The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall

The Dead Girls of Hysteria Hall

by Katie Alender


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Delia's new house isn't just a house. Long ago, it was the Piven Institute for the Care and Correction of Troubled Females — an insane asylum nicknamed "Hysteria Hall." However, many of the inmates were not insane, just defiant and strong willed. Kind of like Delia herself.But the house still wants to keep "troubled" girls locked away. So, in the most horrifying way, Delia becomes trapped. And that's when she learns that the house is also haunted.Ghost girls wander the hallways in their old-fashioned nightgowns. A handsome ghost boy named Theo roams the grounds. Delia learns that all the spirits are unsettled and full of dark secrets. The house, too, harbors shocking truths within its walls — truths that only Delia can uncover, and that may set her free.And she'll need to act quickly — before the house's power overtakes everything she loves.Katie Alender brings heart-pounding suspense, gorgeous writing, and a feminist twist to this tale of memories and madness.

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ISBN-13: 9781338032390
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.
Publication date: 08/30/2016
Pages: 336
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x (d)
Age Range: 12 - 18 Years

About the Author

Katie Alender is the acclaimed author of several novels for young adults, including the Bad Girls Don't Die series; Marie Antoinette, Serial Killer; and Famous Last Words. A graduate of the Florida State University Film School, Katie now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, her daughter, and her very spoiled dog, Winston. She enjoys reading, sewing, and eating delicious high-calorie foods. To find out more about Katie visit

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From THE DEAD GIRLS OF HSYTERIA HALLI got up off the bed, knocking over the little wood stool. It rolled away. As I grabbed it and set it upright, I got a glimpse of the underside of the seat. There was a pair of sentences scratched into it. Or, more accurately, one and a half sentences. ONCE I WAS HUMAN BUT THEY HAVE TAKEN MY HUMANITY. ONCE I WAS ALIVE BUT THEY It ended there. That was all it said. My heart pounding, I gently set the stool upright. But as soon as my fingers had let go of the smooth, round edge, it knocked itself over...and started rolling toward me again. At first, I watched in silence, not really able to believe what my eyes were seeing. Then it bumped up against my foot. I scrambled backward, running into the bed. Something came loose behind me. When I turned, I saw what I had dislodged -- a leather strap, complete with buckles, bolted to the bed frame. When I lifted the bedspread, I found two more -- one for ankles, and a big one that would fit perfectly across a torso. Don't freak out, I told myself. Just go. Get your things and go. I grabbed my bookbag, double-checked to make sure I had my phone and charger, and started into the hall. The bathroom door gaped open, and I caught a flash of lightning through the window. I paused, wishing I'd thought to bring a raincoat, when a high-pitched scream filled the air. It was the kind of sound that stops your heart and overloads your brain, leaving you blank except for the sudden, all-consuming awareness of a person in horrible distress. Janie! My parents' footsteps thundered down the hall, but I reached Janie first. I gasped at the sight that greeted me -- She was strapped to the bed.

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