The Digital Turn in Architecture 1992-2010: AD Reader

The Digital Turn in Architecture 1992-2010: AD Reader

by Mario Carpo


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The Digital Turn in Architecture 1992-2010: AD Reader by Mario Carpo

Now almost 20 years old, the digital turn in architecture hasalready gone through several stages and phases. ArchitecturalDesign (AD) has captured them all – from foldingto cyberspace, nonlinearity and hypersurfaces, from versioning toscripting, emergence, information modelling and parametricism. Ithas recorded and interpreted the spirit of the times with vividdocumentary precision, fostering and often anticipating crucialarchitectural and theoretical developments. This anthology ofAD’s most salient articles is chronologically andthematically arranged to provide a complete historical timeline ofthe recent rise to pre-eminence of computer-based design andproduction. Mario Carpo provides an astute overview of the recenthistory of digital design in his comprehensive introductory essayand in his leaders to each original text. A much needed pedagogicaland research tool for students and scholars, this synopsis alsorelates the present state of digitality in architecture to thehistory and theory of its recent development and trends, and raisesissues of crucial importance for the contemporary practice of thedesign professions. 

  • A comprehensive anthology on digital architecture edited by oneof its most eminent scholars in this field, Mario Carpo.
  • Includes seminal texts by Bernard Cache, Peter Eisenman, JohnFrazer, Charles Jencks, Greg Lynn, Achim Menges and PatrikSchumacher.
  • Features key works by FOA, Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid, Ali Rahim,Lars Spuybroek/NOX, Kas Oosterhuis and SHoP.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781119951742
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 12/25/2012
Series: AD Reader Series
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.60(w) x 9.50(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Mario Carpo teaches architectural history and theory at theSchool of Architecture of Paris-La Villette, at the GeorgiaInstitute of Technology and at the Yale School of Architecture. Hisresearch and publications focus on the relationship betweenarchitectural theory, cultural history and the history ofinformation technology. Among his publications are theaward-winning Architecture in the Age of Printing (2001),monographs on Sebastiano Serlio and Leon Battista Alberti, andThe Alphabet and the Algorithm (2011),a history and critiqueof digital design theory. Carpo’s writings are also publishedinternationally in journals and architectural magazines.

Table of Contents

Introduction 8

Twenty Years of Digital Design

Architecture After the Age of Printing (1992) 15

Visions Unfolding: Architecture in the Age of ElectronicMedia AD September–October 1992
Peter Eisenman

The Affects of Singularity ADNovember–December 1992
Peter Eisenman

Folding in Architecture (1993) 28

Architectural Curvilinearity: The Folded, the Pliant and theSupple AD March–April 1993
Greg Lynn

Shoei Yoh, Prefectura Gymnasium AD March–April1993
Greg Lynn

The Architectural Relevance of Cyberspace (1995) 48

The Architectural Relevance of Cyberspace ADNovember–December 1995
John Frazer

Architectural Experiments AD November–December1995
John Frazer

The Digital and the Global (1996) 57

Yokohama International Port Terminal AD July–August1996

Foreign Office Architects

Field Conditions (1997) 62

From Object to Field AD May–June 1997
Stan Allen 

Nonlinear Architecture (1997) 80

Nonlinear Architecture. New Science = New Architecture?AD September–October 1997
Charles Jencks

Landform Architecture. Emergent in the Nineties ADSeptember–October 1997
Charles Jencks

Hypersurfaces (1998) 108

Motor Geometry AD May–June 1998
Lars Spuybroek

Salt Water Live, Behaviour of the Salt Water Pavilion ADMay–June 1998
Kas Oosterhuis

Embryologic Houses© (2000) 124

Embryologic Houses© AD May–June 2000
Greg Lynn

Versioning (2002) 131

Introduction to Versioning. Evolutionary Techniques inArchitecture AD September–October 2002

SHoP/Sharples Holden Pasquarelli

Eroding the Barriers AD September–October 2002

SHoP/Sharples Holden Pasquarelli

Topological Architecture (1998-2003) 146

Bernard Cache/Objectile, Topological Architecture and theAmbiguous Sign AD May–June 1998
Stephen Perrella

Philibert De L’Orme Pavilion: Towards an AssociativeArchitecture AD March–April 2003
Bernard Cache

Morphogenesis and the Mathematics of Emergence (2004-2006)158

Introduction to Emergence: Morphogenetic DesignStrategies AD May–June 2004
Michael Hensel, Achim Menges and Michael Weinstock

Polymorphism AD March–April 2006
Achim Menges

Scripting (2006) 182

20 Years of Scripted Space AD July–August2006
Malcolm McCullough

Collective Intelligence (2006) 188

Introduction to Collective Intelligence in Design ADSeptember–October 2006
Christopher Hight and Chris Perry

Computational Intelligence: The Grid as a Post-HumanNetwork AD September–October 2006
Philippe Morel

Elegance (2007) 208

The Economies of Elegance. Migrating Coastlines: ResidentialTower, Dubai AD January–February 2007
Ali Rahim and Hina Jamelle

Deus ex Machina: From Semiology to the Elegance ofAesthetics AD January–February 2007
Mark Foster Gage

Building Information Modelling (2009) 226

Optimisation Stories: The Impact of BuildingInformation

Modelling on Contemporary Design Practice ADMarch–April 2009
Richard Garber

A New Global Style (2009) 240

Parametricism: A New Global Style for Architecture and UrbanDesign AD July–August 2009
Patrik Schumacher


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