The Dionysus Years

The Dionysus Years

by The Humpers


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The Dionysus Years

Dionysus Records (through their Hell Yeah! division) presents this 10" vinyl document, compiling two early Humpers singles and a pair of unreleased recordings circa 1992. Rockers familiar with the band's vicious Heartbreakers meets Pagans attack won't find any surprises here; this approach was clearly the intention from the very beginning, and a few of these tracks equal the arrogant, drunken ferocity of their best work. Some of frontman Scott Drake's clever/snotty wordplay is in effect already, and "Insect Liberation" is a highlight, an eccentric civil rights anthem for bugs ("Don't tread on me!"). Like any Humpers release, however, there's a fairly equal ratio of dead spots to classics, so expect a few unremarkable genre exercises alongside the inspired stuff. The cheap, thin sound will irritate audiophiles, but fans of the Humpers and similar balls-out rock-punk bands aren't likely to care. They'll hear the speedy urgency of a new band getting their sound down on tape, razor-burn raw riffs and a cocksure attitude. The Dionysus Years jacket design nicely approximates the grime and mold of an aged, unprotected record sleeve, appropriate enough for the sleazy, damaged goods within.

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Release Date: 04/05/1996
Label: Hell Yeah Records
UPC: 0053477003425
catalogNumber: 34

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