The Door Is Open

The Door Is Open

by Larry Gerald


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ISBN-13: 9781425919245
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/28/2006
Pages: 120
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.40(d)

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The Door Is Open

By Larry Gerald AuthorHouse Copyright © 2006 Larry Gerald
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4259-1924-5

Chapter One Enter

This book is a visual and poetic saga with images from Big Sur, Point Reyes, and other places on the Pacific Coast, images from the boundary of our world, beautiful moments captured.

An ecstatic being on the journey into a beautiful moment, awakening to the call of the mystery, traveling into the timeless realms of existence, arriving on a beautiful shore, celebrating in a joining of hearts, meeting the "inner" lover, greeting the muse, the ecstatic man expands into the bliss light and beyond.

Enter into the land of mystery, magic and beauty and be forever transformed.

Markers in Time Pivotal moments, With doorways opening to a vast awareness, Today the door is open. I dance in its wondrous light. In the glory of being, Letting it flow, Letting the words flow, I dance with the beauty light. Through the ocean of vast, In one love, Hearts meet in ecstatic celebration. With hearts pounding, Drums pounding, The soul of the universe shines so much beauty. This is an exquisite moment of sublime beauty. All beauty exists in this moment. A moment is a gateway to all existence and love. Be connected to the moment.

Into the World

A soul being carried me into this world, She brought beauty's light into my presence, She disappeared into the mist. Her presence is still felt in this world, In the high snowy mountain passes, In the fields of wildflowers, In the distant cosmos, In my heart, In the forever realms, Her presence is felt.

Free Again

Love is home. Light of beauty, Illumination, The illuminated soul is free once again. Soaring in the forever light. Opening the heart of matter Heart of all beings, The comos twinkles, A star burns a little brighter.

The Door is Open

the crystal ice. The stars shine down. Galaxies are everywhere. Deep joy, The moon begins to dance with the earth, Flame is burning, Love is flowing, Life is in the midst of emerging.

Ecstatic Man

The ecstatic man wanders the world. His heart is pure bliss, pure joy, and so much laughter. For him the whole universe is a beautiful garden. Father time bows to him. Storms calm in his presence. Oceans part in front of him. He never notices. He walks the path, yet he created the path. An ocean walk turns into a dance. All nature embraces him. Birds sing for him. Whales create a beautiful harmony. Butterflies color the skies. He travels deep into the heart of beauty!

Star Being

The stars were his stepping stones. Everywhere he moved, He moved in ecstatic celebration. Crossing great mountains, Crossing the heavens, I emerged from soul's journey into the brilliant world, World without limits, World beyond the heavens, A world lit by a million suns.

The Traveler

The traveler rests not, Each footstep he silently moves across the great space, Across oceans, Deep into the heart of the sun, In the birthplace of the stars, He finds his birth, Each breath takes him into uncharted regions, Earth breath, The traveler is lost in amazement, Another step, he reaches into new worlds, For him there are unlimited horizons, unimaginable ecstasy. On a journey of infinite portions, With each pulse of time, He lives forever in the eternity of the worlds.

Endless Journey

Feeling the present, What is past and future slips into the mist. Beyond the horizon, In the present, there is immense beauty and love, Stringing moments of the present into an ecstatic necklace Endless treasures of the forever, Like an endless series of waterfalls cascading into the next, Are the moments stretching into eternity! Open your hearts eyes.


Swimming in the endless current of subtle beauty, I cherish each moment. In the ocean dance, I dance with the beautiful beings, Looking into the vastness of each, In reverence, I bow. Tunneling deep into the heart of matter, I find only light.

Before Time

Before the beginning of time, the universe, the rocks. Before the time of earth, There was the soul. The soul manifests everything in the universe and beyond. The soul's magnificence expands beyond an infinite number of universes. The soul is much more. The soul is beyond the cycle of being born, living and dying. The soul lives in all the worlds, and is the greatest treasure of all. In silence, and in the presence, I wept tears of joy. Those tears fill all the oceans of all the worlds.


In the timeless world, All existed without form, An ocean of bliss, Sparks of awareness, Searching for what was beyond. Visions of beauty, Timeless, The eternity of now, Slowly imagination and trust were born into a world without form. No up and no down, no past, no future The heart was born. There was a burst of pure joy and excitement. Where all expanded into beauty, trust, and form. Time was born. The timeless ocean of bliss exists in each moment.

Sweetness of Being

Before form, Before substance- The sweetness of soul existed. Living in beauty, I am embraced by spirit. Floating in a world of bliss love; I live in pure magic. Transcended by the grace, My heart is expanding. Spiraling, spinning deeper into the mystery beyond the universe. Bringing possibility into form, I am kissed by the soft winds of grace. A world was being colored in the hue. A resonance from the forever rains on the land. Love grows more; Hearts are united. The seeds of the truth have been planted. Wisdom is born. Love's child is here. The warm winds of grace fill all the hearts of the world; Quickening with the existence of being, The ocean begins to fill with tears of joy. This ocean of infinite being I cross. My vessel moves swiftly across the wondrous beauty. I cross the land of supreme, unlimited beauty. All was light, All was love.

Space Between

In the space between the words, In the space between the thoughts, In the space between the stars, In the space between knowing and unknowing, In the space between the worlds; All answers are found. Hearts are filled. Great treasures are found.


of possibility finding deep passion on the other side. With passion for the infinite glory, I saw the world in radiant color.

My Craft

In my craft, I was silently lifted out of earth's grasp. I soared into the mystery. My only bag was love, and the passion for the mystery. Stretching into the infinite uncharted universes, The bow of my craft cut into the waters of the immortal bliss Beyond where angels dance, My craft carried me.

Heart Flame

Many doorways to many lives all happening now. Time and space are crossed; Everything collapses into nothing. From your being, from your conscious self, You can build worlds, stars. You make the maps. Do not read the maps. Do not follow the trails. You are the path. Where do we go from here? To the heart flame. All else is of no importance. To the heart flame!

Worlds Beyond

Slightly beyond the earth Is the world of the heart. Possibilities are unlimited, Treasures are many. A land where my heart dwells, This is my home. Across the ocean, A land, Today I set sail. On the deck of the vessel, Spiraling in ecstasy, I dance, When I see land, I see only love.

Presence of I

Through the worlds, Witness of unfolding grace In a universe that is always changing, The Presence prevails within the soul. I drop into the Love Universe. I float in the ocean of pure essence.

My Dear

The road ahead is full of mystery, Throughout this life, We barely know the depths of the mystery.

We look at the great ocean, we see the surface, Under the surface is a very great depth.

So it is for us, A very great depth of love, Embracing all, Love without end or beginning.


Primordial vibration of creation, I beat the heart drum. Sound connects all. immense love, beauty, and trust. Suddenly, the sky opened into dazzling clouds, moon, sun, and comets. Clouds were fluffy, violet sparkling. The air was brilliant, alive. Each breath took us beyond our beliefs. We were drunk in happiness with faces shining. The feeling of joy was emerging. Each thought was like a drop, which exploded into new views. Pure intent was the ingredient, the spice. Our hearts were dancing. Hearts filled in the Crystal Rivers of timeless joy. Hearts bathed in pure kindness.

My Day

The time has come; My day has arrived. All welcome! Embrace this moment. Words of great beauty spring forth. Ecstatic joy abounds. The great journey across the endless ocean begins. The stars embrace me.

Ocean Lover

Walking a trail towards the ocean, Everywhere wildlife: Hawks are watching, rabbits hiding in their holes. A feast so ancient is here Elk have scarred the hills. A creek runs below full of gold nuggets. Arriving at the beach, surf pounding, My heart is bursting. My lover greets my heart. We dance! Flowers of many colors are in the beautiful garden. Each flower calls my heart with the fragrance of heaven. My beloved appears smiling.

Heart Full

My heart is full from the bliss ocean. Waves meeting the sand, So gentle, yet so overwhelming. Seeing into the forever, I am at the place where earth meets heaven. My lover greets me on a wide plain of flowers. Dropping into a deep trance, Deep in the earth, We walk together. Soaring into the heavens, Carried into the timeless realms, Spiraling into distant cosmos, My being knows no limit as I dance with my lover over and over.

Sweet Embrace

Opening to the warm embrace of the morning, Being filled with ecstatic wild never ending grace. Forever in the rhythmic dance, I felt the soft kind embrace of the cosmos. I felt my heart, my being open. I moved into the realm of truth. Evolving into a being of pure love, I climbed to the stars and beyond. Finding treasures of great portion, I bowed to being. Floating in a sea of dreams where angles swim, I thought of journey's beginning. So long ago, I found myself timeless in the huge beauty light.

My Lover

We meet in the secret grove throughout time. We embrace. In ecstatic joy and bliss, we dance. Wild we are! The world disappears and another appears, I want to embrace you. You sing a harmonic melody. My heart melts.

A Heart Being

Giver of words Bright star, Radiant eyes Who are you? I am the ocean. I am existence. I am the ocean of the breath. I am from all the worlds. I am unimaginable. I fly in immense magnificence. I am the sunset. I exist in the dreams.

A Moment

In a moment, I am between all that is and was. In the valley of the most beautiful, that stretches beyond. Soaring in the sweet calm presence, High on the Snow covered mountains that stretch forever. I look toward the horizon and see no end.

Infinite Possibility

Moving onto a light filled vista, I embraced the infinite possibility. Beyond time and space, I was carried into the mighty time river.


Wildly, I ecstatically offer my being and my heart. Burning hot in the divine flame, From every pore of my being, From the deepest heart, Flame seared the unreal. Moving the darkness into light, Doubt into wisdom, My eyes open to the world of truth. Crystal structures, Towering into vast heavens beyond imagination, Soaring in a field of bliss, Crossing the vast ocean, The world dancer lives.

Totally Embraced

I was present in the company; I was present in the laughter. I was part of the group. I belonged. I was loved. I saw the magic in the others. I felt the heart chant, The rituals of the tribe, So long I have longed for connection. I learned of the magnificence of the human spirit.

Dancing with Sublime Beauty

Deep in the heart of love, I travel. Boundless realms of unyielding beauty, Hearts bursting full of joy, Hearts singing, Soaring high, Beyond minds eye, Soaring into the love universe, Wings stretched wide across the world, I am caressed by the infinite beauty.

Heart Drum

Igniting the heart flame Pounding the heart drum, Pouring our passion and fervor onto the world, We dance. Drumming faster, and faster, Beauty uplifts all. We dance to the rhythm of the One.

The Muse

Words from divine source at my doorstep, A love affair between me and my muse embraces all. Wild love, untamed, unlimited, Deep in me, I feel the breath of love. I bid greetings to my muse. Together we hold the pen and turn the pages of the book A book that has no beginning and no end! Words flow from the brilliant ocean of pure grace and bliss. Ecstatic love, a crazy dance, We dance across the time, space, and the heavens. Many lovers, yet the one within always present. With heart connections to all, I feel the sweet embrace of a friend.


Excerpted from The Door Is Open by Larry Gerald Copyright © 2006 by Larry Gerald. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Guest More than 1 year ago
Please be still and listen to the words showing the now and one mans commune with the Universe. This is an awesome experience to be shared with all. please enjoy