The Devil's Due

The Devil's Due

by M Purcell

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The Devil's Due by M Purcell

The Devil comes to a small town on Halloween evening. Terror grips the town, and one young boy's Life will be changed forever. He is slowly tormented his entire life, until the day comes when he must fight for his immortal soul. The horror will have you on the edge of your seat as Donald Lemore tries to save his sanity, and avoid spending an eternity burning in hell.

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BN ID: 2940032870623
Publisher: M Purcell
Publication date: 10/28/2011
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 478,333
File size: 179 KB

About the Author

Michael Purcell lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley region of upstate New York. Having an Assossiates degree in Environmental Studies, he has strong feelings about nature and our planet. You will find these feelings in some of his poetry.

He began by writing songs for his band in NYC as a teenager, and grew into writing poetry and later short stories and now novels.

An avid reader of Horror and Fantasy writng, he quickly became a fan of writers such as Dean Koontz and Stephen King. His short stories and novels are in that gender as he is drawn to it as a moth to a flame.

On a persoanl note: I’m very down to earth, and choose love and friendship before materialistic gains,(not that they are not important). I am a true romantic, and believe in the magic of love…even love at first sight is a notion I still entertain. I am a great animal lover, but have not had a new pet since my beloved baby beagle died, (that was his name by the way). I like the city as much as I do the country, but there is much to be said for being able to have a cup of coffee in the morning, outside watching the sunrise with no horns or sirens blowing. I have found writing and drawing, to be a welcome faucet in which I could let out internal thoughts and emotions. Which could not possibly be released with the same temperament, if I were to just talk to someone. I have recently become rather obsessed with writing short stories and Novels. I having been a long time fan of Dean Koontz and Stephen King. I find I am drawn to writing Horror and fantasy stories. I have two story finished, and over 4 stories started, with over a dozen more plots outlined waiting to be but to paper. Want to know more please ask.

I can be reached at my email addy:

Also by the same handle on Yahoo Instant messenger, if you feel so inclined.



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The Devil's Due 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
First off, I think AvidReader's review was very rude and not helpful. Not only to the author but to the readers as well. It's one thing to say you don't like a book and give it a low star rating. It's completely different to tell the world how much you hate the book and ruin the entire story for the future readers. There is no need to be offensive like that and turn other readers away from ever trying the book. As for my review, I think the story needed some editing but the story itself was good. It was interesting and keeps the reader wanting to read more. I would recommend this book to others who enjoy shorter horror/suspense stories.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To May 4, 2012 reviewer- why do u think it is ok to ruin the whole pleasure of reading this book by telling the ENTIRE PLOT AND THE ENDING just because u did not like it. A review is meant to help people decide if they want to read the book, not read it in a person's stupid review! Please don't ruin plots anymore. You ruined it for every reader! Thanks a lot.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
"The Devils Due" is actually a novella at 129 Nook Tablet pages. Seriously, it could have been trimmed down to 20 or 30 pages to a greater effect. It was too wordy and repetitive. There were too many details about non-essential people, places, and objects. Not to mention grammar and spelling issues. This story is implausible. I know that when reading a supernatural thriller, that the reader must suspend disbelief to some extent. But, the author asked for too much from me, as a reader. This book is neither suspenseful, nor thrilling. Redundancy is a big problem with this book. I do not need to read about the life story of every ancillary character. For example, the backstory regarding the ex-Marine that killed the kid's parents. It was not necessary and added nothing to the main plot line. It should have been edited out of the book. Describing gratuitously violent scenes excessively dimishes the overall impact on the reader. Let the reader use her imagination a little. For example, the part of the book where we see the devil interrupt a robbery. It was too long and overly described. Especially, when it is 20+ pages for this one unimportant segment. This section should have been deleted from the book. There are many other scenes that do not need to be included. They do not add to the overall storyline. They are repetitive, not necessary, and written poorly. It was actually painful for me to finish this novella. Here is the plot in a nutshell: Apparently, according to this novella, the kid can make a deal with the devil as an adolescent without signing anything or even verbally agreeing to it. The devil can show up at any time to collect his soul, including before the character actually dies. The devil is permitted to lie in order to get consent. Please note: that any advice given by the devil while dressed as a priest counts as a pact with the devil. Huh? Yeah, that is the basis of the entire book. As a kid, the main character goes to the store on Halloween. He runs into the devil on the way back. The devil is dressed as a priest. The devil tells the kid to work hard and trust in himself, so that he can go to college and be an affluent man. The devil likes him because he has issues with trust and religious faith after the murder of his parents. Abruptly, the story skips ahead 15 or 20 years into the future. The kid is now an affluent workaholic adult with a great wife that he never sees. His wife gives him a crucifix necklace, then she dies from cancer. He gets depressed, and gives away all of his money. Next, the devil shows up to collect his soul in exchange for wealth and success. He is not dead or dying of anything except regret. An angel shows up and wins a duel against the devil. Finally, the man decides to do a good deed by buying "Bear Scout" cookies from a little girl. She wants to win a bicycle. The girl is possessed by the devil. The end. Now you do not have to read this excruciatingly long short story. Save yourself some time. Buy a different book. It is not even worth reading for free. I will be archiving this novella soon. I question whether or not the other 4 & 5 star reviewers read this same story that I did. -AvidReader
Ristalin More than 1 year ago
Very Good Read This book is good. The only thing I wish is that the author would have made the middle of the book a little longer. The beginning and the end were very good but the middle was to sparse. I would have liked to see the author expand this a little more. Other than that the book was a very good, quick read. Only 129 pages long.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is thrilling and has a great theme. Love it :) ;)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Makes you think and lets you know that the devil is always busy
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It needs better editing.
Arrat More than 1 year ago
Good try! This book is 129pgs, it has some interesting ideas, but didn't make it. Spoiler: The backstory reminded me of Batman's childhood, in fact I thought maybe thats what I was reading. It was great that Mr. Purcell gave BOTH sides of the story, but too predictable. I didn't like how you can make "deals" with the Devil without even knowing it. That means no matter what Donald is screwed, even at the end when he tries to do a good deed, it doesn't matter. Keep trying, Mr. Purcell!