The Dead Girls Detective Agency

The Dead Girls Detective Agency

by Suzy Cox


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ISBN-13: 9780062020642
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 09/18/2012
Edition description: Original
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 279,223
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 0.90(d)
Age Range: 13 - 17 Years

About the Author

Suzy Cox is deputy editor of Cosmopolitan UK. She lives in London, but she loves New York.

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The Dead Girls Detective Agency 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
NinjaEllie39 More than 1 year ago
I LOVED This Book. I bought it just as something to read here and there before bed... I got addicted fast lol. The previous review on this page from Andreat78 gives you a very good idea of the book so I would honestly read it and see if it's a book you might be into but I thought it was an excellent book. It's been a couple of days since I finished reading it and I still can't get it out of my head that's how good it is, I promise lol. It had some sad moments but some funny moments and romantic moments, honestly one of the best books I've read. : )
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was so good. It shows the complicated matters of being in a different universe in a different life. And not being able to get back to your old life to the people ypu see everyday. Seeing them but not them being able to see you. In the story I thought she would appear to her family in appiriation form. And it was sad to imagine all thethings David did. Suzy Cox describes the story so well it brings the story to life. And you can feel the emotion and what it was like to see all the shock,horror, and disbelief. This book was awesome and I highly recommened it. Wishing there will be a sequel. Thank you Suzy Cox for writing such an awesome book I in two days. Keep writing awesome books like this one. And for the reader: Hope you enjoy!!!!!!!!
Klutzy_Saxophone_Player More than 1 year ago
This book was ok... I mean at times I really enjoyed the characters and the escapades as they tried to find out who the murderer was, but it got boring. Plus, once Charlotte starts to talk about her boyfriend she doesn't seem to stop. I found it to be kind of annoying. The murderer came out of left field at the end and that was kinda neat, but honestly, I don't think anyone should really read this book.
FuzzyCoffeeBooks More than 1 year ago
What I Liked: 1) Nearly the whole book, all of our characters are ghosts. I never stopped to think about how uninhibited a cast full of ghosts can be. They can "port" or move from one location to the next instantaneously. No messy cabs, cars, or subways. It was fun to trek along with these MCs because they were able to do things that the Living can't do. 2) Solving crimes! Crime-solving shows are my favorite to watch, so I loved getting to read along as Nancy, Lorna, Tess, and Charlotte (first person narrator) were working to solve Charlotte's murder. That's the whole idea, that in order for her to get out of "Limbo" - which is more like a high-end hotel - she has to solve her murder and receive her key. That was what made this whole thing so interesting. 3) The Mean Girls. It kind of surprised me, but these were girls I loved to hate. They just kind of swooped in after Charlotte died, making them the obvious suspects. 4) Edison. I didn't really comprehend him as hostile, more like, lost, in a sweet way. Well, you have to dig deep to find the sweet part, but it was pretty obvious that he was using his tough guy exterior to hide his pain. All that aside (as well as him being a ghost), he was a hottie! What I Didn't Like: 1) Well, the ending kind of came out of left field. We had been working up to this ending, solving her case the whole time, and when it came it felt random. Out of all the suspects...this person was probably the least likely. Also, does anyone know if this book is going to have a sequel? I hope so. Overall Thoughts: The Dead Girl Detective Agency was a light-hearted ghost story that managed to fall just shy of slapstick. I'm always afraid that when a ghost story doesn't choose the horror route, they become slapstick, but this one didn't. It was just good fun. Like, Casper. Yes, this is the Casper of ghost books! The characters all complement each other well, and their cause, solving the murders of teen ghosts, is admirable, and one they take seriously. The ending was...unexpected and a little random but it left an opening for another book. It is an easy read that many will enjoy curling up with on a Fall evening!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Andreat78 More than 1 year ago
** 4.5 stars, but rounding up to 5 stars** I have to say, first and foremost, The Dead Girls Detective Agency was a fun, fun book. Kind of surprising since all of the lead characters are dead, that is, murdered, teens. Teens who are stuck in "holding" until they solve their murders. The story begins with the death of Charlotte. Charlotte was pushed off a subway platform to her death. Poor thing. Charlotte is greeted, post death, by Nancy, Lorna and Tess. The three teen ghosts, who aren't ready, or can't, move on, have formed the Dead Girls Detective Agency. They help all the other victims find justice so they can move on through the Big Red Door. And now they're going to help Charlotte solve her own murder. But who could possibly want this sweet girl, who basically keeps to herself, dead? Charlotte's investigation was sad and hilarious. You have her funeral. Major downer. Her messy, cute boyfriend, David, who misses her so much, but doesn't have the expected mourning period. The investigation forces Charlotte to examine her strained relationship with best friend Ali. And then there are the mean girls, head cheerleader and all-around witch Kristen and her gang. They didn't like Charlotte while she was alive and all seem to be enjoying the fact she's dead. The answer to the killer's identity will definitely surprise you. The Dead Girls; Nancy, Lorna and Tess, were great characters. As the lead detective, Nancy was the typical uptight, rules-minding girl who is easily frustrated. But she was so sweet to Charlotte. Lorna was the bright, bubbly girl who seems like she doesn't have a lot going on upstairs, but was surprisingly perceptive. Tess was tricky. I felt sorry for her because, duh, she's dead. She wants to move on, but has never solved her murder. Tess was so mean to Charlotte, and as much as I wanted to sympathize for her, she made it soooo hard. Now for my favorite dead person, besides Charlotte: Edison. Oh man, this boy hit all my book-boy-crush buttons. Edison is handsome, obviously, but also funny, sarcastic, caring, aloof, etc etc. Edison has the fantastic ability to make you shiver with a thrill, and a bit of fright. " 'So here's the news flash, angel.' He leaned in and whispered in my ear; his lips in danger of grazing my skin, 'you've got nothing to lose by breaking them. And a whole lot more to gain - some of it seriously fun. ' Edison leaned back and raised an eyebrow. 'When you want to know what you're really capable of now, you come find me,' he said. 'Or maybe I'll come find you...' " See what I mean? Sigh... Like I said, I had an awesome time reading The Dead Girls Detective Agency. It was laugh-out-loud funny, sweet, sad, bittersweet. It's a book that I, as an adult, thoroughly enjoyed. It's also a book that you could safely let your young teen read. There are a couple of instances with cursing (nothing too major) and smoking. It's a book readers of all ages will definitely enjoy.
Some_Reading_Required More than 1 year ago
Who knew trying to crack the case of a murdered teen could be so enjoyable? Pleasantly shocking, The Dead Girls Detective Agency was chock-full of laughs and morbid fun. Besides a lack of romantic steam (I’ll get to that later) this book was amazing. Truly one of a kind. The mystery of “who dun’ it” was well thought out and planned which lead to a super suspenseful and exciting read. I had trouble putting this one down! Dead Girls starts out on a seriously sullen note due to the untimely death of our main character, Charlotte. One minute she’s standing on the train platform getting ready to board, and the next, splat. All Charlotte remembers is a slight shove followed by blinding hot pain. FADE OUT. When Charlotte finally awakens she finds herself in an unfamiliar hotel lobby surrounded by three strange girls: Lorna, Nancy and Tess, the official heads of The Dead Girls Detective Agency. For one reason or another, these three have remained in a sort of limbo, using their afterlife as service to solving teenage murders. It’s explained that all New York City murdered teens wind up in Hotel Attesa, a pit-stop on the way to heaven, or at least whatever “hereafter” that exists. When you reach this point you have two choices. One: stick around as your half-barely-there-self, able to oversee those you left, but never really being able to be with them, or Two: works towards getting your murder case solved and receive the key that lets you move on. Charlotte, opting for the ladder, begins working towards solving her murder with the help of bookworm Nancy, fashionista Lorna, shrew-like Tess and mysterious, Edison. I really liked this book. With a storyline weighed down by macabre, Cox does a great job of keeping things light and fun. A great deal of the dialogue is humorous and had me laughing out loud. Even though the main characters were murdered, the majority of the story was upbeat. When Charlotte’s mystery murderer was revealed I was pleasantly surprised. It definitely was a “didn’t see that one coming” sort of deal. Cox does a great job of writing a true murder mystery that keeps you guessing by leading you down multiple false paths. Here’s where I talk about the not-so-great parts of Dead Girls. I like my YAs balanced with all the essentials: including decent steam AND or OR romance. I felt like Dead Girls seriously lacked in this department. Granted, Charlotte had a lot on her plate but still I felt like there were some missed opportunities. In the beginning Charlotte was still reeling from the loss of her living boyfriend, David. Although heartbroken, David seemed to move on pretty quickly… Then there was Edison. We’re led to believe that he has a special connection with Charlotte by way of his slightly less-snarky attitude towards her. It felt like Cox was trying to build something between the two but I never really saw anything emerging. He was very hot and cold with an emphasis on cold. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely liked Edison. He was the more-favorable male character in this book for sure. Basically I just didn’t “feel it” when it came to him or any potential anything with Charlotte. Regardless! I really liked this book. Fans of lighthearted paranormal reads such as Helen Keeble’s Fang Girl will definitely enjoy this one!