The Door That No Man Can Shut

The Door That No Man Can Shut

by Roger Thomas



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The Door That No Man Can Shut by Roger Thomas

The manuscript is written as a testimony. It is a testimony of an interaction with God. The testimony gives warning of judgment to come, warning to make your election sure. It speaks of one sent by God, specifically speaking to this generation. The testimony speaks of one tested by God and the reason for testing; God testifying as a second witness. The second witness verifies one who has been sent.

Roger Thomas, a servant of Christ for over 30 years. God's interaction in Roger's life has caused him to draw nearer the Word of God to search for its meaning. He speaks of his personal testimony as "a door that no man can shut." In the beginning his testimony seemed obscure in meaning to him; very difficult to understand. But because of God's interaction during his Christian walk with the Lord, he has taken a more serious look at it. Why was God drawing near him? Why was God testing allegiance with him? He has sought answers through the years and now believes he can speak of it. His experiences in his Christian walk with the Lord have given him a desire to testify of them. His hope is to cause others to examine their own life, to draw nearer to Christ and to sense by drawing near; his soon coming.

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ISBN-13: 9781604775334
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication date: 01/30/2008
Pages: 140
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Guest More than 1 year ago
The testimony is making known what was not known - what each generation is told to watch for. It is not about one sharing his testimony. It is about God verifying his testimony. One sent by God to warn a generation of up-coming judgment would also be His sign to the watchful. The testimony of being sent by God would require a second witness - the proclamation requires the testimony or verification of the one who sends.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Roger Thomas is a spokesman for God, a chosen vessel called to share a testimony of an interaction with God. ¿The Door That No Man Can Shut¿ is for this generation. It is a warning of judgment to come at the end of the Church age. As a young man Roger deserted the faith of his mother and pursued pleasure in worldly, sinful ways. However, he continued to attempt to communicate with God. Battling a demonic force Roger felt the grip Satan¿s hold on his life. As God began to take control Roger moved to faith and obedience as he appropriated the salvation provided through Jesus. As a result of this step of faith Roger Thomas has now served the Lord in ministry, for over 30 years. He has searched the Bible for meaning and understanding and continues to share his testimony of ¿A Door That No Man Can Shut.¿ The call and purpose on his life is to help those who are deceived about their true spiritual condition, to help them move from confusion to living a life of faith. Roger¿s writing is Biblically sound and Holy Spirit anointed. I felt I was in the very presences of our Lord as I read of Roger¿s interaction with the Savior. As I considered the thoughts Roger shared on the compassion of Christ and God¿s ordained purpose for my life I was moved to a new sense of worship, and a new call to share the gospel message with others. Roger writes with clarity, conviction, and calling. His is a message of the ¿fire of refinement,¿ testing, and perseverance. His is a challenge to the reader to be receptive to the will of God and to open ¿The Door That No Man Can Shut.¿