The Demon's Princess Bride - A Sensual Fairy Tale

The Demon's Princess Bride - A Sensual Fairy Tale

by Danica Slate

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The Demon's Princess Bride - A Sensual Fairy Tale by Danica Slate

There once existed a beautiful young princess who secretly yearned for the perfect husband - the one man who could bring her true happiness. But alas, no mortal man had proven sufficient for the fair young maiden.

One day, the young girl stumbled across an unlikely sight - an infernal demon out to make a bargain! But in his demonic form, she managed to find something she'd never before seen in mortal men...

...her own desire, lit aflame.


This fantasy erotic romance features a fairy tale setting replete with magic, demonic bargains, and lost love.


"...And in return I promise you anything you desire, anything in this wide world,” the demon finished with a heavy breath.

The princess tightened her hands together anxiously.

“Really? You… mean that?” It seemed too good, and absurd, to be true. Still, it seemed wise to go along with it, at least for now. Certainly this was less dire than she had expected. “Well, what should I wish for...?“ she began. Her eyes darted about searchingly as though she expected the answer to appear from the air. Suddenly she gave a dainty gasp and twittered in delight. The princess smiled sweetly, her eyes downcast, as she twirled a lock of hair around her finger. “Well...this may not be a very proper request, but I’ve very much wanted to’s just that I, I’ve always hoped to find a perfect man to marry…”

The demon straightened in mild surprise. His wiry frame rippled in toned muscles.

“You wish a man to marry? Why would a human as fair as you want for a man?” his eyes moved over her appraisingly. Her confidence faltered under his intense, calculating gaze. He was a timeless creature that she was sure had seen many great beauties, and now she might be numbered among them. The princess felt a fire igniting in her loins unlike anything she had ever before experienced.

“Oh, I do not want for suitors. But I do want for the right man. No one has been...” she searched for words and finally shrugged, “ one has been greater than ordinary.”

The demon’s eyes widened and his head bobbed in a swift nod. A smile slowly curled up his lips. Her blush returned, more furious and hot than before.

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Publisher: Danica Slate
Publication date: 09/10/2013
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