The DNA of Democracy

The DNA of Democracy

by Richard C. Lyons

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An American poet writes a compilation of historical vignettes, discerning the future of our democracy by rediscovering the combative, instructive, fascinating past of tyranny and democracy. 
Just as DNA is interwoven in every aspect of the human body, tyranny and democracy have their historically distinctive DNA that have shaped our democracy today. From Israel’s Ten Commandments, to the Athenian Constitution, to Rome’s Twelve Tables, to the overthrow of kings in England and America, Lyons traces democracy from its historical roots to the modern day, constructing a blueprint of what defines tyranny or democratic government in The DNA of Democracy. 
In this definitive guide, Richard C. Lyons documents the struggle for power between tyrants and heroes across time and place. Chronicling the acts of tyrants which are expressive of tyranny’s DNA, and the rebellions of heroes and the forms of law which are democracy’s DNA—Lyons outlines the roots of democracies, by telling the tales of tyrants who ironically gave them birth—
births of rebellion!  
This book serves as a how to contemporary guide on identifying the menace of a tyrant when you see one!

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Table of Contents

Introduction 1


The Classical Era: Democracy's beginnings

Democracy's Beginnings





The British Isles: Medieval Thru Restoration

Medieval Western Europe 

The British Isles 

Building a Tyranny 

By Divine Right 

The Lords of the Hour 

America: Building a Democracy 

Building A Democracy 

Original Powers in America 

The Arch Of America 

Governance Grown from the Ground 

The Colonial Noose 

A Revolution of Fire 


The Hero who Would Not be a Tyrant 

A New Order for the Ages 

Exiles of their Own Design 


The Price of Compromise

The Price of Compromise 

The Hero of a Host of Heroes 

Twins in Opposition 

A War Without End 

The Descent of the Furies 

In the End 


A Power that was Always Theirs 


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