The Discipline Coach: If you're thinking discipline is keeping them in check, sorting them out, showing them what's good for them, because it's for their own good, because it's what the youth of today are so sorely lacking . . . you've got the wrong book!

The Discipline Coach: If you're thinking discipline is keeping them in check, sorting them out, showing them what's good for them, because it's for their own good, because it's what the youth of today are so sorely lacking . . . you've got the wrong book!



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The Discipline Coach: If you're thinking discipline is keeping them in check, sorting them out, showing them what's good for them, because it's for their own good, because it's what the youth of today are so sorely lacking . . . you've got the wrong book! by Jim Roberson

“Jim is an inspiration to all that he comes into contact with. I have witnessed him apply many of the concepts he writes about and seen the impact these words have on young people … Jim really is a legend.”
Nicola Murphy, Primary School Teacher

It’s not what you do to young people, but what they do for themselves!

With all the talk these days about discipline and young people, this game-changing book from Jim Roberson comes at things from a totally different angle. Discipline for Jim is not something you do to others or even something you do to yourself. It is something you do for yourself. His practical yet powerful philosophy is drawn from many years working with young people in the UK both in and out of school, as well as from his own powerful story: growing up in New York, becoming a successful American football player and getting himself a college education against the odds. The Discipline Coach is a book that is as powerful as it is inspiring. It will transform the way you approach even the most challenging of young people to help them succeed.

“The book should be used by social workers, counselors, teachers and others that are concerned about changing the negative attitudes of adolescents and giving them a positive way of thinking for the future.”
Lula Linder, MSW, LSW, Founder and Executive Director, Ad House Inc

“Jim provides a sensible and non-traditional approach to helping young people understand what they need to know for achieving in life … Jim’s method of managing discipline has given me a new approach to reaching my student athletes, to achieve team and individual goals on and off the field.”
Calvin Whitfield, Head Coach Varsity Football, Jamaica High School, Queens, NY

“If you are a teacher and want to see a difference in your learners, read this book. Coach Roberson writes with laser-like accuracy, getting straight to the point of what it takes to inspire young people to reach their potential. … There are pearls of wisdom in this book for teachers, coaches and even parents, all presented in an easy to read, easy to understand and truly enjoyable book.”
Charles M. Henderson, MD, Henderson, Harper & Associates, ELeadership Training & Executive Coaching

“I have had plaudits from both young people and parents as to the difference Jim has made to their perception of themselves and what they can strive to achieve in their futures.”
Jeff Ballard, Youth Justice Worker

Jim Roberson is an independent education consultant and works with parents, teachers and students.

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ISBN-13: 9781781350058
Publisher: Crown House Publishing
Publication date: 01/01/2013
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 7.10(w) x 8.70(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Jim Roberson was the first Africa American to play sport for Bronxville High School. He was a high school football coach for Tuckahoe NY and is former American football player. He has been working on the Disciplined Approach for over 20 years as a teacher, trainer, coach and parent. He is a speaker and Associate of Independent Thinking.

Ian Gilbert is one of the UK's leading educational innovators, speakers and writers with twenty years experience working with young people and educationalists around the world. He is the founder of Independent Thinking Ltd, the editor of the Independent Thinking Press and the author of a number of titles including Why Do I Need a Teacher When I've Got Google?. His book The Little Book of Thunks won the first education book award from the Society of Authors for 'an outstanding example of traditionally published non-fiction that enhances teaching and learning'.

Read an Excerpt

Foreword written by Ian Gilbert from The Discipline Coach by Jim Roberson:

How often do you start sentences – or hear others start sentences – with the
words ‘Not my …’? Sentences like, not my fault, not my problem, not my
responsibility, not my job …?

And how often do you look around and wish things were different?

I realised way back in my first ever ‘proper’ job that there were two sorts
of people in the world of work. There were DDMs and DMDs. DDMS were
the Don’t Do: Moans. They didn’t like what was going on but they never did
anything about it. Apart from moaning. In my third ever ‘proper’ job I soon
discovered that this is what staffrooms were for.

DMDs didn’t like it either but, rather than sitting around berating the world and all who lived in it for not being good enough, they found ways of getting on
and making it better. Making it different. Making a difference. These were life’s Don’t Moan: Dos. These are very special people and should be cherished.

Making a difference, however, is hard work. It means nipping all those ‘Not
my …’ sentences in the bud. It’s not about what isn’t my fault, problem,
responsibility or job, but all about doing everything I need to in order to bring
the world kicking and screaming in line with all that it can be. It means not
sitting around making myself feel good because I am surrounded by others
who have the same complaints, mitherings, whinges and excuses I have. It
means applying myself to making myself better each day in order to make
things better each day.

And that takes discipline.

Jim Roberson has discipline. He is an enigma. He is a force of nature. He
is, in the words of so many of the young people whose lives he has helped
transform, a ‘f@*#%ing legend’! And he is very much the sort of person who,
as his fellow Americans like to say, ‘walks the talk’.

I have known Jim for many years now, ever since we first met when I was
doing an INSET session at the school where he was based, a school in one
of the rougher parts of Portsmouth on England’s south coast. At this school,
Jim was ‘The Discipline Coach’. Not in a ‘Do your work or we’ll send for Mr
Roberson and he’ll sort you out!’ sort of way. Quite the opposite. Discipline
isn’t something, in Jim’s world, we do to others. Disciplining someone just
teaches them that they didn’t work hard enough at not getting caught. That it’s
OK to be naughty until someone stops you and if no one stops you then just
carry on. That the reason you haven’t got that nice pair of trainers is because
life is crap. And the reason for that is everyone else.

Jim’s approach, rather, is not about what we do to others but what we do for
ourselves. Over the years, I have seen Jim transform the lives of many, many
young people, whether it’s helping them focus on doing better in their studies,
staying on the straight and narrow at school, playing that sport that much better, getting out of crime, contributing more as a member of the family, as a member of a community, getting a job, aiming higher, going further. He has helped turn around the lives of so many people and at the core of this is his philosophy of discipline. It is this philosophy that we have tried to distil into this book. And do it in a way that captures Jim’s spirit, his voice and his relentless energy. To do this we have had to create a very special sort of book. Different from all the other ‘books for teachers’ that fill the shelves, often unread. It’s not a ‘How to’ book or a ‘Top Ten Tips’ guide for busy teachers. It’s actually a philosophy book with an autobiography wrapped up inside it for good measure.

What we want is for you to read it and enjoy it. And that in doing so, it will give you the reassurance to be even better at what you do. That it will offer you new insights to bring to bear on the young people whose lives you can touch. That it will help you see how much more we can all do for those young people. And that the biggest thing we can do for them is to remind them how much they can do for themselves. If they have the discipline to do so.
Ian Gilbert, Craig-Cefn-Parc, July 2012

Table of Contents

Thinking it Through
Discipline Action Plan
The Theatre of Dreams
It Takes Energy to Commit
The Art – To Make Others Feel Good
Start with an Ethos
It’s a State of Mind Thing
Driving Change
Exploiting Opportunity
The Discipline Coach
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