The Daughter of Bastet

The Daughter of Bastet

by Vasylena M Roy


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The Daughter of Bastet by Vasylena M Roy

RICHARD GRANT is a man determined to make something of himself. He thinks he almost has it all; a job as an engineer in Egypt (under British control), a wealthy fiancée (ELISABETH), and a rich collection of antiques. It is when he attempts to acquire yet another item, a bronze statuette of the Egyptian Goddess Bastet that his life changes forever. He is about to embark on series of experiences that would challenge every idea, dream, and preconceived notion about life and happiness.
At the end of the 19th century, there is little that could be refused to an Englishman in Egypt; yet RICHARD wants more. He aspires to a great future despite his humble birth. The social status and prestige he covets are within his grasp, when he gets engaged to ELISABETH. To RICHARD, her lack of warmth and physical beauty is far outweighed by her wealth and brilliant connections.
His life seems set until one afternoon he decides to browse in an antique shop. There, RICHARD is mesmerized by a beautiful bronze statuette of a cat. He realizes quickly the rarity and value of the item. He wants it so badly that he disregards his own conscience, and the native dealer feelings, in bullying him to sell. Later the old storeowner breaks into the house, hoping to retrieve the statuette. In the armed struggle he shoots RICHARD, wounding him, and shatters the Cat of Bastet, before running away.
When RICHARD examines the damage, he realizes he cannot find any pieces of his statuette but discovers a nude and bleeding woman on the floor of the room. She is soon turning into a wild animal, scratching and biting him, while he is trying to help her.
He is faced with the dilemma of what to do with this unexpected addition to his life. RICHARD cannot afford the scandal her presence in his home would inevitably bring. He talks his devoted maid KASI, into helping him keep it a secret. He is forced to accept that the young creature has come to life after the statuette had been shattered.
Initially Richard is having a difficult time dealing with her primitive behavior; at times he is disgusted with his charge and cannot wait to be rid of her. Later he begins to experience the exhilaration of molding a simple creature into the perfect woman. He gives her the name CIARA. RICHARD is becoming more attached to CIARA with the passing of each week. He is now looking for a way to have her stay with him.
As time goes by CIARA inevitably attracts the attention of every man she comes in contact with. RICHARD is very protective of her and thrilled to have her as a beloved niece, in whose company he could be himself. That changes the day he finds her behaving strangely around him. Richard remembers seeing stray cats in heat acting the same way and hates himself for getting excited. He refuses to give in to the temptation. When she runs off with COLONEL WELCH, one of her admirers, he goes after them unable to fathom the idea of her being with someone else. RICHARD loses the subsequent fistfight and is bed bound for days, but happy because CIARA is home. She spends every moment by his side, while nursing him back to health. While RICHARD is recovering, he spends one unforgettable night with CIARA. Afterward he is ridden with guilt and is terrified of the possible scandal that would surely ruin him.
RICHARD knows that if he sees CIARA every day his self control would give way, so he decides to spend his summer vacation with ELISABETH in London. He is determined to once again build a future with her. RICHARD experiences the full spectrum of emotions regarding CIARA and soon he realizes, to his horror, that she is pregnant with his child. He is terrified of everything coming out and wishes her dead along with their unborn child as the only solution to his dilemma, or is it?

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ISBN-13: 9780615682402
Publisher: Mladost Publishing
Publication date: 08/19/2012
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.51(d)

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