a guy who said… (whatever it was that Daemon said)” as if that made it any more acceptable to take Daemon’s best and sassiest lines!break.jpg In the end, I still don’t regret having done the absolute most to get my hands on this book. Still, I have to say that I didn’t love this book. I loved the original series and still do. I even liked Luc in the original series when he was a cocky 14-year-old with too much power and an attitude problem, more than I did in this one. Still, I do recommend this one if you’re a fan of the original series. And yes, this is one of the times when I think you need to read the original series before you get into the spin-off. None of this story would make sense without it.
Ashley Speakman 16 days ago
ALL THE STARS! Jennifer L Armentrout doesn't disappoint her Luxen fans. This was definitely a hit out of the ballpark. When I first heard that JLA was doing a spin off of the Lux Series, I was worried. How can you top Daemon Black? He is the hottest alien out there. Can someone be better than that? Let me answer that for you in two words... YES!!! LUC!!! I could not put this book down. I love that Jennifer has such strong female leads. They don't run out the door from danger... when they should be running out the door from danger! Evie is one of those characters. She knows she shouldn't go to Foretoken. But, she sucks it up for her friend and does it anyways. She is strong when her world starts to fall down around her. Nothing is as it seems for Evie. Luc can't stay away from Evie. The whole book, you are wondering why is he so drawn to her. Is she human, is she an Origin, is something else going on?? It's also warming when old characters make an appearance in the new series. As a reader, I just can't get enough of Daemon Black. Jennifer does a great job with giving the reader a twist in the plot. I absolutely love reading her books. I can not wait to see where she goes next with this story. What is the next thing coming to the Luxen and humans?
Sailon 16 days ago
Its been awhile since I've picked up a Armentrout young adult read, but immediately starting The Darkest Star I was reminded why I love her writing so much. Fast moving, action intense and packed with solid, believable and humanized characters that pull you into her storytelling...hook, line and sinker! We met the Origin before but now we are getting up close a personal with a new direction to these aliens that are cohabitating with us on earth. I can't wait to see where this will go. My only complaint, it ended way to soon! I wanted more!!! I received this ARC copy of The Darkest Star from Macmillan-Tor/Forge - Tor Teen. This is my honest and voluntary review.
StephanieFriend 16 days ago
What an excellent read! If you enjoyed the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, you will not be disappointed with this start to the series. All of the favorites from the Lux series are present in this book. There is no lack of excitement or twists and turns. This book is everything! So much fun to read. Jennifer writes some pretty amazing characters, both male and female. Luc and Evie are equally amazing. If you haven't read the Lux series, you will probably need to read this series first before starting this novel. If you like swoon worthy romance, aliens, and amazing plot you will no not be disappointed in this read.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Reading this book was like slipping into a pair of well loved and worn in jeans. Super comfy and the fit was just right. That’s what it’s like coming back to the world of Luxen, Origin, hybrids and even Arum. It’s like I never left. Luc is arrogant, infuriating and would make anyone consider smothering him with pillows lol but you also can’t help but see his vulnerable side, his caring side and just how damn responsible he is when it comes to looking out for Human friendly Luxen and Evie. His loyalty is absolute and it’s hard not to love him for it. He is dealing with so damn much I kinda wanna give the guy a hug to be honest lol Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Evie is an enigma. Mainly because even she hasn’t figured out the puzzle that is her. You get to go on the journey with her as the reader. I could feel her confusion, her heartaches and even the betrayal. I’m surprised she held it together as well as she did but she’s strong. Strong in a way Katy was in the previous series. So of course I adore her and I want to see her grow into her own and then hopefully help Luc bear the weight of that crown together. This was an amazing start to a new series and I can’t wait to read more! And hopefully get more glimpses of our favorite characters from before. Daemon & Archer and hopefully more than just passing mentions or allusions of Dee and Katy.
Anonymous 17 days ago
I love all of these books. I read and re-read them. This one did not disappoint. Now the long wait for the next one begins again.