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The Development of Saudi-Iranian Relations Since the 1990s: Between Conflict and Accommodation / Edition 1

The Development of Saudi-Iranian Relations Since the 1990s: Between Conflict and Accommodation / Edition 1

by Fahad M. Alsultan, Pedram Saeid
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ISBN-13: 9781472461537
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/29/2016
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 6.25(w) x 9.25(h) x (d)

About the Author

Fahad M. Alsultan, Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

Pedram Saeid, University of Hull, UK

Table of Contents


Table of Contents *


Preface *

Chapter 1: Theorising Saudi-Iranian Relations *

Introduction *

The conceptual framework *

The Individual Level of Analysis *

Group Decision-Making *

State-Level Analysis *

Political Regimes and Foreign Policy *

Institutional Actors and Structures *

National Role Concept and National Interests *

The System Level of Analysis *

Realism and the Middle East Sub-System *

The alignments and alliances patterns *

Marxist theories, oil and American intervention in the region *

Appropriateness of International Relations Theories to this Study *

Foreign Policy Behaviours and Outcomes *

Foreign Policy Behaviour *

Foreign Policy Outcomes *

Conclusion *

Chapter 2: The Foreign Policy of Iran *

Introduction *

The Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei: Life, Personality and Political Perceptions *

Domestic Structures, Actors and Foreign Policymaking in Iran *

The Nature and Stability of the Iranian Regime *

The Supreme Leader *

The Supreme National Security Council *

The Foreign Ministry and Diplomatic Service *

Iranian Parliament (Majlis) *

Informal Institutions and Actors *

The political factions *

The clerical establishment *

The Iranian armed forces *

Group Decision-Making in Iranian Foreign Policy *

Iranian Foreign Policy Orientation *

Conclusion *

Chapter 3: The Foreign Policy of Saudi Arabia *

Introduction *

King Abdullah’s Personality and Perceptions *

The Saudi Political System *

The Royal Family and Foreign Policy *

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diplomatic Service *

The Saudi National Security Council *

The Consultative Assembly (Majlis Al-Shura) *

The Religious Establishment (Ulema) *

The Foreign Policy Decision Making Process *

The Saudi Foreign Policy Orientation *

Conclusion *

Chapter 4: Saudi-Iranian Relations under Rafsanjani: A Return to Normalcy (1989-1997) *

Introduction *

The Iran-Iraq Ceasefire and the 1989 Makkah bombing *

The Political Landscape under Rafsanjani *

Ali Akbar Hamshemi Rafsanjani (1989-1997): Life, Personality and Political Perceptions *

External Determinants of Bilateral Relations *

The Iraq Factor *

Iraqi’s invasion of Kuwait *

The Iraqis’ uprising after Saddam’s defeat *

The Signs of Improvement in Saudi Iranian Relations after the Second Gulf War *

The Gulf Islands Dispute *

Qatar gas dispute *

The Unrest in Bahrain *

OPEC: An Issue of Disagreement *

The Khobar Bombing of 1996 *

Conclusion *

Chapter 5: Saudi-Iranian Relations under Khatami – An Unprecedented Breakthrough in Bilateral Relations (1997-2005) *

Introduction *

Domestic Developments in Iran: The Advent of the Reformist Movement and the Khatami Presidency *

Muhammad Khatami: Life, Personality and Perceptions of Foreign Policy *

The Saudi Response to the Khatami Presidency *

The Organisation of Islamic Conference Meeting in Tehran and its Implications for Iran-Saudi Relations *

Rafsanjani’s Trip to Saudi Arabia and Economic Achievements *

Khatami’s Visit of Saudi Arabia and Security Pact *

US-Iranian Relationship and its Impact on Saudi-Iranian Relations *

Prior to 9/11 incident *

In the aftermath of 9/11 incident *

The Riyadh Compound Bombing of 2003 *

Conclusion *

Chapter 6: Saudi-Iranian Relations in Ahmadinejad’s Presidency (2005-2013): Unsteady Relations *

Introduction *

Domestic Developments in Iran: The Rise of New Conservatives *

Mahmmud Ahmadinejad: Life, Personality and Perceptions of Foreign Policy *

Initial Saudi Responses to the Ahmadinejad Victory *

Makkah Organization of the Islamic Conference and Ahmadinejad’s controversial remarks *

Regional Factors Influencing Two Countries’ Relations *

The Competition of Iran and Saudi Arabia in Iraq *

Saudi Iranian Competition over Lebanon *

Iran and United States’ Relations and its Impact on the Two Countries’ Relations *

The Influence of Iran Nuclear Program on the Two Countries’ Relations *

The Signs of Thaw in the Two Countries’ Relations in Ahmadinejad’s First Term *

Ahmadinejad’s trip to Hajj and Rafsanjani’s attendance in the Islamic Dialogue Conference in Makkah *

The Oil Impact *

The controversial re-election of Ahmadinejad and Saudi Arabia’s response *

Arab Spring *

The Terrorism and Covert Operations *

Conclusion *

Chapter 7: Saudi-Iranian Relations after Rouhani: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (2013 onward) *

Introduction *

Rouhani’s entanglement in Ahmadinejad’s legacy *

Iran and P5 + 1 interim accord in 2013 *

The rise of Daesh and complexity of situation *

Oil Politics *

King Abdullah’s death *

The two countries’ relations *

Conclusion *

Epilogue *

Appendices *

Bibliography *

Index *

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