The Demon Mistress

The Demon Mistress

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BN ID: 2940148425205
Publisher: Jordan K. Rose
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Series: An Eva Prim Novel , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 296
Sales rank: 534,503
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

After trying her hand at many, many things- from crafting and art classes to cooking and sewing classes to running her own handbag business, Jordan finally figured out how to channel her creativity. With an active imagination and a little encouragement from her husband she sat down and began to write, each night clicking away at the keys with her black Labrador, Dino curled up under the desk.

A few short years later she’s entered the publishing arena with no plans to ever turn back.

Jordan is a member of several RWA Chapters.

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The Demon Mistress 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I can't say vampire books are my thing, but I found this hilariously entertaining and well written. It was nice for a change that a book didn't  totally follow the same formula as every other fantasy/paranormal genre book. 
BookwormBrandee More than 1 year ago
The Demon Mistress is a well-written, evenly pace, fun read!  "Sometimes I'm well-meaning and misguided too." Chryssie, Loc 3817, eARC Chryssie can't catch a break. She'd do, and has done anything and everything in order to win a friend. But something always goes wrong. Luckily, she's married to the Master Vampire of the New England region, who does what he can to ensure her happiness. Such as buying her a new laptop which she then uses to create a blog and her alter-ego, Eva Prim. Chryssie find it's easier to make friends online and she's feeling helpful and useful for the first time in quite awhile. But inevitably something goes wrong. I enjoyed the first person, present-tense delivery of Chryssie's story. And Chryssie as a character was reminiscent of characters such as Chrissy from Three's Company, or Rebecca on Cheers, or even Lucy from I Love Lucy. I did enjoy Chryssie's growth as a character in The Demon Mistress. I felt she learned a few things - like that maybe she did have a few friends. My only real complaint about the book is that the humor seemed too deliberate at times. This is the first book in the series and over the course of the story, where we are introduced to Chryssie's world. Her husband, Stefan, is the vampire leader in the Northeast. Stefan is somewhat one-dimensional through most of the book but we start learning more about him towards the end. And I look forward to learning more about this man, who puts up with Chryssie's well-meaning misguide-ness, as the series progresses. We are also introduced to a colorful ensemble including other vampires, werewolves, and demons. We also learn a few details about the creatures inhabiting Chryssie's world - such as the length of nose hair and putrid-smelling breath of a shifted vampire. The Demon Mistress was a fun read - full of campy humor. The hijinks Chryssie gets into - all in a well-meaning attempt at making and keeping friends - was entertaining. I appreciated the development of the side characters too, as I'm sure we'll be seeing more of them. :) This isn't high-brow literature but if you're looking for a light read with camp enough for lots of giggles, you'll enjoy meeting Chryssie and company. **I received an eARC of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.
gymmom_027 More than 1 year ago
Eva Prim, a friend for Eternity Chryssie Papadopoulos isn't your average vampire, no way. That would be boring, and Chryssie is anything but boring.... klutzy maybe, but definitely NOT boring or selfish, or thoughtless. Well, maybe a little bit selfish, but isn't everyone? So what if she happens to be married to the most powerful vampire, and the master at that, in the region? Does she take advantage of her position? Does she try to force people to like her? (I mean besides a couple of times, before she knew better.) Chryssie just wants to be liked for who she is. When Stefan, her husband (I did say she was married to the most powerful vampire in the region and the master) gives her a laptop as a gift (I'm hoping it was a Macbook, I have a thing for Macbooks), she does what most people (and vampires) in her position would. She starts a blog, Eva Prim Writes, and makes TONS of new friends. Just what she wanted!! But, along with her friends, a whole lot of new trouble starts brewing (and I mean a lot). I did say she was a bit of a klutz, especially in her personal life (and in the lives of those around her.) The Demon Mistress by Jordan K. Rose is a great fun read. What starts out, for Eva, as a way to occupy her time, relieve her tedium, and of course, gain new friends all who want information on the vampire way of life, turns into a mad dash. Eva, as it turns out, is her own worst enemy. She can't keep herself (and those around her) out of trouble. Her simple blogs turns out to be much more. Ms. Rose not only creates this wildly wonderful person known as Chryssie Papadopoulos (Eva Prim), but she does it in the most entertaining way. Chryssie sparks feeling of kinship, I'd actually like to blog with her, she so much fun. I was laughing, tearing up, wanting to smack Stefan, and Cletus, hell, I wanted to smack Margaritaman (he should have known better than to get in a car with a hungry vampire, you know, from the blog). And, the names these people blog with, I just don't know.... but it sure sounds like fun. If you're looking for a fun, entertaining, somewhat endearing read, you'll want to try The Demon Mistress by Jordan K. Rose. I guarantee, lots of fun to be had, cute characters, domineering alpha male vampires, and werewolves galore. It's not your usual vampire read and you're going to love every minute of it. I haven't read something this fun in a while, sexy.. yes, scary.. yes, chiller-thriller.. all the time. But a humorous read? This has been one of the best. I fell in love, just a little, with Eva Prim. Five out of five fairy kisses for this reader.
Autumn2 More than 1 year ago
I received this book to give an honest review. Before I get into the review let me say something about the cover. If I was to judge a book by its cover which I try not to do. I possibly would not pick up the book, the cover doesn't really draw me in, it looks cartoony  in a way. I am so sure that is not a word.   Now on to the book funny is what I would describe the book. Chryssie  is married to the Master Vampire of New England which means he is the head honcho in charge of all. Now he seems a bit like he has trust issues with Chryssie which you get some examples but not much of them. So when Chryssie gets a computer she now has access to the outside world! How exicitng right? Well it all goes wrong after the blog posting under her new name Eva! Now Eva/Chryssie are the same person just so you do not get that confused. Chryssie is witty, doesn't take no crap from anyone. She wants to be in on the action of things and not just on the sidelines which I give her props for. When Eva Primm's blog posting gets out of control there is trouble on the front lines of home and the big dogs of the vampire world get called in. Chryssie finds herself in trouble she finds out secrets about her husband which she didn't even know about. She makes new friends which is what she wanted. I do wonder if there is maybe more in this story world, as maybe another book?   Now what I had a problem with on some parts of the book are as followed.  And thus my rating went down.  *POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERTS* Not sure if it was the formatting of the book or what but the blog comments from the different fans on Eva's blog. It was kind of confusing to read wot where I had to go back and re-read a sentence to make sure I understood who was staying what.  I hate to have to go back and re-read a sentences just to either understand or make sure I read it right.  When Chryssie's husband found her and her gang of "friends" and they were all switching bodies I take it? It got kind of confusing as to what was going on, who was who and what not. I could have dealt with maybe just one body switching but when it was going back and forth as it seemed like I lost interest.  The ending was okay, I guess I would have like the bad guy to have gone back on his word and started a blood bath as he seemed to be building up an army. But maybe the author has other plans for the future books. I do not know. If you want a book that is not all gory like, though the shifting of vampires is kind of gruesome! If you want to laugh at how the main character takes things into her own hands, you like vampires then this may be the book for you. 
Bitten-By-Love-Reviews More than 1 year ago
She’s a crack-up with great taste in cologne; I get it, I love it when men smell good enough to eat too! She sees every situation a little differently than the rest of the world and that makes her special. She doesn’t try to be everything to everybody, no one would ever think that, but she would kill for her friends. She would even risk pissing off her husband. There is so much happening it’s hard to consider the major portion of this book takes place within a twelve hour period. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series or to check out the next recipe on Eva’s blog.