The Day of the Nefilim

The Day of the Nefilim

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The premise of The Day of the Nefilim, David Major's debut novel, is simple: take a good-sized sampling of the most popular conspiracy theories and new age thought forms that the culture has to offer, put them in a blender, and hit the switch.

From the resulting goo, create a sequence of events which begins with the arrival on earth of a time-travelling, aether-surfing ship crewed by a collection of ingrates and leeches (not literal leeches, metaphorical ones), while at the same time, in a coincidence of astronomical proportions, the Nefilim home planet, Marduk, is reentering the solar system after its 3,000 year orbit around the sun. How this plays out, and what a few of the locals have to do with it, only time can tell.

It seems that the New World Order might not be so orderly after all...


"I love this book as much as I love all of my favorite science fiction books, and that's a quantity that defies quantifiers."

"THERE IS NOTHING more joyous to me than discovering new, raw creativity. David Major, regardless of his hallucinogen(s) of choice, is a rare find and a fun read. With a smidgeon of Douglas Adams he spends all of six pages before rearranging our world with a sledgehammer and sending us down into underground caves, underworld civilizations in a ship that sails the winds of time." - J. Stephen Peek

"I HAVE BEEN READING SF since about 1970, when I was ten years old, having inherited a bookshelf of the greats - Heinlein, Herbert, Azimov, Bradbury, Vonnegut, etc. In the last year, as a result of having an iphone and discovering, I have started consuming more and more SF from the 'unknowns' and 'unsigned' which have been showing up with a greater frequency, and the fact of the matter is: The Day of The Nefilim is one of the best SF novels I have read since I began reading. Maybe that's just because all of what I have read until now provided the knowledge and context to appreciate the depth of David's work, which didn't allow me to put it down until I finished it. Straight through, in one sitting. Yeah, that's right, I did not put the book down until I finished reading it. Couldn't. Well done David. Keep writing. Can't wait to read your next book...You would make Robert Anton Wilson proud, and Douglas Adams smile." - exiledsurfer on

"Strange aliens, end of the world scenario, weird flying ships, invisibility, ugly despot. Can't get enough of this stuff. Includes a great view of a better life beyond the war zone...."

"I've read a lot of SF and conspiracy theories in my time, watched thousands of SF movies and documentaries, but I've never come across anything like this!" - E.V.

"A little over-imaginative..."

From The Day of the Nefilim

The liquid and gas that had long since been frozen solid by the unyielding cold of the vacuum of space began to thaw. If there had been anyone on the planet's bleak surface to see, the approach to its star would have been greeted first with wisps of vapor as the atmosphere began to return to its gaseous state. Then clouds of mist formed, covering the entire globe in wreaths of swirling white. As the approach continued, continents of ice crumbled, disintegrating into the seas that had begun to form.

Life that had been suspended in the death of absolute zero began to stir. Life cycles resumed as seed found sustenance in the chilled tundra, and creatures emerged from eggs hatching in the slight warmth of the sun. Spores drifted through the reconstituted atmosphere, seeking and finding refuge.

Deep in the frozen earth, other processes were set in motion.

Ice fell from hollowed, gaunt faces; deep black eyes flickered and opened. Muscles that had been as solid as ice for eons flexed and moved again. Tall forms moved through dark caverns.

Nefilim, they called themselves..

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ISBN-13: 9781466465220
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 01/03/2012
Pages: 370
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