The Diana Rivers Mysteries - Volume One - Boxed Set of 3 Murder Mystery Suspense Novels (The Diana Rivers Mysteries Collection, #1)

The Diana Rivers Mysteries - Volume One - Boxed Set of 3 Murder Mystery Suspense Novels (The Diana Rivers Mysteries Collection, #1)

by Faith Mortimer

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The Diana Rivers Mysteries - Volume One - Boxed Set of 3 Murder Mystery Suspense Novels (The Diana Rivers Mysteries Collection, #1) by Faith Mortimer

Welcome to the 1st Diana Rivers, Mystery Suspense Murder Boxed Set featuring the first three books in the series, ‘The Assassins’ Village’, ‘Children of the Plantation’ and ‘The Surgeon’s Blade’. All three books are bestsellers. Diana Rivers our heroine is a writer, sometime actor and amateur sleuth and loves nothing more than getting embroiled in the middle of a mystery – especially MURDER! 
‘The Assassins’ Village’:
When an expatriate theatrical group gather to discuss their next play there will be murder. A blackmailer stalks their picturesque Cypriot village. Unbeknown to each other they all attempt to find solutions to their problems. Some believe it lies in murder. Can they find the blackmailer? And can they find that all important ‘little black book’ – the chronicle of their misdeeds.
A body is discovered and Diana turns detective. After the police get involved one of her suspects is found hanged – is this another murder or suicide? A visit to a villager’s home uncovers an ancient assassin’s device. Could this be the murder weapon? Is it possible that an assassin lives at the heart of this formerly peaceful and idyllic mountain village? The villagers are riven with jealousies, rivalry, sexual tension and illicit affairs. Love, hate, murder and high drama all feature in this classic detective story. With a list of suspects, some dramatic twists and the odd red herring, the reader is left guessing until the final curtain.

‘Children of the Plantation’:
After discovering the truth surrounding the bloody murders in, ‘The Assassins' Village’ our sexy, feisty sleuth and heroine, Diana Rivers and her partner Steve, decide they deserve a holiday. Relaxing at their luxurious, palm fringed plantation hotel in lush, tropical Malaysia; things don't quite work out as they imagined. Diana is approached by the hotel owner, the enigmatic & secretive Miss Chalcot to take a look through some old family documents and help find a solution to put right a dreadful forty-year old misdoing. Diana is given free rein to pursue the mysterious past of the family and discover what lies behind the dark stories. Diana enters into a world of the 1950's and 1960's, where lies, deceit, illicit love, jealousies and perhaps murder all feature. What really happened all those years ago? Who was responsible for events that shocked the whole family and plunged it into despair? And what is the real story behind the façade?
‘The Surgeon's Blade’:
Nursing sister, Libby Hunter wakes up in hospital with amnesia after a traumatic sailing accident. She finds a stranger sitting by her bedside who claims to be her fiancé. Libby remembers nothing about him. Returning home, Libby finds herself in great danger when her house is broken into. Who is the intruder and what does he want? Is this connected with a series of attacks on nurses in London and Southampton? Will Libby be the latest targeted victim? Distressed Libby turns to helicopter pilot, Robert for help and understanding, but is he as respectable and kind as he appears to be? Is her so-called fiancé, Nigel trustworthy? The night time intrusion into Libby's house sets in motion a downwards spiral of cataclysmic and terrifying events, culminating in Diana Rivers stepping in to help solve the case in this chilling mystery.

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BN ID: 2940016754048
Publisher: Faith Mortimer
Publication date: 04/28/2013
Series: Diana Rivers Mysteries Collection , #1
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 363,633
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The Diana Rivers Mysteries - Volume One - Boxed Set of 3 Murder Mystery Suspense Novels (The Diana Rivers Mysteries Collection, #1) 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great value for 3 excellent murder mystery books
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Hard to rate as this is a 3 book series. Book 1 just drags on forever until close to the end, when it picks up and becomes interesting. Books 2 and 3 are pretty good and I enjoyed them, but I'm not sure if I'll buy any more from this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Faith River is no ordinary girl. She has 'strange abilities'. The fist time she knew she was diffrent, she was about to go to school. She got up, got dressed, ate breakfast, brushed her teeth and then went for her bacpack. She reached down to grab it, but she couldn't. Her had went straight through. She tried and tried to grab the straps and everything, getting more freaked out then before. Afraid to try it one more time, she went and told her mother. "Don't be silly, Faith." Her mom had said. "It's only your imagination." <br> "I can prove it!" Faith argued. But when they got to her room and Faith grabbed the strap, it didn't go through. At first, a look of amusement passed through her mothers' face, but then,the problems got more and more dangerous. Once, when Faith was 10, she was walking across the street when a huge 18 wheeler was barreling her way. Frozen to the spot, Faith couldn't move. Before it hit, she put her hand out in front of her face and closed her eyes, bracing herself. The truck honked and got inches from her hand. Only, it didn't go any farther. When Faith opened her eyes, she almost fainted. There, in front of her face, was the truck... floating. Of course, a few inches off the ground, but still floating! Faith lowered her hand to her side and the truck crashed to the ground. Faith found her footing again and raced all the way home. "Mom! Gess what?" She had said. "I just made a truck float in mid-air!" Her mother, who was sitting in the living room, just nodded, not paying any attention. "Mom!" Having finally got her mothers attention, she told the whole thing to her mom. "Faith Aarline River!" Her mother's concered voice had said it all. Faith never should have told.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ima make a character application. Kk? Name: Rooney. Lea Rooney. *James Bond music plays* Gender: oh, she's a guy. How dumb are u? Pers. Full of herself. However, shes very popular, which makes her even fuller of herself. Honestly, shes a cocky donkey, if u know what i mean. Not very nice. Bossy. Puts people down. Need i say more? Desc: light blonde shoulder length hair. Her eyes r pretty close together, and she has a Snape nose, if u know what i mean. Not particularly pretty. Gray blue eyes. Powers: can control fire and can make things apperlar out of thin air. Yeah. That's about it. Other: bad guy in story, of that place hasn't already been filled. Faith's archenemy. Fire and ice&hellip;see how it all goes down.