The Depth Of Forgiveness

The Depth Of Forgiveness

by Dionne Watson


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"A Must-Read, Riveting and Mind-boggling Novel."

Naomi A. Beaman

At the age of seventeen, Maree was already a successful top model. However, she became so caught up in her career that God and the church were no longer a part of her life.

At eighteen she graduated at the top of her class and was accepted to the University of Los Angeles. Her manager, Tony, signed her with Jade Cosmetics, in LA, and for what they were paying, she wasn't about to turn it down, so she signed on to be a full time student and career woman.

Her dad wanted her to stay closer to New York, but her mom insisted she go to LA. Were her mother's intentions genuine or did Maree's mom quickly ship her off to hide a secret?

The night before she left for LA, she was hanging out with her friends, not knowing that what was about to happen to her would change her life. Now Maree had to learn how to forgive, and to understand the depth of forgiveness.

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ISBN-13: 9781449040031
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/19/2009
Pages: 276
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

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The Depth Of Forgiveness

By Dionne Watson


Copyright © 2009 Dionne Watson
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-4003-1

Chapter One


Maree grew up in a Christian home. She is the fourth child of Joe and Beth White. She has two brothers Samuel, thirty years old, Charles who is twenty-five and a sister Clouie twenty-eight, and Maree is the youngest at twenty-four. All of the siblings are very close with their parents with the exception of Maree.

Maree is the independent one who always wanted to grow up and get out into the world, and for that reason she worked very hard in school to get on the honor role and stay on it. Her dream is to go to college in LA and to become a lawyer, which was also her mother's dream.

Out of all the children, Maree was the one her parents never worried about, because she was so independent, and trustworthy, and they reminded her of that every chance they got.

At age sixteen, Maree was modeling. Her manager Tony was great letting her know which jobs to turn down, she and her parents trusted him completely. On weekends Maree would sometimes travel to different states, places or countries as long as the job wouldn't keep her longer than Sunday night, as she was determined to stay in school and to be among her friends Michelle and Marfa.

At seventeen, Maree was already a success with a lot of demands, from the day the owner of The FAM Modeling Agency discovered her inthe shopping mall in White Plains, NY. She was with her sister Clouie, who was so happy for her. They went back to tell their parents and asked for their consent and, after all the 'I's were dotted and all the 'T's were crossed, she has been working ever since.

On her eighteenth birthday, Maree's friends Michelle and Marfa decided to take her out, which was also the day before she moved to LA where she would continue with her modeling and attend college. That night the girls decided to let Maree experiment with cocaine, but Maree said, "No way, that stuff will kill you or mess you up. My future is too bright for me to mess with drugs, and to top it off, my parents would kill me if that stuff doesn't. In any case, I love me too much to do anything like that."

"Oh please don't be a party pooper," Michelle commented.

"Girl, it's better to be a party pooper with a level head than a crazy messed up model. I've seen models sniff and go, and I won't be one of them, it's crazy."

Michelle went into her bag, took out a small vial of cocaine, took a little out with her fingernail and put it to her nostril.

"Michelle," Maree said, "Are you crazy? If someone sees us together they are going to just assume I am doing that too. I don't want my name in the tabloids so please stop."

"May I?" Marfa asked, as Michelle handed her the vial and she put some on the back of her hand and sniffed it off.

"Oh no, not you too, what happened to my friends? Have you both gone mad?"

"No, we are just having fun. The funny thing is, my mom took me out of public school because she thought I wasn't learning, and there were too many gangs in public school. She didn't want me to be exposed to all of that, but going to private school still didn't protect her baby girl," Marfa said, as she laughed.

"Marfa stop, all your mom wanted was to give you a better education so what's wrong with that? It's not her fault you decided to act like some of the spoiled rich kids at school," Maree said.

"Woo be careful Marfa, Maree forgot that she is a self-made rich kid that also attended our high school."

"What's gotten into my friends? I am leaving for LA tomorrow night, Michelle, is going to NYU in August, and you Marfa are going to the University of Connecticut. Why are you messing with your futures?"

"This won't stop us from having a future. I have been doing cocaine since I was sixteen and it didn't stop me from graduating from high school or it didn't stop me from getting accepted into NYU."

"Maree what Michelle said is true. I started three months ago when I was stressed and I had to take all of those exams in order to graduate. Jack gave me just a little and it worked. I was in a relaxed mood and I wasn't stressed anymore."

"Can you believe? She was afraid at first, just like you. Look at her Maree, no one knows and no one ever has to know."

"I would know. I stayed on the honor role, I traveled a lot when my job calls for it, I'm extremely busy, and I don't need drugs to help me through anything. As a matter of fact, cocaine robs you of your thoughts. I know that since I started modeling, and although I am not hanging with you guys as much, you should have known better. These drugs are going to kill you both if you don't stop, and if it doesn't kill you, you will loose a lot of people that care for you. Come on girls, quit while you can."

"Maree you are our friend and we are not going to see you as of tomorrow, you will be an LA girl. Come on and party with us this once, unless you think you are better than us; you do, don't you? Marfa she thinks she is better than us, I knew this modeling would have gotten her to think this way. Well,"

"I am going to use the ladies room and when I come back, you are going to have to apologize for what you just said to me Michelle, you know you didn't hear a word I just said."

As Maree got up and walked away, she left her fruit punch behind. The girls were giggling as Michelle went into her bag and opened a vial filled with cocaine which she poured into Maree's drink and stirred it as she continued to giggle.

"Michelle, what have you done? She's going to kill you." Marfa said as she giggled.

"You just keep your mouth shut. She is going to thank me later for loosening her up. It's her last day before she goes off to LA and I want her to have some fun without thinking about it. I just want her to relax. I haven't seen Maree relax in a long time. Shhh here she comes."

"So are you ready to apologize? Maree asks Michelle.

"Maree, I am sorry," she said with a sympathetic face.

"That's better, let's drink to friendship and new beginnings," Maree said as she lifted her glass of fruit juice to the others' glasses, and then tilted her head and drank all.

The girls looked at each other and smiled.

"Maree, in a few minutes we are taking you to a private party and this will be the best party you will have ever gone to." Michelle said.

"No, my friends, I have to go home to get some rest," Maree said as she stood up to walk away. "Woo guys, I'm not feeling so well, my head feels ... oh boy I need to sit down, why do I feel like this?"

"You will be just fine Maree, I promise." Marfa said.

"Just shut up Marfa." Michelle said firmly.

"What did you say? What ... What is happening to me?"

"How do you feel?" Michelle asked.

"Can we go now? I am not feeling so good after all, my heart is racing. Marfa can you drive me home in my car, and my dad will take you home after," Maree said as she closes her eyes and rests her head back.

"No, I'll drive you Maree, Marfa can follow in my car."

"That's fine, my head feels funny and the room is spinning."

"Come, let's get her out of here before someone recognizes her," Marfa said, nervously.

"I hope I didn't give her too much," Michelle said. "I think we should take her to our private place so she can sleep it off. I will call her mom to let her know she is spending the night with us."

"Maree has to call her mom herself, or else Mrs. White will be suspicious."

"I'll tell my mom I'm spending the night at your place, since Maree is leaving tomorrow, and then you can call your mom and tell her you are spending the night with me, this way we can go have some fun with no suspicion." Michelle suggested.

At this time Maree was not her usual self, she was giggling in the car and was so loose, while the girls stood outside making their plans. Michelle stuck her head in to tell Maree her plans; she agrees with a big grin on her face and her eyes barely open. "You guys put something in my juice, didn't you?" They didn't answer they just looked at each other.

The girls' private place is what they call The Comfort Zone which is Jack's parents' second home in Long Island. This place is by appointment only and if you don't have at least one hundred dollars, you can't party with Jack. When they drove up, Michelle came out smiling and pushed past Jack.

"Hi Baby. Well, my three 'M's,' the circle is finally complete."

"Jack, it's just for one night, Maree will be on a plane tomorrow night. We just wanted to loosen her up, and let her not think about anything and we wanted to give her a night to remember," Michelle explains.

"You mean a night she won't remember," Jack said with a grin across his face.

Maree sat on the sofa singing. "I'm feeling so good," repeating it over and over. Michelle was sitting beside her, smoking crack.

"Let me have some of what you are having, Michelle, oh Michelle." Maree said in a gay voice.

"No Maree, don't. Michelle don't do this to her." Marfa begged.

"Oh please, Michelle, don't listen to Marfa, give it to me. You are the ones who wanted me to let my hair down. Back at the restaurant you thought I didn't care for you guys, because I became a successful model; now you will know you guys are my friends and I am going to do what you guys do. This is what you wanted, isn't it?" She grabbed the crack from Michelle's hand and pulled on it, then got up, went in the rest room and locked the door behind her. As Maree took three more puffs, she began to cough.

"Maree, Maree open the door, please Maree don't do this." Marfa begged.

Maree unlocked the door, but it didn't take long before it started taking an effect on her.

Jack went in and started touching her as she sat helpless. "Baby I wanted to do this for so long, but you always turned your nose up at me. Now look at you, you are on my turf and your friends can't help you now."

"Jack, leave me alone." She said weakly.

Michelle came barging in with Marfa.

"Jack, are you trying to cheat on me with my best friend? Michelle asked.

"Both of you get out." Jack shouted. Michelle sat down in front of the door.

"No I am not going anywhere."

"Well, you better be a good girl if you want to stay and watch or I will cut off your supply."

"I'll behave Jack, I promise. I won't say another word, but don't do this to my friend, let her go. Her first time can't be like this, please baby, I am here for you, have me instead, come on baby."

"I have you all the time," said Jack, "even my friends, and I have had Marfa already. Why is this one different? It's good to have fresh meat every now and then, and you wanted to give her a night she will never forget. After I am through with her, she will never forget this night, I hope," He said with an evil smirk.

"Let her go, Jack, or I am going to call the cops." Marfa said, as she holds her phone up in her hand. "I have them on speed dial," she continues.

"You won't do that; you would never let anyone know you guys drugged Maree and brought her over here. It's your word against mine and my parents are very influential in this city. I can mess you up for life. Is that what you want Marfa?"

"I'll take my chances, let her go or else I will." She said, as tears fell down her face. He pushes Maree over to Marfa and as she fell to the floor she managed to get up.

"Michelle, let's go."

"No, I'm staying with Jack, you two go on."

"Fine, have it your way. Just lean on me, Maree, I am so sorry. I should have stopped Michelle at the restaurant, I am so sorry."

"I think I am going to be sick." Maree said.

She drove Maree's car to her house and as she went up the steps her mom yelled from her room, "Marfa is that you?"

"Yes, mother."

"I thought you were staying at Michelle's?"

"We had a fight so I came home and Maree came with me."

"Don't worry, by tomorrow you guys will make up." Her mom said from her room.

The next day Maree woke up around noon, after staying up most of the night. She looked up and saw Marfa looking down on her, as she tried to sit up, her head feeling like a ton of bricks. "What happened to me? I feel like my head belongs to someone else."

You are going to be just fine, I promise. Eat something; I made you breakfast/lunch."

"No thank you, I am not hungry. I just need to go."

"Maree you are lightheaded, you need to ... you think I put something in your food?"

"I'm going home; I hope you and Michelle have a nice life. Goodbye Marfa."

"Maree, I am sorry, I shouldn't have let her do that to you. Come on Maree, we are friends; our friendship is strong enough to get through this."

"Some friends, I don't think I will be able to trust you guys ever again."

"Please Maree ..."

Maree cuts her off. "All I have to say is stay away from Michelle and Jack."

"I am sorry, Maree. Please do me a favor and call me when you get to LA to give me your information so we can stay in touch."

"I am through Marfa, but I will be the friend I was to you and do you one last favor. Ms. Kay," Maree yelled.

"No Maree, please don't say anything to my mother." Maree looks down at her, begging.

"What is it Maree? Marfa, why are you holding on to Maree, like that?"

"Ms. Kay...." Maree felt sorry for her and she couldn't say it, so all she said before she walked out was. "Keep a close eye on Marfa, and don't let her hang out with Michelle any more she is bad news Ms. Kay, bye."

When she got to her house all of her siblings were home, so she had to put her best face on. She couldn't go to her parents to let them know what had happened, as she felt they would judge her, and she couldn't take that, so she kept it to herself. A part of her likes the way it made her feel. She felt as if she could do anything and another part of her hated that she lost control.

Her sister went upstairs to help her finish packing. They all sat in the living room and reminisced on when they were younger, her dad prayed then they all went into the dining room to have dinner. After dinner Maree went up to her room and took a nap after which her mom and dad took her to the airport.

"Okay daddy, please don't cry, this is not the first time I'm going on a plane."

"I know baby girl, but this time you will be going for a long time"

"Daddy I'll be home for the holidays."

"I will excuse you if you can't make it home, because you will be working and studying. You are the rock in this family, the brave one, because you have a good head on your shoulders, that's why I allowed you to fly off to all those places to model. Also I know going to LA you will be signing a million dollar contract and studying, so you will be okay my child," her mom said.

"Its ten million dollars mom and I am the first model to sign such a huge contract. Tony already found an apartment for me and he is going to pick me up. I won't be too far from campus, so dad, mom is right, I will be just fine. I am the rock I can do this, I know I can."

"Baby if you feel overwhelmed, quit, don't over do it. Modeling is not your dream, but being a lawyer is. So just take it slow, okay," her dad said as he hugged her. Her mom patted her on her shoulder and told her to remember she was good at modeling, so don't give up sure for unsure, and then she ended by saying she should take care.

"Bye guys, I love you." Maree said with a smile.

Maree slept all the way to LA. When the plane landed, it was two in the morning, LA time. Her manager, Tony, was waiting. She was headed for the big time. As the driver packed her bags in the limo, Maree took a deep breath.

Tony said. "Welcome to LA. The first thing on the agenda is to meet with Jade Cosmetic's at 9:00 am, LA time. Set your watch three hours back, and let's go get you some sleep. You have to look your best, and you're a ten million dollar client."

"I know they are going to squeeze every penny back out of me."

"You, don't worry about that. Don't I always take care of you?"

"I know you will. I'm not worried as long as I keep up with my classes."

After they got to the apartment where Maree was to stay she felt nervous. As reality hit her, she was living alone. She tossed and turned, she was still on New York time. Her mind went back to the night before and, with nothing to do; she hoped she had just enough coke to relax her.


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