The Discipleship Dare: Living Dangerously for God

The Discipleship Dare: Living Dangerously for God

by Kalos Books



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ISBN-13: 9780615323725
Publisher: Kalos Books, LLC
Publication date: 09/15/2009

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CBG_TCSHR More than 1 year ago
With one word Jesus can change a life, and for 12 Jewish men in 1st century Judea the word "Come" would forever change their lives. These men were not well known and perhaps had never even traveled outside of their own towns. Twelve young men who had not only been told about the coming Messiah, but men who had seen first hand the Power of the Roman Empire, men who longed for the day that God would send the promised Messiah to free them once and for all. They did not know that God would be handling this one Himself. Today God is still calling men and women to follow Him. After hearing the call then what? This is where "The Discipleship Dare" comes in. Pastor Jess' book teaches us to live out our faith within the parameters of our community. Disciples are called to make a commitment to not just KNOWING what the teacher knows; instead they are to BECOME what their teachers are. Disciples in the 1st century lived with their teachers, ate with their teachers, and shared their hurts and victories with their teachers. Are you spending time with the Teacher? This 40-day journey will strengthen you faith and stir your heart as you begin to see Jesus for who He really is, Lord and Savior. I personally recommend this book for those who are new in the faith as well as a refresher for more mature believers. Make a commitment to follow Christ today, COME ON I DARE YOU! Visit for more details.