The Disneyland Book of Lists

The Disneyland Book of Lists

by Chris Strodder


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ISBN-13: 9781595800817
Publisher: Santa Monica Press
Publication date: 04/14/2015
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 391,558
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Chris Strodder is the author of The Disneyland® Encyclopedia , which was named a “Best Reference Book” by Library Journal . His other works include the pop culture compendiums The Encyclopedia of Sixties Cool and Swingin’ Chicks of the ’60s . Strodder has also written the children’s book A Sky for Henry , the adventure story for young adults Lockerboy , the comic novel The Wish Book , the Stories Light and Dark collection of short fiction, and articles for various periodicals, including Los Angeles and California magazines. Strodder first visited Disneyland® in 1966 and has been collecting Disneyland® souvenirs and ephemera ever since. He lives in the green hills of Mill Valley, California.

Table of Contents

Waltland: The Man and His Park
30 Walt Disney Quotes About Disneyland
A Dozen Sites Walt Disney Considered Before Building Disneyland
7 Reasons Why Walt Disney Chose Anaheim as the Site for Disneyland
10 Pieces of Advice Walt Disney Ignored Before Opening Disneyland
10 Other Projects Walt Disney Was Working on While Planning and Building Disneyland
2 Dozen Reminders of Walt Disney in Disneyland
Let’s Get Small: 17 Examples of Walt Disney’s Love of Miniatures
13 of Walt Disney’s Disneyland Favorites

History: Here You Leave Today and Enter the World of Yesterday
30 Quotes About Disneyland from Prominent Sources
A Dozen Details in Herb Ryman’s Drawing of Disneyland That Didn’t Make It Into the Park
A Dozen Dilemmas on “Black Sunday”
Lonnie Burr’s Opening Day Mousekememories
Disneyland’s Opening Day Attractions
111 Disneyland Debuts After Opening Day
Attraction Debuts by Month
A Dozen Key Years for New Lands and Attractions
A Dozen Attractions and Exhibits That Permanently Closed Within 1 Year of Debuting
The Dozen Oldest Attractions to Be Retired
Gone/Not Gone: A Dozen Locations That Closed “Permanently” But Later Returned
13 Never-Built Areas and Attractions
33 Remaining Signs and Structures from Disneyland’s Past
The New Tomorrowland of 1967
A Dozen Changes to Make Way for the New Tomorrowland of 1967
The New Tomorrowland of 1998
7 Changes to Make Way for the New Tomorrowland of 1998
The New Fantasyland of 1983
The Disney Decade That Never Arrived
15 Disneyland Percentages
50 Disneyland Acronyms and Initials
A Snapshot of Disneyland’s Opening Year (1955)
Then and Now at Disneyland
Local Population Growth Since Disneyland’s Opening
25 Significant Events That Also Occurred in Disneyland’s Opening Year (1955)
16 60th Anniversaries in the Walt Disney Company
11 Tributes to Disneyland
15 Historic Disneyland Firsts
11 Historic Disneyland Lasts
A Dozen World Records Set at Disneyland
10 Other Amusement Park Debuts
Bob Gurr’s 10 Most Memorable Events at Disneyland

Geography: Around the Park in 29 Lists
Distances from Disneyland to Other Disney Parks
Distances from Disneyland to Other Prominent Locations
7 Thoroughfares Around Disneyland
18 Thoroughfares Inside Disneyland
19 Sections of the Old Disneyland Parking Lot
Disneyland’s Original 160 Acres in a Dozen Prominent Locations
A Dozen Prominent Locations That Would Fit in Disneyland’s Original 160 Acres
Disneyland Measured in Football Fields
8 Attractions and Lands Beyond the Berm
8 Ways to Look Outside the Berm from Inside the Park
Counting the Steps of 36 Disneyland Stairways
The 16 Tallest Structures in Disneyland History
Disneyland’s Hills
7 Trains and Their Approximate Track Lengths
A Dozen Distinctive Sights from the Disneyland Railroad
9 Relocations Within Disneyland
11 Serene Disneyland Hideaways
2 Dozen Disneyland Locations with Cemeteries, Skulls, and Skeletons
A Dozen Dazzling Disneyland Views
A Dozen Disneyland Night Sights
17 Facts About Disneyland’s Flowers and Trees
The Geography of Disneyland’s Trash Cans
19 Real People Whose Names Were Used for Disneyland Locations
35 Disneyland Locations with Names of Real Places
11 Disneyland Locations Named After Royalty
3 Disneyland Locations Named After Songs
A Dozen Disneyland Locations with Magical or Supernatural Names
14 Disneyland Locations and Events Named After Mickey Mouse
15 Disneyland Maps

Attractions: Rides, Glides, Zooms, and Flumes
A Dozen Disneyland Attractions Commonly Shortened to One Word
19 Disneyland Attractions with the Longest Names
14 Imports from Walt Disney World
10 Disneyland Attractions Not Found at Walt Disney World
10 Disneyland Attractions Not Based on Films or Books
8 Attractions That Were Dramatically Different in the Planning Stages
Approximate Ride Times of Disneyland Attractions
A Dozen Disneyland Attractions with Relatively Short Wait-Times
You Must Be at Least 40” Tall to Read This List: Height Requirements for 9 Disneyland Attractions
Approximate Speeds of 15 Disneyland Attractions
Disneyland’s Watercraft
The Names of the 8 Canal Boats of the World
The Names of the 15 Storybook Land Canal Boats
14 Miniature Scenes Viewed from the Storybook Land Canal Boats
The Evolving Names of Disneyland’s 8 Submarines
Names of the 14 Jungle Cruise Boats
Names of the 12 Astro-Jets
Names of the 7 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad Trains
Names of 11 Birds in the Enchanted Tiki Room
A Dozen “Dark Ride” Vehicles
15 Unique Horses on the King Arthur Carrousel
A Dozen Geographic Locations Represented in It’s a Small World
A Dozen Views from the PeopleMover
The 4 Theatrical Scenes on the Carousel of Progress
15 Exciting Scenes Inside the Indiana Jones Adventure
8 Opportunities to Shoot Guns at Disneyland
13 Heart-Thumping Moments in Disneyland’s Attractions
10 Factors That Make Tom Sawyer Island So Wonderfully Unique
A Half-Dozen Questions About Pirates of the Caribbean
A Dozen Awesome Audio-Animatronics Characters
A Dozen Great Updates of Already-Existing Attractions
8 Surprising Scenes at Disneyland
A Dozen Innovative Disneyland Attractions
Ranking Disneyland’s Thrill Rides
10 Disneyland Attractions That We Wish Were Longer
18 Secrets in the Haunted Mansion
A Dozen Quotes from the Haunted Mansion
A Dozen Quotes from Pirates of the Caribbean
10 Classic Jokes from the Mine Train
30 Classic Jokes from the Jungle Cruise
10 Announcements and Inside Jokes from Star Tours
A Dozen Quotes from Other Disneyland Attractions
5 Incongruities on Disneyland’s Attractions
11 Disneyland Attractions with Excellent Endings
A Half-Dozen Ways to Experience Disneyland’s Attractions

Disneyland By Design
Ray Bradbury’s Summary of Key Disneyland Design Features
7 Double-Sided Structures in Disneyland
14 Hidden Mickeys in Disneyland
15 Cool Queues at Disneyland
23 Castles in Disneyland
21 Businesses in Rainbow Ridge
21 Locations with Authentic Antiques
25 Morbid Gags in the Haunted Mansion’s Outdoor Cemetery
12 Tombstones in the Tom Sawyer Island Cemetery
The Evolution of Tom Sawyer Island’s Burning Cabin
Burning Down the Mouse: 13 Daily Fires in the Park
A Mouse’s Natural Predator: 14 Owls Throughout Disneyland
18 Disneyland Sound Effects Heard in Specific Locations
Please Do Touch: 19 Touchable Objects That Generate Unexpected Actions and/or Sound Effects
Laying Down the Law: 15 Examples of “Police Presence” in Disneyland
22 Books in City Hall’s Bookcase
31 Books on Mr. Toad’s Shelves
11 Books and Magazines in Minnie’s House
Minnie’s Shopping List
13 License Plates in Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin
7 Fantasyland Attractions Topped with Charming Spires and Weathervanes
15 Fine Fountains in Disneyland
A Dozen Delightful Drinking Fountains in Disneyland
16 Splendid Disneyland Restrooms
4 Wise Disneyland Machines
10 Foreign Languages Used as Design Elements
2 Dozen Outdoor Murals in Disneyland
7 Pirate Murals Inside Pirates of the Caribbean
11 Plaques in Disneyland
“I’m Late! I’m Late!” 2 Dozen Disneyland Clocks That Tell the Wrong Time
2 Dozen Disneyland Clocks that Tell the Right Time
2 Dozen Displays of Alluring Women in Disneyland
Drink Up Me Hearties, Yo Ho: 16 Liquor Sightings in Disneyland
Rolly Crump’s 5 Toughest Assignments

Shops and Restaurants: You Can Buy! You Can Buy! You Can Buy!
A Dozen Attractions That Lead Guests to a Similarly Themed Store
Ooh La La: 14 New Orleans Square Establishments with French Names
15 Unique But Extinct Disneyland Shops
A Dozen Shops with Actual Artists at Work
22 Disneyland Shops and Their Most Expensive Items
8 Reasons Why Main Street’s Emporium Is Disneyland’s Best Store
A Dozen Stores and Eateries with Puns and Jokes in Their Names
Disneyland’s Bars, Inns, Taverns, and Saloons
A Dozen Iconic Disneyland Dishes and Sides
A Dozen Iconic Disneyland Desserts, Snacks, Candies, and Beverages
11 Mechanical Grinders in Disneyland’s Popcorn Machines

Attendance, Tickets, and Operations: The Business of Fun
20 Disneyland Attendance Milestones
Disneyland’s Busiest Weeks of the Year
Disneyland’s Least-Crowded Weeks of the Year
Ticketed Attractions, 1955–1982
Adult Admission Prices Since 1982
30 Years of Annual Passports
Original Investors in Disneyland, Inc.
22 Sponsors of Multiple Locations Within Disneyland
23 Official Products of Disneyland
25 Marketing Campaigns
Jack Lindquist Describes 5 Disneyland Promotions
11 Disneyland Giveaways from the Past
Estimated Costs of 40 Disneyland Projects

The Guest List
80 Celebrity Visitors Between 1955 and the 1980s
133 Celebrity Visitors Since January 2011
15 Presidential Politicians Who Visited Disneyland
7 Historic Moments for Disneyland’s Visitors
Annie Fox Explains 5 Ways to Teach Kids to Be Good People at Disneyland
Adult Action: 8 Ways Disneyland Has Tried to Attract Adults
Teen Scene: 10 Ways Disneyland Has Tried to Attract Teenagers
10 Disneyland “Extras” Guests Can Request
10 Free Celebratory Buttons Guests Can Get at City Hall
15 Affectionate Quotes About Disneyland’s Guests

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