The Dead Game (Paranormal, Suspense, Teen Fiction)

The Dead Game (Paranormal, Suspense, Teen Fiction)

by Susanne Leist

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Book One of The Dead Game Series

New Edition

The Dead Game is leaner and meaner.

Additional scenes.

Linda Bennett moves from New York to Florida to live a quieter life. She opens a bookstore and makes new friends. Her best friend, Shana, opens a magic shop with elixirs and potions. Oasis offers white sand and blue water with calming tropical breezes. Life is peaceful until the dead body washes onshore. Linda learns that dead bodies and disappearing tourists are typical for the small town. Rumors abound of secret parties given by the original residents in their secluded mansions. As soon as the sun sets, dark shadows stalk Linda and her friends.

Linda and her group receive an unsigned invitation to a party at End House, a deserted house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Its last owners vanished, leaving behind broken windows and destroyed rooms. The group arrives, but no one is there to greet them. End House has a sinister life of its own where horror follows their every step. Traps, illusions, and revolving rooms add to their growing fear. Wild animals escape their cages in the basement, a bloody skeleton sleeps in an upstairs' bedroom, and body parts fall from the chimney into the living room's fireplace. With two of their friends lost inside, they flee for their lives.

The young residents embark on a difficult journey, chased by supernatural creatures, not knowing whom to trust, to uncover the one controlling the evil game.

Who are The Dead? Are they humans or vampires?

Will Linda lose her heart to Todd, who knows more than he admits?

Does the door held by the villagers contain the answers to the never-ending puzzle?

The Dead Game has begun.

Follow the adventure in Book Two, Prey for The Dead.

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BN ID: 2940148410881
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 08/30/2013
Series: The Dead Game Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 323
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About the Author

I have always loved to read. Agatha Christie, Alistair Maclean, Robert Ludlum, and other authors filled my imagination with intrigue and mystery. When I wasn't reading late into the night, the TV shows--Murder She Wrote and Columbo--entertained me with tales of murder and suspense.

Over the years, my taste in books and shows expanded to encompass fantasy and the supernatural. I wanted to read a book with romance, mystery, and fantasy. A combination I couldn't find at the library or bookstores. I decided I would write it.

After a career and an M.B.A. in finance, I wrote my book. The Dead Game is the first book in The Dead Game series. It brings fantasy and the surreal to the classic murder mystery with dead bodies, suspects, and clues. It offers vampires, vampire derivatives, and a touch of romance to give spice to the mix. Once you read The Dead Game, you will never look at a dead body the same way.

In Book Two, Prey for The Dead, the suspense continues as The Dead use an exclusive club in Disney World and infiltrate the rich and famous. The Dead grow in power, and not even the sun or the swamps of Florida can weaken them. Linda--my main character--and her friends join forces with human vampires or hybrids to defeat the evil forces threatening to control their town.

Visit me on my website,, for more fun and games.

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The Dead Game 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 59 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Dead Game was probably the best book I have read in a while. Most books nowadays lack a full plot and climax. However, this book really caught my attention right from the start and kept me captivated the whole time. I didn't feel the need to put it down after one or two chapters, but rather I felt myself dying to get back to it. It was easy to follow the story and the characters were easy to relate to. All the twists and turns really kept me on edge. For a small town, a lot of weird things kept happening. People were disappearing and I enjoyed the traps and revolving rooms. I would definitely recommend this book to any reader of any age as it fits into many different genres. Everything remained a mystery until the end! I can’t wait to see what this author has in store for us next!
designergal390 More than 1 year ago
I sat down to read the book and did not get up again until I was finished. I just could not put it down. I got involved with the characters and had to see how the story ended. I like books with twists and turns in the plot, and this book did not disappoint me. I felt like I was with the characters, involved in all of their adventures. It was very fast paced with a lot of intrigue. I especially enjoyed the budding romance between Linda and Todd. I recommend this book for anyone who likes an action packed supernatural thriller.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Typically, a mystery story opens with a slow build up until someone finds a body or witnesses a murder. A supernatural thriller will begin with the protagonist discovering a strange darkness creeping into their quaint village. BORING! Done to death thank you. Dead Game is a mysterious supernatural thriller that blows the cover off with evil in full bloom right from the very first page. Life's to short to wade through chapters of suspense building weather changing mood swings. It's lovely to read a story that starts off with a rush to the top of the roller coaster. Followed by the stomach wrenching drop right before you swoop to the top of the loop and hang upside down screaming.
luxe_style900 More than 1 year ago
I don’t usually read books that often but I enjoyed this one.  It was fast paced enough to hold my attention. I also liked the many surprises along the way for the characters to overcome.  I couldn't figure out who was good or who was bad until almost the end. My favorite character was Mike because of all his sarcastic remarks. He brought out the humor in the scary scenes. I also enjoyed reading about Linda and Todd and their budding love affair.  The love triangle between them and Wolf becomes intense at some points.  My favorite parts of the book were the lavish parties held on the mountain. I recommend this book for anyone who likes mystery, romance, and suspense.
Kelly1A More than 1 year ago
Do not turn out the lights. The author has crafted herself a town that is bipolar in its nature. By day it pretends to be a bright seaside destination where youth collects to begin their adult lives; make friends, start businesses and partying. By night, the town closes ranks to all newbies and becomes a creepy destination for elites to ply their generational customs that include preying on the innocent Linda and her friends will experience horror, shock and disbelief as they attempt to get to the bottom of the macabre events in one of the historical mansions. The mansion was my favorite part as all senses of reality disappeared.upon entering.
MikiHope More than 1 year ago
Now first of all--why did someone (me) get this book when it is so far from books I normally read. Well, I kept seeing it on Twitter and the pictures were mostly all different--enough so that I was kind of curious what it was about. It went on sale and I decided to take a chance. This is definitely not your usual vampire book--it goes far beyond that and I found myself enthralled with the story line! Yup, you read that correctly--I LOVED it!! The twists and turns and mysterious happenings will keep you reading. Good vs Evil-humans siding with human vampires--magical happenings--you name it--this book has it. The ending might give you chills and I think this will probably become a series. What a movie this would make!
Pattimari More than 1 year ago
Suzanne's book is one that I thoroughly enjoyed. She is an writer who keeps you turning pages and not wanting the book to end. I sure hope she writes another book - I will be first in line to buy it. Pattimari
TheAuthorTCT More than 1 year ago
I loved the way this author starts of with a bang. Rather then drowning you with backstory and character building, Susanne Leist throws you right into the deep end--I love it. Once she gets you in the pool and gasping for air, she doesn't let you catch your breath in this fast-paced adventure. Great pace, suspense, and intrigue; Stephen King would be proud. This is a book I would recommend. -TyCobbsTeeth
Reading_Maven More than 1 year ago
 read Ms. Leist's novel recently and was very impressed with the pace and creativity demonstrated by the author in The Dead Game. It had me guessing and surprised throughout the story. The tale is set in a small town that appears to be just the right place to start a small business. Unfortunately, when the evening settles over its residents, strange and frightening events unfold. Tourists and other residents start showing up dead. People are afraid to venture out after dusk. Who is playing this game? The author builds the suspense in her story with skill and shows a real aptitude for keeping the reader hooked with just the right twists and turns. If you like mysteries and strange beings this book will please you. Read it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I was absolutely surprised by this book! I knew it had some enigmatic mystery and some dark action, but the author set up the story so well I was happily amazed. It starts with a very engaging character, a young woman who is very well portrayed in a community, Oasis, Florida. The town's mysteries are maze-like and become deeper and more sinister as the book progresses. This is a very original approach to the concept of vampires and their existence. It's a well-written mystery and horror story. Recommended. - Ray Miller
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A great paranormal thriller!  This book started off with a bang and never slowed down. Linda and her friends live in the strange town of Oasis where shadows haunt the dark streets, people disappear, and the rich inhabitants only come out at night.  A mansion seems to be at the root of the eeriness, but as the story progresses we find out even some of her friends are part of the supernatural. I thought the book was simply about a dangerous game that takes place in a sinister house, but it was much more.  The characters are thrown into heart-pounding, perilous situations long after they escape End House and just when they think they’re safe another terrifying hurdle comes their way.   Every page was filled with action, drama, paranormal scares, and a little romance.  The writing was descriptive and catching, really taking you to the haunted town of Oasis.  I would highly recommend.  
WIllowLove More than 1 year ago
I read this book to give it an honest review. I'm a huge fan of horror and thrills. I love it when books are able to make me feel scared, you know, give me goosebumps. The Dead Game is a story that has one thing in abundance, and that's horror. The book opens with the prologue that takes place five years before the events of the 'current' story. As you keep reading you will follow a group of friends as they accept an invitation to a part at the End House. I know, even the name of the mansion sounds scary. But nevertheless, they go and that's the worst mistake of their lives.  The Dead Game is pure horror pleasure. The sea-side town they live in is called Oasis, but the actual happenings are far from the peaceful name. The town holds secrets and I didn't know who to trust as I continued reading. There are trills on every page and that's what keeps you hooked till the end. It's fast-paced and some of you might wish the characters were more fleshed out before everything goes wrong. However, to me, the characters felt 'human' along with their reactions, considering the mess they find themselves in. I'm a fan of complex, interesting female characters and that's why I got through Linda, a young woman who came to Oasis for a fresh start in life.  If you are a fan of horror stories that has the paranormal involved, then you should give The Dead Game a read. Author Susanne Leist did a good job with her take on vampires and ghostly in her book. The layers begin to unravel as the story progresses and you get to know more about the mysteries hidden in Oasis. The haunted house thing was also well done. Even though you find yourself yelling "Why would they do that?" to no one in particular as you tag along for the ride with the friends, you still won't be able to put the book down. Once you start reading The Dead Game you will stay with it until the end wondering who will stay alive and what Oasis and it's residents are really hiding and why.
Kelly_Pinella More than 1 year ago
Every small town has its secrets, but this small town in Florida tops it off with vampires. A bizarre party at a certain house has guests waltzing until a proverbial gong strikes midnight. After most of the guests leave, Linda and her friends explore this mysterious house. They are horrified to find dangerous creatures including Wolf the charming murderer and his evil followers. Without giving away what happens, the story kept me turning the pages. I wanted to learn more about who lives in the dark, dreary house, and what will happen in the basement. Will Linda be turned into an Ice Queen? Can Linda and her friends wipe out the Dead? Beneath it all, Linda is a romantic who longs for her knight in shining armor. Susanne Leist sets the scene very well and rolls out suspense in this supernatural dark thriller. 
JamesBondEN More than 1 year ago
Manchurian Candidate for the Vampires Shana, " This town is full of secrets, and you don't know which wall has ears...they're afraid that I will unearth all of their horrible secrets.  But I'm staying until the bitter end--" This is the quote that allows the whole story to unfold.  Linda and her friends are the driving force for the unraveling of these secrets.  The plots unravels at a fast pace and maintain the momentum until the very end. So the story goes. Linda arrives in a Town called ‘Oasis’ to open her book store.   Just as she thinks she has found her paradise and desired lifestyle, many unwarranted bad events happen to the town. Even though curiosity kills the cat, the group of friends led by Linda is determined to get to the bottom of a town's supernatural events that have caused unexplained deaths, and many many bizarre incidents.    As Manchurian Candidates for the Vampires, they are used as candidates and tools in a murderous, wicked exercise.   You cant tell the good guys from the bad guys. Reality, Illusions and nightmares entangled into a tightly woven suspenseful thriller that keeps you edgy, sweating and perhaps screaming. Its a good read for Vampire Lovers because the plots are not the usual stuff you find in the same genre.   Its a good read for non Vampire Lovers because she has a different take on Vampires and Ghosts and every time just when you think the story line becomes clear, you are hitched for another big ride again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
When Linda comes to Oasis, she believes she's fond the ideal town. It's quiet and charming - the perfect place to open a bookstore and make new friends. However, at night the residents are stalked by dark shadows, then dead bodies wash up on the shore and tourists disappear. Linda and her friends realize they must locate "The Dead" just about the time they are invited to End House. When they enter End House, Linda and her friends are trapped in a nightmare. This was one of the scariest books I ever read, and that includes Stephen King! If you're looking for a well-written book that will scare the hell out of you, try this one.
AlanBelth More than 1 year ago
This is an excellent story. In fact, it's so fascinating that should be made into a movie. The story is griping and makes you want read more and more. Sometimes you wish, you hadn't made that move. Good story. 
ErikaLK More than 1 year ago
Susanne Leist debut novel The Dead Game is a gripping, terror filled read from the opening! Linda moves to the small, quaint ocean front town  Oasis located along Northern Florida’s coastline. She paints a picturesque scene reminding me of Neptune Beach or any beach further North, I’m a North Florida resident, with the exception of the hill but it’s a book and anything can happen and in this fabulous read it does. As breathtaking as Oasis is the town is full of evil. Protagonist Linda opens a small bookstore and makes friends with all the other young adults in town. There is a distinct separation between the young and the older residents who live on the hill and have creepy green windows. All the young townsfolk are invited to a party at End House, the ultra creepy house at the end of the hill. The spooky fun and games begin here. The Dead Game is filled with nonstop surprises that kept my toes curled. When I thought they had solved and ended one dilemma another popped up. Deadly twists and turns wreak havoc on the residents of Oasis as supernatural creatures play horrifying games. Did I mention the vampires? I love supernatural reads and don’t want to read something that’s been done before. Susanne’s take on vampires is fresh and new but you’ll have to read to know. She takes the age old vampire legend and turns it into something I’ve never read before piquing my intrigue. I don’t believe in giving away spoilers but I will say this novel is left with a cliffhanger that has me hungering for a sequel.
Marcha_F More than 1 year ago
By the time you finish this suspenseful tale you feel as if you know the streets of the resort town called Oasis as well as all the people who live there. The one thing you don’t know, however, is who is what they claim to be and who’s not, whether they are good or bad, and what will happen next. There is an excellent mix of reality and paranormal which lends more credibility to the story. It gives you a lot to think about, particularly if you live by an old, seemingly abandoned house with a spooky reputation. If you enjoy moderately scary stories populated with a variety of characters you will enjoy this book. I particularly liked Mike’s sarcastic remarks which had me laughing out loud more than once.
ForeverRomantic More than 1 year ago
Let me begin by saying I read all genres, but my preferred genre is steamy romances, the steamier, the better. Ghostly mystery is not my thing, but The Dead Game has won me over. Could it be because it had a bit of romance thrown in? Hmmm. The book is full of suspense, lots of twists and turns that had me practically bouncing in my seat. Who is the controller already? Who’s peeking in the window? If you are looking for a great supernatural thriller, with some romance thrown in then The Dead Game is it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Dead Game - An extra spooky read! Who would think that living in the quaint town of Oasis would be anything but sun-shining, flowers blooming, people smiling and warm hello's being shared on squeaky, clean streets. Author, Susanne Leist's amazing ability to create imagery that draws you in in a second, makes you feel like a member of this lovely town from page one. Unfortunately, that perfect, utopian image of Oasis begins to crumble when Linda, the main character, just new to Oasis, is told haunting stories about End House and is warned of the strange things that go on in the town. Receiving an invitation to an upcoming party at End House, Linda, though perplexed by the invitation, uses the party as a chance to discover for herself the truth about the town. Her curiosity leads her into a myriad of fearful, gut-wrenching, suspense-filled situations. The book takes you from pleasant and pretty, to gobs of mystery, sitting on the edge of your seat suspense, and creepy evil. And all that is topped with just the right smattering of romance keep things extra interesting. If you love a book that can take you to elevated levels of fear in a hurry, and get you so entangled in haunting mystery and fantasy that you get lost in a whirlwind of entrancing wonder, then this is the book for you!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Dead Game by Susanne Liest Book Review by Stella Coulson A compelling spine chilling paranormal thriller in which Linda arrives in a Town called ‘Oasis’, a seemingly sleepy town where nothing is as it appears to be and may be the home of Vampires. Liest’s Vampires aren’t your conventional Vampire, for there are more then one type living in scenic Town. Some have no regard for human life and are dangerous monstrous psychopaths of the worst kind; While another of a more Noble nature can co- exist with humans, as well as human Vampire hybrid offspring. Oasis is charming, inviting, and Liest paints such a wonderful picture that you can almost catch the scent of the ocean and feel you are actually at ‘End House’. ‘End House’ itself is the beautiful unnerving decaying house that seems like a place that Dickens’s Miss Havisham would have lived. The picture Liest paints of her world is beautifully written and the experience is almost tactile. From her description of opulent homes to the quaint stores, she lulls you into a state of calm, and then pulls you deeper into darkness which lurks beneath. “Don’t you think that it’s strange that the older residents Don’t come out at all during the day?” asked Shana. (Page Sec1:43). This is among many questions the reader will ask and wonder, as they are drawn deeper within a Town with its own share of secrets. We discover that creatures of the night with beautiful faces, a sea of death lying upon the beautiful golden sands and are lead into a fantastic paranormal mystery. Mystery is just one of the genres the Author uses to blend into her gripping paranormal tale. She also uses horror, noir and many other elements and it works extremely well. ‘’Todd stepped back and looked into her eyes, “Why are you wandering around alone? There are evil things lurking in the dark…ready to pounce on unsuspecting mortals.” His eyes were open very wide, revealing a wild—maybe even deranged—look. For a fleeting second she felt afraid of him, until she realized that it was concern she was seeing reflected in his dark eyes.’’ We then are lead to question ‘who can she trust’. Are her friends, loved ones all that they appear? Is it a case of paranoia or are her instincts trying to tell us something. The air of intensity and wonder keeps the reader on edge. (Page Sec1:29). The characters; Let us star off with our protagonist Linda - She is independent, sweet and very easy to like. She’s someone who you’d like to have as a friend. She is a real girl who has her own hang ups and flaws - This makes her endearing. The End House you could almost call a character in itself, much like the chilling unnerving Hotel in the Shining. It seems alive, dark, evil and full of bad intentions. It is a jarring sight in comparison to its Town Oasis, a tranquil idyllic sleepy place that one would at first think live up to its name. Think of the End House as Oasis’ very own picture of Dorian Grey in the attic. You see the hidden darkness manifest corporeally as evil decaying twisted ruin. Todd our delicious arrogant eye candy, has an air of self importance about him. I imagine it may annoy some, but he his intellect and charm make up for it. He reads the Wall Street Journal and is described as Greek God like in appearance, is articulate, powerful and affluent. Confidence is attractive and he has a lot of it. Of course I’d gladly smack him in the jaw if I were Linda. It works for his character and is interesting for the story.  The Dead Game is a page turner, elegantly written, full of suspense and is a enjoyable novel and well worth a read. ~ By Stella Coulson,  Author of Whitby After Dark - Volume 1
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A unique spin on vampires, The Dead Game is an interesting read. Although some of the POV changes can be jaunting and there are some editing issues, I did enjoy the story overall.
D.L. Finn More than 1 year ago
This paranormal story is the first book of a series and starts off in a small town in Florida with an invitation to a mysterious party. Linda has moved to Oasis, bought a book store, and started a new life. She goes to this party at End House with a group of friends. They didn’t find a party but a horror house where two of their friends go missing. The group is determined to find their friends and figure out what is going on in a town where people disappear or turn up dead with their blood drained. They find there’s a fight between good and evil, Linda and Shana have a hard time telling who is on which side or who is a vampire. I liked the developing relationships with Shana and Sam, Linda and Todd and others. There are a lot of characters to keep track of and I got a bit lost with some, especially in the beginning. But, I also got to know most of them as the story line progressed and secrets were revealed. The story is told through many points of view and moves forward at a good pace. I loved how the moody descriptions of the town added to the ambience of the book. If you enjoy vampire stories, you’ll like this book!
lauralovesreviewingLT More than 1 year ago
I’m always up for a haunted house story. This has that and much more. Oasis sounds like the perfect little town. But, of course, all is not as it appears. The denizens are reclusive and strange, rarely seen during the day and partying at night. Phantom figures prowl the dark streets and vandalism occurs for no apparent reason. The younger adults are kept separate from the older inhabitants. Offered housing in the apartments while the elders live in posh estates tucked away from the town’s center. An invite to a party at the abandoned and supposedly haunted End House is extended to the younger residents and they decide to go. What happens there is the stuff of nightmares. I felt like I stepped into Stephen King’s Rose Red mansion when I followed this group of people into End House. It seemed to have a mind of it’s own, and evil was at it’s core.. The beginning of the book was slow for me. So many character’s to distinguish and it was hard to connect with them. Plus. I would have liked more showing. Lots of telling at the start and it kept the reading slow. Once I got to enter End House, things sped up fast. Lots of weird things happened and some sinister beings came out to play. That was more of what I was looking for. From then on the story got very interesting. While The Dead Game didn’t really scare me, I was kept entertained. If you don’t mind a slower start and a large cast of characters to get to know, I’d recommend you give this a go. It sure has it’s moments.
TaylorReviews More than 1 year ago
Get ready for a chilling ride of terror! Susanne Leist fashions a ride of terror and mystery in her debut novel, The Dead Game. All is not as it seems in the charming tourist town of Oasis, Fl. What is up with the dead body washed up on the beach? Why is there a mysterious party for a select few at End House? If you enjoyed the movie, “The Haunting” with “Hill House” as a character, then immerse yourself in an engrossing tale of vampires where the impossible becomes real—or does it? Will Linda and Todd find happiness after suffering such a twisted journey of horror? There is more than one type of vampire. Read this 5-star novel and find out the answers as you turn one page after another.