The Dirty Little Secret: Uncovering the Truth Behind Porn

The Dirty Little Secret: Uncovering the Truth Behind Porn

by Carter Krummrich (With), Craig Gross
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The Dirty Little Secret: Uncovering the Truth Behind Porn 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Psychoword More than 1 year ago
Craig Gross's book, "The Dirty Little Secret", is a Godsend, literally and figuratively speaking, for any who are at a point to understand that they have a problem with pornography. I read this book from two different aspects, and want to discuss the book from both aspects. The first aspect is from a Christian who has had issues with pornography in the past. The second aspect is from a high school youth group leader looking to discuss the topic of pornography next year during one of the meetings. Having once had an issue with pornography, the subject matter in this book cut deep with me. Gross writes about the harm of the porn industry in a matter-of-fact way, which cuts through all the stereotypes of the industry and its workers and shows how horrible the world on the inside can be. Don't get me wrong, this book is very one-sided and focuses on the worst case scenarios to emphasize Gross's point. However, this book is meant to be focused at those who know, at least to some degree, that they have a problem with porn. For such a person, this is the dousing of cold water that these people need to understand that, even when it seems like there are no victims, there are. Gross pushes you right into the middle of the porn industry without making you "get down and dirty" with the subject matter. The other reason I bought this book was to see how much information I could get for my church's high school youth group, who will be talking about this subject at some point next year. This book talks about pornography in a way that helps growing Christians, as well as those who are seeking something better, to understand that there is nothing good about pornography. Do I think that this book will change a 14-year-old's perspective on porn? No. But do I think it will, at least, make him think twice before the next time he looks porn up on his computer? Yes. This is the key. I recommend this book to other high school youth group leaders for their groups as well. Gross is right about one thing...nobody wants to talk about porn. We just push it under the rug and try to ignore it. Bringing it into the light exposes porn for what it is...sinful. Gross talks about Porn Sunday, and even though I don't think my church would go quite to the extend of having a Porn Sunday, I think our youth group needs to talk about it. Overall, I really appreciated what Gross was trying to do in this book. The book was a very fast read, the individual stories were powerful, and the moral was more than clear. I recommend this book to all Christians, to help get the word out, instead of hiding it like we all want to do. I also recommend this book to anyone who has ever felt the allure of porn, and wants to get away from it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is great for reading inside a box, a spectacular book for every 'Christian' who feels that God bequeathed to America the moral responsibility to erect walls around one frightfully heteronormative set of sexual and social prescriptions. Privileging a simply unreal masculine sexuality that subordinates women quite as well as the worst ¿pornography,¿ Craig Gross, despite what I presume are his best intentions, has written a book that will teach your church¿s youth group that sex is little more than the devil¿s gateway, AIDS, and HPV. Women who don¿t subscribe to Gross¿s rigid sexual mores are dismissed as those of the ¿feminist bent,¿ and men are rewarded with the affirmation that they still hold the keys to what is right and wrong in the bedroom. The mere fact that the author fails to qualify and differentiate between ¿porn¿ and ¿erotica¿ suggests that a work like this is nothing short of scholastically and socially irresponsible. Written to the ¿lost¿ and the ¿diseased,¿ this reading of sex and American culture offers nothing but stigma. Perhaps Gross might feel inspired by his ministry to write a sequel with a little more research - one with a carefully considered deployment of hazardous terminology, one that looks at real sex problems like the trafficking of sex workers and the hegemony of abstinence-only education in schools and churches. Please read this book with a grain of salt, and please don¿t let this book inform your child¿s ideas on sex.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Pastor Craig Gross follows in the footsteps of Jesus to rescue the lost souls of the sex industry and those addicted to its product. He went to porn conventions and developed friendships with pornographers and came back with this book. I recommend it. He's careful with his facts and clear with his values. I know most of the porn people Craig writes about. He's captured them and their dilemmas accurately. This is a rare book that examines the effects of porn on the soul (and on the lives of real porn stars and consumers) and it offers a way for people to be born again. Luke Ford
Guest More than 1 year ago
The strength of Dirty Little Secret is the moving behind-the-scenes stories it contains, many tragic and others ultimately triumphant. It strips the glamour away and perfectly captures the horror that the porn industry inflicts on its own. For example, I'll never forget the mental image of a porn 'actress' curled up in the fetal position, sucking her thumb in anguish at the end of a video shoot. This book is a must read for anyone interested in the porn industry and also for everyone concerned about the sexualization of our society.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I had no idea that the problem with porn was so huge. I got an advance release of this book and it will blow your mind. The greatest part of the book is that Craig is not making this stuff up, these are all true accounts of what he has seen and the people that he has met. I don't care if you struggle with porn or not, this book is a must for anyone living in the year 2006.