The Diversity Hoax: Law Students Report from Berkeley

The Diversity Hoax: Law Students Report from Berkeley



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ISBN-13: 9780966994001
Publisher: Foundation for Academic Standards & Tradition
Publication date: 04/20/1999
Pages: 194
Product dimensions: 5.53(w) x 8.48(h) x 0.48(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction - Marc Berley

Part One: The History

The History - David Wienir
The Question

Part Two: The Voices

Chapter One: The Idea of Diversity

Losing the King's Peace - Richard MacBride
The Great Buzzword - Anthony Patel
Boalt is No Exception - Anonymous

Chapter Two: The Lack of Dialogue

The Unprofitable Monopoly - Heather McCormick
The Usuals - Anne Hawkins
A Call for Respect - Jim Culp

Chapter Three: The Muddled Goals of Diversity

We all Belong Here - Isabelle Quinn
Vanishing Diversity - Daryl Singhi
Minority Views Are in the Majority - Jennifer Wood

Chapter Four: Cuffed By The Thought-Police

Of Vandals and Cowards - Catharine Bailey
News from the Ladies' Room - Megan Elizabeth Murray
We're All Losers - Randall Lewis
What Ever Happened to John Stuart Mill - Nick-Anthony Buford
Two Jews, a Cuban, and an Indian: A True Story - David Wienir

Chapter Five: An Institutionalized Problem?

Disorientation Day - Jeff Bishop
An Institutional Problem - Richard Kevin Welsh
    Part One: The Prevailing Dogma
    Part Two: Update, August 10, 1998
Boalt's Incentive Programs - Anonymous

Chapter Six: The Dissent: "It's Your Problem"

Stop All the Whining - Lesley R. Knapp
Quibbles about the Margins - Joshua Rider

Chapter Seven: Reflections on Affirmative Action

Reflections on Proposition 209 - Darcy Edmonds
Not on Campus, Of Course - Megan Elizabeth Murray
    Part One: No SpecialHandshake
    Part Two: The Affirmative Action Article
Behind the Tattered Curtain of Racial Preferences - Brian D. Wyatt

Chapter Eight: The Double Standard

Raw Hypocrisy - Jason Beutler
Please, Remain Silent - Naomi Harlin

Chapter Nine: Attempts at Good Humor

Almost Nonfiction - Anonymous
Constipation of the Brainium - Grant Peters, M.D

Chapter Ten: The End of the Individual?

Truly Anonymous - Anonymous

Part Three: The Future

The Future - David Wienir and Marc Berley
Afterword - Dennis Prager

A. California Civil Rights Initiative
B. Information about FAST
C. The Federalist Society Statement of Purpose
D. Memorandum from Dean Herma Hill Kay (April 3, 1998)

About the Editors

What People are Saying About This

David Horowitz

A frightening look at how the left wing thought-police have invaded one of America's most prestigious law schools.

Shelby Steele

This fascinating and powerful collection of thoughtful young voices is eye-opening even to those versed in the machinations of diversity in higher education. It is a book of experiences more than abstractions, and it opens us to the inner lives of those usually too young and too busy to speak for themselves. I was disturbed and yet also moved as I read the stories of people so young already fighting so hard for their integrity. No one can read this book without admiration for its writers and horror at the situation they find themselves in. There is no other book like it.

Dennis Prager

David Wienir, Marc Berley, and the contributors to The Diversity Hoax are profiles in courage.

Harvey A. Silverglate

David Wienir and Marc Berley are to be congratulated both for their principles and this illuminating book. They believe in true diversity of ideas, including those that disagree with the main premise of this extraordinary collection. An indispensable follow-up to The Shadow University, The Diversity Hoax bears moral witness to a scandal of immense proportions: freedom of speech and conscience are being trampled at American college and university campuses. Bravo for an essential job well done! --Co-author (with Alan Charles Kors) of The Shadow University: The Betrayal of Liberty on America's Campuses.

Edwin Meese

The Diversity Hoax is required reading for anyone concerned about legal education in America. These intriguing essays show how the illiberal orthodoxy of "political correctness" is stifling debate at an institution that should be an open marketplace of ideas. By describing the problem so clearly and candidly, this excellent book may be the beginning of its resolution.

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