The Diviner's Handbook: Writings on Ancient and Modern Divination Practices

The Diviner's Handbook: Writings on Ancient and Modern Divination Practices

by Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Robert Scott (Editor)


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Sticks and Stones and Animal Bones
Birds and Cards and Far-away Stars

Welcome to The Diviner's Handbook, a collection of essays, prayers, artwork, and poetry which deals with both ancient and modern divination practices, techniques, systems, and beliefs.

This is not the typical how-to manual, however. There are plenty of books like that already. This is not a how to read the signs and work the system book, but rather a how to be a diviner book. It is a collection of prayers to guide you, poems to inspire you, warnings to remind you of your responsibilities, and meditations on the art by those who practice it. With work drawing upon techniques as varied as augury, bone casting, cartomancy, ogam, and runelore, there is something here for nearly every practitioner.

Divination has ancient roots, but is very much alive in modern times. It is our hope that The Diviner's Handbook will become a trusted companion to you in all of your oracular work. And may that work be insightful, inspirational, and full of hope.

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