The Discipline of Cressida: Unconventional Marriages, Book Four

The Discipline of Cressida: Unconventional Marriages, Book Four

by Victoria Winters

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The Discipline of Cressida: Unconventional Marriages, Book Four by Victoria Winters

Lady Cressida Wessex is a Victorian noblewoman sheltered in every sense of the word. Given to bouts of depression and a tendency to speak her mind without thought or reservation, she has been kept in the nursery well beyond her childhood by a father determined to protect her.

The dashing Lord Kenwood is both a widower and a family friend. When Cressida’s aunt, Vivienne, suggests that spending time at his sprawling estate may prepare her for a transition to adult life.

But as it becomes apparent that Cressida is not cut out for an independent, grown-up existence, Lord Kenwood realizes that he is drawn to her just the way she is. His children are grown, and as a strict father he still sees to the discipline. The notion of a beautiful young wife who will submit to spankings, birchings and other corrections is an appealing one. And when he is not around to see to her, her very strict governess is more than willing to tend to her naughty bottom.

Fans of Victorian erotica will no doubt thrill to this book, which while a standalone in its own right is a prequel to Victoria Winters’ Pleasing Her: Peter In The Nursery, in the Unconventional Marriages series.

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The Discipline of Cressida: Unconventional Marriages, Book Four 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book. Poor Cressdia who was treated as a child her whole life is told by her father she will always be kept in the nursery. Thanks to a Lord who has been a lifetime family friend,he falls in love with her and decides he loves her and wants to marry her. Even tho Cressy has bouts of severe depression from time to time, he loves her and gives her the best life she can handle. He is kind and loving and he will be a strict papa when needed. Very good book...I was not disappointed I purchased this book. Then next book in this series however, I was disappointed with.
Charlie1972 More than 1 year ago
I love this excellent age play book. It is filled with love and caring parents and their young girls. It especially  shows loving care of ones that do not mature at the same rate as others. Cressida was shown an adult life. It The book has a nice ending and I like the idea of more to come.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Cressida is a young woman of high society and yet her delicate nature and her father’s desires have kept her restricted to her nursery all of her life. Expecting that to change on the day of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is never going to be offered a proper debut into society. Concerned with her lapses of melancholy and her need to be coddled, her father, while allowing a very few changes in her life, accepts the offer of his lifelong friend, Lord Reginald Kenwood, offer to host a Christmas ball to give the young woman an introduction. Arriving at Drample Palace, a huge estate that takes her breath away, Cressy is stunned to discover that unlike her father who leaves the necessity of discipline to her nanny, Lord Kenwood is the only one to dispense justice on his estates. She also learns that she will not reside in any guestroom but continue to be cared for in her nursery, along with several nursery maids and her own, ever efficient Nanny. Despite being turned across his lordship’s knees or bent over a desk for a birching, Cressida’s dreams of her future begin to change. She recognizes that she is not like Lord Kenwood’s daughter, Regina, who is also very strong and dominant, she relishes being coddled and cherished. Their love grows and she begins to hope that she might have a future after one – one where she becomes Lady Reginald Kenwood, mistress of the palace.
MarybethR More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story that is in the Unconventional Marriages series.  This is the story of Cressida and Reginald, who we met in Pleasing Her: Peter in the Nursery. You don’t need to have read Pleasing Her, because this is a prequel.  But, it does help you understand the dynamics going on.  Cressida has been kept a child all her life because she tends towards bouts of depression and she has never learned to listen to that inner voice that tells you to stop speaking.  Her father is determined to keep her a child, but Lord Reginald feels that she deserves a chance at a life. So, Cressida comes to Lord Reginald’s house and she finds that the rules there are even stricter than they were at home.  But, she finds that she comes to care for Lord Reginald and he comes to care for her.  It is very detailed and Cressida gets a lot of punishment. I give this 5 stars.
_SH More than 1 year ago
Wow, such a great story! I appreciate a well written Victorian age play story and this was perfect. I hope we will see these characters again because I would have enjoyed more of their story after their marriage as well. Nicely done!
Redrabbitt More than 1 year ago
CRESSIDA WAS ALL THE CHILD HE WOULD NEED This is a Victorian age-play story that is a continuation of the Unconventional Marriages series. This series does not have to be read in order. We find out how Lady Cressida Wessex and Lord Reginald Kenwood come to fall in love and prepare for marriage.  Cressida's father has kept her as a small child, and she is informed that even thought she just turned 18 years of age, that is not to change.  His health is failing and he sends Cressida and her Nanny Epiphany to Lord Kenwood's for several months and gives him permission to attend to her correction. This story is how Cressida learns to submit to Reginald and his discipline while falling in love with each other.  This is an age-play story, multiple issues of  domestic discipline, anal play, enemas, childish dresses as an older gentlemen becomes the husband-papa to his child bride.