The Devil's Lair (Book 4.5 of The Back-Up Series)

The Devil's Lair (Book 4.5 of The Back-Up Series)

by A. M. Madden


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The Devil's Lair (Book 4.5 of The Back-Up Series) by A. M. Madden

The Devil's Lair ~ A Back-Up Series Novella

Devil's Lair is on their first world-wide tour. Taking their antics across Europe, Asia, and Australia proves to be hilarious, exhausting, and very chaotic. Most of the time they feel completely out of their element, and they're right. Tequila, groupies and a endless supply of condoms are replaced with...well, with a whole lot of different.

Join them on their 'Blow Our Minds World Tour' and accept this V.I.P. pass to a behind the scenes look at Devil's Lair as they travel the globe wreaking rock star havoc.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781505567977
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/15/2014
Series: Back-Up Series
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 6.69(w) x 9.61(h) x 0.42(d)

About the Author

A.M. Madden has achieved Amazon Best Selling status with her debut in contemporary romance, The Back-Up Series.
A.M. Madden is a wife, a mother, an avid reader of romance novels and now an author. In Back-up she aspired to create a fun, sexy, realistic romantic story. She wanted to create characters that the reader could relate to and feel as if they knew personally.
A self proclaimed hopeless romantic, she loves getting lost in a good book. Using every free moment of her time while raising teen-age boys, A.M. Madden plans to continue writing, as it now become a second career. A.M. Madden can be contacted on Facebook, twitter, or at

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The Devil's Lair (Book 4.5 of The Back-Up Series) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Live this series
Jessica62404 More than 1 year ago
This book is like when your favorite band releases an album of their greatest hits You know you are going to love it already and then they add a new song, but in the story you get new characters.So good this is a continuation or a check in with Devil's Lair they are on a World tour and having to juggle life and kids.You do get introduced to some new characters that I think really change everyone , Paula and Shane.Of course we get to see how life is with our favorite band members, Jack, Hunter, Trey,Leila,and Scott. I am so happy we got to see or read more about Hunter and his wife Mandy, he had me cracking up. This book really made me fall harder in love with Jack he has grown so much you can really tell he loves Leila so much and he wants to take away her distress. You really need to read the other books in the series before this one , so you can understand all the Happily Ever Afters with the entire band. A.M. Madden also captured what its like to be a mother so perfectly you will need tissues. I hope they go on tour again real soon , I never get tired of The Devil's Lair.
Rachael_Leissner More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved that we got a follow up novella to this series and got to check in with the band mates as they headed out on their first world tour. From book one, like everyone else, I was in love with the love story that was Jack and Leila. You can really tell how awesome they are together and how great they are as parents with their twins. Being a parent myself, its fun reading these fun sexy stories, and then getting their “parenting years” later as well. You get to see how they are outside the glamorous lifestyle they met in. We get to explore Hunter and Mandi’s story and really get to see who they are as a couple and come to understand him some more too. Both in his head and physically, this novella made me love him even more in both ways! This book really shows a difference from where they all started in that once you have the wife and family, things like a rock band tour just don’t seem to happen how they did before. Instead of shots after a show, there are diapers to be changed and wife’s to attend too. It was a lot of fun getting to see inside how this band handled all the changes. You will laugh, cry, a lot actually, and really feel closure in this wrap up. I of course would love more, but I felt there was closure and am happy with how all the “boys” are doing now and where they each are in their lifes. Great job again Madden!
Crys2309 More than 1 year ago
Oh how I love all of Devil's Lair! This novella is so much more then I ever thought it could be. I really was expecting just a sweet little story catching us up on their lives and their world tour. Which it was, but it was also so much more. A.M. Madden did an amazing job of wrapping up this series (if this is really the end, I would still love more) and somehow fitting what seemed like a full story in a novella! I was expecting a light, happy read, but by the third chapter I was completely enthralled and bawling. There was a twist I never saw coming that had me reading through my tears. What an amazing story of family, courage and above all love. If you've read the first four books in The Back-up Series, you must read The Devil's Lair! This story is mostly Jack and Hunters POV, but still caught us up on all of the band. Heck, I even started liking Jen! It was nice to get inside Hunters head, and enjoy the hilarity that is his life. But, also get to see what a great caring husband and friend he is. It was so great to find what each of their HEA's were, even if some were not quite as expected. I loved that this story wasn't just a quick update "here's where they are now", but an actual conclusion to how they got to their 'ever after'. I will be a Devil's Lair groupie for life!! I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
nancy-h_ More than 1 year ago
The Devil's Lair by A.M.Madden is fantastic. It is so fun and I just loved it. It is like visiting old friends and finding out what has been going on. I enjoyed getting different points of view while reading. We also get a excellent story about an ultimate unconditional love. I fell more in love with all of the band.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This ending could not have been better. It was a joy to get a glimpse into all the characters lives, not just Leila and Jack's. The bond between the members in the band and everyone else is incredible, lots of laughs, and even a few tears. This book isn't just about living the life of a rock star its about their daily lives, marriage, children, and so forth. Lots of emotion packed into this book, so if you've read the other books in this series, make sure you don't miss this one!
Chelle907 More than 1 year ago
Devil's Lair is book 4.5 from A.M.Madden's Back-up Series I have loved every book in this series so far and I feel the same with this book. We see all the same characters in this book as all others except for 2 new ones. Paula and Shane. This book was so emotional, I actually had tears forming reading part of the book. Just like others, I was unable to put the book down. To understand the books, you must read them in order
jody714 More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What an emotional book, I wanted to cry or smile most of the time but the best part is it continued with the lives of all of Devil's Lair. The only thing I didn't like was it was so good I read it so fast and now it's over. I hope to read more from A.M. Madden in the future.
Megsandherbooks More than 1 year ago
This little gem a great addition to an already phenomenal series! This novella…which did not feel like a novella…had me all over the place with “OMG” moments, tears of sadness, and tears of laughter. I loved getting Hunter’s POV and learning a little more about him! Jack and Leila continue to amaze me with their selflessness and undying love not only for eachother but for everyone around them.  From book 1 A.M. Madden has astounded me with her writing and this is no exception. I love her, her characters, and this series so much!!!  If you are a Lair Lover like I am you already know…if not what are you waiting for?!?! One-click all of these babies…like right now…and enter the Lair because you will not be disappointed!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Out of all of the devil's lair books this one has got to be my favorite. It is emotionally thrilling and exciting as well as a great romantic story. I love the entire series and can't wait to see to see new books that this author releases. A definite recommendation for anyone who loves rock music, love stories, and an awesome series. Keep up the great work!
Iowa_Gal More than 1 year ago
The Devil's Lair is a fantastic read!!!  I will admit I cried throughout this story.  You have to read this book to find out why, I don't give spoilers away.  This book is a must read for the Devil's Lair Fans out there.  I am so glad I read this!!  It gives the reader more from the characters who make up this wonderful series.  Outstanding!!