The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life): Transform your work and life with One-Day Success

The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life): Transform your work and life with One-Day Success

by Doug Fleener
The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life): Transform your work and life with One-Day Success

The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life): Transform your work and life with One-Day Success

by Doug Fleener


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A proven approach to achieving the success and life you desire and deserve in one day. The Day.

The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life) provides a unique, powerful, and practical approach to achieving personal and professional success through maximizing single-day performance.

With this book, you will:

  1. Learn how to live fully in the present moment and shape your future by making each day count.
  2. Discover techniques to take responsibility for your life, overcome challenges, and unlock your potential.
  3. Gain strategies to set intentional goals, prioritize effectively, and take purposeful actions.
  4. Understand how to simplify complex issues and stay focused on what matters most.
  5. Develop a daily self-improvement practice to become 1,095 times better in one year.
  6. Explore ways to help others succeed, benefiting yourself and the world around you.

"The Day Makes the Year (Makes a Life) by Doug Fleener is a journey of redemption, personal growth, and leadership. He elegantly weaves personal anecdotes, historical insights, and practical wisdom to create a truly remarkable guide for anyone seeking to grow as a person and a leader." - Steve K.

Based on timeless principles and the author's personal transformation from drug addict to CEO, this book provides a clear roadmap to refining your daily habits and mindset.

By applying the principles and practical success practices, you can make each day a stepping stone to extraordinary results. Whether you seek professional advancement, life balance, or personal fulfillment, you hold the power to create your future one day at a time.

In this transformative book, you'll learn to:

  • Adopt an empowering mindset to shape your future.
  • Own and leverage your decisions, actions, and reactions.
  • Prioritize actions aligned with your most important goals.
  • Build resilience through self-development and daily growth.
  • Create the success and happiness you desire and deserve.
  • ​​​​​​​Transform your life and success trajectory in just one day. The Day.

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    ISBN-13: 9798988776208
    Publisher: Five Leaf Clover Publishing, LLC
    Publication date: 08/29/2023
    Pages: 222
    Sales rank: 1,169,687
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    About the Author

    Doug Fleener is a business advisor, coach, author, and keynote speaker who has worked with clients including Microsoft, Goodyear, Cricket, BYU, and Brighton. He has spoken to tens of thousands of people at trade shows, company and dealer events, including Toy Fair, Do It Best Hardware, and the National Association of College Stores. Doug's expertise has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc., and numerous other newspapers and magazines.Known as The Daily Performance Expert, Fleener is renowned for his expertise in helping companies and individuals achieve long-term results by maximizing single-day performance. His work is grounded in over thirty years of personal and business growth, which took him from a broke, out-of-work drug addict to a CEO to an international thought leader. He has won many awards, including Wittiest of His Senior Class and The Greatest Dad. (A three-time winner!)
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