The Darkness: Giger, Texas

The Darkness: Giger, Texas

by Joe M Solomon


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When night falls in Giger, Texas, shadows gather as they always do in dim corners and other areas bereft of light. But this time they consolidate and attack any who tread too close. Michael Warren, a twenty-four-year-old resident of Giger, finds himself at the epicenter of this horror and is stunned by the losses suffered overnight. Then the sun sets and the shadows again coalesce, growing more aggressive, the darkness eviscerating anyone it touches.

His only weapon light, Michael struggles to survive and searches frantically for his girlfriend, aiding friends along the way. When Hurricane Daniel roars ashore, wind gusts shred trees and tear down power lines, plunging all of Southeastern Texas into blackness that only feeds and strengthens the encroaching darkness. Rising floodwater provide easy thoroughfares from which the darkness can strike as Michael and his friends contend with the elements, clash with criminals, and battle their way to his residence where they will stand against the darkness and fight to survive.

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ISBN-13: 9780999002414
Publisher: NES Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/03/2017
Pages: 382
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.85(d)

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The Darkness: Giger, Texas 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Tipsy-Ink More than 1 year ago
When I first happened upon this book I was initially intrigued by the idea of a killer darkness. The author does a great job of keeping the story interesting and making you want to continue reading. It can get pretty gruesome in the descriptive, but I think that helped to give the story character. You are never sure about a characters fate and no one is safe. But be warned, If you are looking for a happy ending, this is not the book for you. Even with the dreary ending, I found that I thoroughly enjoyed the story with the sole exception of the stereotypical roles the characters took on and some of the demeaning commentaries made when describing characters (usually women) which were a poor execution in an otherwise interesting and unique story. The character development for those ‘important characters we the readers are introduced to is pretty spot on and I found it truthful, or as truthful as a Supernatural fictional can get, so do not expect to like every character, whether they are main characters or not. But once again, I felt like this added to the story rather than took away from it. There were a few passages that the story could have done without since they do nothing to help the story along or pertain to any of the characters introduced nor do they help with character development. Luckily, these passages were minimal and relatively short, so they can be easily overlooked With minimal grammatical errors and a solid plot, I would rate this book a 3.5/4.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This read presented a lot of challenges, but facing them paid off in the end: the first third of the book offered a lot of unlikable characters (and some likeable ones) and a (for me) uncomfortable amount of sex. Once the story found its way and the monster started to reveal itself (as much as shadowy, amorphous creatures that coalesce from the very substance of the darkness can be said to reveal themselves), the story started to grab my interest by both ears. And then it gets worse in the best way possible, when a hurricane bears down on the city of Giger, Texas, threatening the availability of one of the weapons vital to fighting back the shadows: electricity powering the lights. Also, as a horror writer who works in grocery retail, the several freakish scenes playing out in the local grocery store pleased me immensely: so many monsters, of the supernatural and human varieties here. I'm always saying we need more horror stories with scenes in a grocery store, and this filled the bill nicely!
Blackcrayon More than 1 year ago
WOW! That is the first word that comes to mind when I think of this book. This is a definite 5 out of 5 stars book. I have to commend the author he does an amazing job at writing a story that is thrilling, it keeps you on the edge of your seat, keeps your heart pumping and your mind constantly going trying to figure out what the "darkness" is that is killing everyone. There are so many characters in this book, and he is able to make each one dynamic and to weave each of their stories in to one cohesive storyline, without anything being lost. I also never felt any lag in the story, it was constant and fast paced. Also, this book and its characters will take you through the wringer, you will hate them, love them, fear for them, and unfortunately for most you will mourn them or mourn with them. I will also say that this book is not for the squeamish, the "darkness" really does some awful damage to the peoples bodies, they are torn, burned, and even blown up and the author will describe each gory little detail of it in great detail. This for me was a very quick read, since I did not want to put it down, I just really just have to figure what is going on, who if anyone would survive. As I stated above the author does do a fantastic job a weaving multiple people storylines together to create one, there are some characters and their stories that I did feel did not really add anything to the book, they definitely did not take anything away from the story or weight it down any, but I felt if they were not in the story nothing would have changed. So in conclusion, if your squeamish and tender heart I might not read this, but if you love horror filled, psychological thrillers that will keep you on your feet, then this is definitely the book for you. I will say there is a cliffhanger, by the end of the book things are not resolved, but thankfully the author in his endnotes does say there will be a part 2 coming soon, which I personally can not wait!
JamesOkun More than 1 year ago
“The Darkness” Review There is worldwide chaos occurring in “The Darkness” as millions of people are being massacred at night by hideous forms that are burning, killing and cutting them apart. The same type of horrendous butchery is happening in the tiny town of Giger, Texas. With the arrival of a Hurricane making things even worse, it is up to the main character, 24 -year old Michael Warren, his friends and others to find a way to stop this evil force. I liked the suspense in this book that kept me continually guessing as to what was happening next. I was also continually “on the edge of my seat” and horrified by the many scenes of grotesque murder and mayhem as people are ambushed, assaulted and horribly mutilated as they are murdered by dark, hideous forms. The author is an obvious master of description as he artfully describes each and every scene of destruction and death. There are also some sex scenes which were not too graphic, and which helped make the entire story more realistic. The main characters in the book were realistic and very believable and in sync with the entire story. The pace was appropriate even though at times it became frenetic. The story flowed well, and the author’s writing style was dramatic and perfect for this type of thriller. The editing and formatting of this book were beyond reproach and the cover was appealing. My only criticisms of this book are that it was somewhat hard to believe that this same gruesome activity was occurring worldwide and some of the violent murder scenes seemed redundant. In spite of these minor flaws, I highly recommend this book to adult readers who enjoy horror thrillers. This book is not appropriate for young adult readers as there are the previously mentioned graphic sex scenes. I give this book a five out of five stars rating.
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
Between the great cover art and thrilling blurb, I knew this could be a good book, and it was. It seems like an ordinary night. Well, aside from the hurricane that’s blowing in, ready to devastate everything in its path. Power will go out, leaving all in darkness. But it’s no ordinary darkness. It’s taken on a life of its own. Forms attack, killing millions. The only weapon is light. And with the storm, there won’t be any once the power grids go down. Michael isn’t prepared. How could he be? And his girlfriend is out there somewhere. He has to find her. Save her. So he heads out into the dark. Along the way, he hooks up with some friends and strangers. None of them know what’s happening. They just know the darkness kills. What caused it? Why? They may not live to find out. I was reading this book while tracking Hurricane Irma, watching Florida get hammered by the very conditions described in it. It sure did make my imagination run wild. The lights go out. The wind howls. Things start crashing into your house. You can’t see what’s coming. And then it starts to flood. The water rises. That’s truly scary. Even scarier is the darkness becoming corporeal. being able to touch you. To hurt and kill you. And, as with all things human, when disaster strikes the good come together and help each other, and the bad crawl out from under their rocks to wreak havoc. As bands of survivors struggle to stay alive, to keep some form of light on to ward off the things in the dark, they also have to contend with others who want what they have. I think the author did a good job of giving us realistic characters and came up with some twisted scenarios that were believable. It was easy to picture and made things edgy, creepy. Definitely a book I recommend you read at night. If you aren’t afraid of the dark now, you could be once you’ve read it.