The Diary of Fluffy

The Diary of Fluffy

by Sally Connors

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BN ID: 2940153847832
Publisher: Sally Connors
Publication date: 11/11/2016
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 538 KB
Age Range: 5 - 11 Years

About the Author

Sally Connors is an actor and playwright living in Brooklyn, NY. She has written 3 one acts that have all been produced and has been published in 3 Line Poetry Issue #39. Her love for cats is unlimited.

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The Diary of Fluffy 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Kharizma More than 1 year ago
The diary of fluffy: Funny, whimsical and sounds like cats I have owned. They are possessive and demanding. Loved the human’s name “Two Legs.” Fluffy’s disposition at the lack of food and the new arrival is too cute. His decision to allow petting is hilarious. I wonder do all cats think this way about their human “friends.” Can’t call them owners because tall, furless, animals never, ever own cats as this story shows. The idea of Two Legs bringing home Whippersnapper, how could she. Fluffy is the king and needs no upstarts to mess with his reign. Love this section, “You may have hypnotized Two Legs but not me. Two Legs are hard to understand. Small equals cute. The smaller you are, the cuter they perceive you. Does that make any sense to you? Me either.” The art work is comical, cute and endearing. Just look at Fluffy’s thoughts about wrestling. “He fights dirty,” Fluffy says he must investigate this. This is a funny story and will make anyone who has had a cat (notice I didn’t say own) will find funny and true. Is that how they think of us to be tolerated? Probably. Who else will give food, water and clean their litter box. This is the story of the proud majestic and magnificent Fluffy teaching Whippersnapper how to navigate the world of Two Legs. Read it and laugh but never forget CATS RULE.
jennilouhoo More than 1 year ago
I loved "The Diary of Fluffy!" It was so cute and a really fun read, even as an adult. Fluffy reminded me of my own cat, Jim. The pictures were so cute. I had a good time reading about the world from a cat's perspective and I enjoyed Fluffy's story. I can see parents and their children both having a good time together reading this story at bed time. Great, fun read!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Fantastic Book, Love This Story This is one of the best picture books I've read.I really enjoyed "The Diary of Fluffy" because I could really connect with the book.Sally Connors did an amazing job with this story.This book is enjoyable.The beautiful pencil illustrations by Jose L. Cruz.This picture book touches on so many themes.It's amazing.This is a story about the life of a cat—from the cat’s perspective.I love this story.Such a beautiful and powerful story.The story read pretty realistically.I thought this book was easy to read.The language is simple enough to be understood by even very young listeners.This is a great realistic book that can be ready to children between all ages. I like this book because it has a great storyline to it and looking at the colorful illustrations. It was a very easy story to relate to, and I feel it will be beneficial to children of all ages.
james321 More than 1 year ago
A book for both the kid and the adult First of all, the illustrations are to die for! Breathtaking!! The author has written as Mr. Fluffy and that makes this book even more addictive and interactive. The language used is very simple and therefore very comprehensible especially to young readers. And just like the older people love animations, this book is definitely is a catch for them as they will love it, just like a love it. The great thing is that now a kid and his parent can read the book together. I also enjoyed how short and precise the book is, it is a book that is very suitable for children because they have very short concentration spans. As a matter of fact, I read the book in two sections and you cannot begin to imagine how curious my baby boy was left. Page 5 was definitely a favorite my kid loved the illustrated cat on that page he has actually been sketching that.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is funny. I think adults will be seriously entertained by Fluffy's sardonic, righteous inner voice. She's all cat. Self absorbed. Cold. Patient. What I'm not sure about it how much of this book will resonate with young kids. The language is different than expected for a picture book (the typical concise, short sentences filled with action). I wanted to give a readers an example of the language. Is it bad? No. Is it different? For sure. "For lo she maketh the light to come and banish the darkness. She maketh the food to appear in the beloved bowl and clean water to replace the cloudy stuff after we drink and little bits of food fall in it. And she cleaneth the Big Sandy Box so necessary for proper hygiene."
LouisJXN More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful book with some of the most amazing illustrations imaginable. The contrast of the colors between Fluffy and Whippersanpper was really amazing from an artistic perspective. I really liked how the white shade of Fluffy worked with the bright orange of Whippersnapper. I loved the story and how Fluffy adapted to the presence of a younger kitten in the house. This is all around a fun and well illustrated book about two cats and their two legged human.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed hearing from Fluffy. As a cat owner it really tickled me. Hope there are more Fluffy diary entries coming soon.
Mike_Schwartz More than 1 year ago
Who is this lovely little book for? Well, for grandparents of kids with cats, parents of kids with cats, cat-owners, cat-lovers, cat-likers, people who are acquainted with cats, people who have heard of cats... in short, it's for everybody who appreciates a warm and witty story that can be read and reread on your own or with your favorite young person. Highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a great idea! The Diary of Fluffy is written from the perspective of a cat—an adult cat. The beautiful pencil illustrations by Jose L. Cruz depict the story and provide the cuteness. His drawings will solicit a lot of “ah” moments from the readers of The Diary of Fluffy. Author Sally Connors has created a wonderful, imaginative story about the life of a cat—from the cat’s perspective. Fluffy the cat enjoys being stroked by the “furless paw”, but she especially loves the ear rubbing and chin scratching. When her food bowl is empty, there is nothing more gratifying than the sound of chow being poured into her dish. I smiled when I read the journal entry when Two Legs, the human comes home: “Ah, the key in the door. Two Legs enters and a look of utter joy comes upon her face when she sees me. I do not blame her.” Fluffy isn’t really happy when Two Legs—that’s how the cat refers to a human—brings home a kitten. In the beginning, Fluffy doesn’t welcome the young whippersnapper, alias kitten. They don’t need another animal in the house. But, as a few days go by, I think the adult cat starts to warm up to the idea of having a companion. Author Sally Connors is very imaginative as she writes about what the cat may be feeling and how Fluffy would describe a human. At times, the author is very humorous in referring to humans as “two legs” and “furless skin and round ears.”
Tabitha Darling More than 1 year ago
My Review of The Diary of Fluffy by Sally Connors Read by Tabitha Darling April 14 2017 Darn charming, cute illustrations and great prose. Very much captures the way a cat surely sees both humans and the newest addition to the house.