The Democratic Public Sphere: Current Challenges and Prospects

The Democratic Public Sphere: Current Challenges and Prospects


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The Democratic Public Sphere: Current Challenges and Prospects by Christina Fiig

Even in well-established democratic societies, the political system currently faces a crisis of civic engagement and participation. Increasingly, this lack of engagement and the accompanying erosion of institutional legitimacy result in antidemocratic, populist currents gaining ground. It is an important challenge for both the humanities and the social sciences to analyse this crisis and discuss possible answers that may contribute to strengthening the position of the democratic public sphere in the political process, thus emphasising the crucial role of civic engagement and participation in renewing democracy. The articles in this volume seek the sources for such democratic innovations in a variety of existing, less formalised practices and experiences in public space: in citizens' forums and other concrete arenas for democratic debate and participation in the media in general, including social media and other digital platforms; in social movements; and in artistic interventions in the public sphere. The volume presents selected and edited papers and keynote lectures from the international research conference The Democratic Public Sphere - Current Challenges and Prospects, which was held at Aarhus University on November 5-7, 2015. It includes contributions by keynote speakers Mark E. Warren, Nick Couldry, Donatella della Porta, and Stephen Duncombe.

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ISBN-13: 9788771841046
Publisher: Aarhus University Press
Publication date: 08/01/2016
Pages: 479
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.50(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Introduction Part I CIVIC ENGAGEMENT, DELIBERATION AND POLITICAL THEORY Can We Make Public Spheres More Democratic Through Institutional Innovation? Mark E. Warren Deliberative Democracy and Political Ideology: Social Liberalism vs. Neoliberalism Jorn Loftager Frontline Democracy? Simon Laumann Jorgensen Dingpolitik and the Expansion of the Democratic Public Sphere? From 'Democracy-as-Talk' to 'Conversing with Things' Jan Lohmann Stephensen Taking Part, Sharing Power, or Heading for the Exit? Youth Participation in Cultural, Social, and Political Life Birgit Eriksson PART II MEDIA PUBLICS The Expanding Domain of Political Contention: A Triple Problem Nick Couldry Members of Parliament on Facebook: Towards an Understanding of the Pros and Cons of Online Political Conversations Mads P. Sensen Media Ecologies of Crowds and Participatory Trolling: "Muhammad Movie Trailer" (2012) and "Happy British Muslims" (2014) Camilla Mohring Reestor! and Carsten Stage A Blind Spot? News Sources, Democracy and Gender in News Media Christina Fiig Civic Engagement by Invitation? Citizen Negotiations about Public Media Framings of Everyday Life Responsibilities for Societal Problems Bente Halkier PART III SOCIAL MOVEMENTS Learning Democracy: Global Protest for (Democratic) Education in the Social Forums and Beyond Donatella della Porta and Nicole Doerr The Injustice Symbols of Political Islam: Rethinking the Global Public Sphere Thomas Olesen Street Thinking: The Radical Left on the Place Protests Mikkel Thorup When the Police Hijacked #Blockupy Frankfurt Christina Neumayer, Luca Rossi and Bjorn Karlsson PART IV AESTHETIC INTERVENTIONS Affect and Effect: Artful Protest and Political Impact Stephen Duncombe Artistic Interventions in the Political Public Sphere: Democratic Potentials and Limitations Henrik Kaare Nielsen Contributors

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