The Degenerates

The Degenerates

by Ray Gordon

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BN ID: 2940154107065
Publisher: Chimera Books
Publication date: 03/07/2013
Series: Ray Gordon Erotic Stories
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 778,126
File size: 392 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

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Angie sat on the edge of the bed, gazing at the teeth marks covering the girl's firm breasts, admiring her extended nipples. She wanted the vibrator again, to experience another mind-blowing multiple orgasm, but she had to prepare herself for the evening.

"Things will never be the same again," she reflected as she stroked Clarissa's smooth stomach.

"How do you mean?" Clarissa asked, closing her eyes, her body quivering, responding to Angie's caress.

"Well, here at the flat - you and me."

"Oh, yes, I see. But, surely, things are better between us now that... Well, now that we've..."

"I'm bisexual, Clarissa - and that makes things difficult, doesn't it?"


"Because... because I want Chris and..."

"You're not really going back to his place, are you?"

"Yes, I have to."


"Because I have to expose him. I'm a journalist at heart, and I can't stand by and watch..."

"You don't have to stand by and watch. Just forget about the man and his friends. We've got each other now, so just forget about the other business."

"I wish I could, but I can't," Angie persisted.

"It's Chris you want, isn't it? I don't mean that you want to expose him - but you want to be with him, don't you?"

"Yes, no, I mean... I don't know what the hell I want. I feel something for Chris, yes, but... If he were to give up his dirty business then I'd..."

"Marry him?"

"No! We haven't even been out together. Christ, sex is supposed to come after you've known a man for a while, not before you've even had a drink together. And as for marriage!"

"What does it matter which way round it is?" Clarissa asked pensively. "Whether you screw now or later, before you get to know him or afterwards, what the hell?"

"Yes, well, we'll have to agree to differ on that one. Anyway, I'd better get ready."

"You won't listen to me, will you, Angie?"

"No, I won't. Look, I'll be OK. Ring me when you get to your friend's place in Wales and I'll tell you all about it."

"All right, I will - unless you're tied up at Chris's place that is."

"I'm working for him, Clarissa. I won't be his prisoner, will I?"

"I hope not."

Wondering about her life, the incredible changes she'd recently experienced, Angie pondered on the future. Could she conceivably share the flat with Clarissa after their intimate times together? Would she be happy sharing a bed with another girl? Or would guilt, remorse, shame and embarrassment intrude like a jealous lover to destroy the lesbian relationship? Did she want to sell her body to men? Gazing in wonder at Clarissa's shaved pussy lips, she didn't know what she wanted.

"Will you let me spank you?" Clarissa asked abruptly, brushing her thick chestnut mane from her pretty face. Sliding her gaze up the girl's curvaceous body to her yearning eyes, Angie frowned. Clarissa had always been so prudish, but now? Not having boyfriends calling at the flat like most girls, she'd perceived her as almost asexual. "It's something I've never done," Clarissa added softly, insidiously tempting, coaxing. "I'd really like to try it."

Images of Chris wielding the whip filled Angie's mind as she wondered whether to allow Clarissa to spank her or not. Her womb fluttering, her stomach somersaulting, she gave a tentative smile of approval. "All right. But not too hard."

Sitting on the pillow with her back against the headboard, Clarissa straightened her rangy legs and asked her friend to lie across her. Complying, Angie spread herself over the girl's legs with her buttocks high, positioned for a good spanking. Stroking the pale orbs with her fingertips, Clarissa sensed a pang of desire stir in her. Opening the dark crease, she gazed longingly at the secret dugout, nestled in the valley.

"I like your bottom," she confessed softly as she tentatively circled Angie's anus, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings. "I'll lick you there after I've spanked you."

"I've got to get ready to go out so you'll have to hurry up," Angie warned as she tensed her buttocks.

"I don't want you to go."

"I have to, Clarissa."

Raising her hand, Clarissa slapped Angie's buttocks, making the girl jolt and yelp. "You're not going," she cried as she slapped Angie's bottom harder, leaving a red handprint glowing on her pale flesh. Slapping the girl with increasing vigour, Clarissa lost herself in her depravity, thrashing her friend's bottom, punishing her for all she was worth. "You're not going," she cried again and again.

"That's enough," Angie finally squealed in protest. Her buttocks burning, stinging as Clarissa continued the spanking, she sensed her clitoris swell and throb, her vaginal sheath tighten. "That's... that's enough," she repeated weakly. "Please... Ah, ah yes, don't stop."

Spanking Angie's burning buttocks as hard as she could, Clarissa grinned wickedly, imagining tying the girl down and enjoying her beautiful body. Her palm stinging, her breasts quivering with every blow, she repeatedly smacked Angie's crimson bottom. "You're not going, you naughty girl," she chastised.

"I must," Angie whimpered. "Do it harder!"

"You're not going," Clarissa returned, slapping the girl again and again. "I'll spank you every day if you go there."

"Ah, ah! I love you spanking me," Angie gasped. "Yes, do it every day."

Allowing her charge to rest, Clarissa parted her stinging orbs to expose her reclusive brown portal. Pushing her finger deep inside, she explored the girl's hot bowels, massaging the inner flesh to the accompaniment of her whimpered appreciation.

"Two fingers... Please, I want two fingers," Angie begged in her sexual euphoria.

"I can't get two fingers in your..."

"Please, try. There's some vaseline in the bedside cabinet."

Opening the drawer as she slipped her finger from Angie's tight bottom-hole, Clarissa grabbed the jar of vaseline. Smearing a good helping of jelly over the girl's anus, she grinned. "I really don't think this is going to work," she giggled as she slipped her index finger into the greasy portal.

"Just try," Angie pleaded.

"Right, here goes."

Holding the girl's buttocks wide apart, Clarissa twisted and pushed her middle finger against the tight brown ring, desperately trying to slip it alongside her index finger. "Go on, it doesn't hurt," Angie coaxed. Pushing harder, Clarissa gasped as the delicate tissue suddenly yielded, opening to accommodate her probing digits. "That's it, now push them right in," Angie instructed as, twisting and pushing, Clarissa managed to slip both greasy fingers deep into her tight bottom-hole.

"That's nice," Angie murmured as Clarissa moved her fingers, twisting and bending them, massaging the creamy anal tube. "Another one," Angie gasped. "Another finger," Clarissa frowned, wondering whether she'd be able to slip three fingers past Angie's tight ring and deep into her rectal sheath. "Do it, girl," Angie ordered as her body shuddered and her clitoris swelled.

Smearing more vaseline over her hand, Clarissa was amazed as her third finger glided past Angie's anal sphincter and drove deep into her hot body. "Move your fingers slowly," Angie breathed. "Slowly, gently, ah, yes."

Gazing in awe at the girl's stretched tissue, Clarissa could hardly believe her eyes. "Doesn't it hurt?" she asked as she began to slide her fingers in and out, gently fucking her friend's tight arse.

"No, no, it's... it's nice."

"You're a dirty little thing, aren't you?" Clarissa giggled as she continued her anal finger-fucking. "Have you done this sort of thing before?"

"No. Well not with anyone else."

"What do you mean?"

"I... I do it to myself. Ah, that's good!"

"You finger your bottom?"

"Yes, when I'm in bed with my vibro."

"All this time we've been living together, and I had no idea. How often do you do it?"

"Most nights, I suppose. Push your fingers right inside me. Yes, that's it!"

"When did you first do it?" Clarissa persisted as she drove her fingers deep into Angie's quivering body.

"Open the drawer," Angie deviated as she writhed and shuddered. "There's a... Ah, that's good! There's a piece of wood..."

Opening the drawer, Clarissa pulled out a length of polished wood, her eyes widening as she realized what Angie wanted her to do with it. "You don't use this to..." she began.

"Yes, I do," Angie interrupted. "Push it up me."

"What, not your bum?" Clarissa gasped.

"Yes, take your fingers out and..."

"But it's over two inches thick."

"Just do it."

Slipping her fingers out of Angie's bum-hole, Clarissa pushed the rounded end of the wooden shaft into the jar of vaseline. "It won't go in," she complained as she presented the intimidating shaft to Angie's inflamed bottom-hole. Pushing and twisting, she gasped as the shaft suddenly glided easily into the girl's anal sheath. "I don't believe it," she cried as she drove the solid shaft further into the girl's bowels.

"Ah, that's lovely," Angie murmured, losing herself in the beautiful, base sensations. "Now use the vibrator on my clit."

Grabbing the vibrator as Angie opened her legs, Clarissa switched it on. Groping below the girl's stretched anal ring, she located her erect clitoris and moved the buzzing phallus over the sensitive tip. Emitting a long, soft moan of pleasure, Angie squirmed as the sensations deep within her bowels mingled with those emanating from her throbbing clitoris. Her head hanging over the side of the bed, her golden hair sweeping the carpet, her face flushed, she screamed as her ripening pleasure bud erupted into full bloom.

"Are you all right?" Angie could only whimper in response to her lesbian lover's concern as her used body shuddered uncontrollably. Pushing the wooden shaft deeper into the girl's anal sheath, Clarissa slipped her fingers into her vagina, massaging the creamy walls as Angie shook violently in her relentless orgasm.

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