The Doors that God Opens: How Resilience and Determination led to a Doctorate

The Doors that God Opens: How Resilience and Determination led to a Doctorate

by Dr. Elizabeth Small


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The Doors that God Opens tells the story of a woman, who from at birth displayed resilience, strength, and determination.

However, she didn't do it by herself, even though she didn't know it yet, God was truly her compass and guide. She had the unconditional love not only from God but from her mother along with the faith and prayers of her grandmother enabling her to learn, develop, and apply these traits to overcome so many obstacles and adversities. Despite being abused as a baby, getting pregnant at 16, and losing her best friend, Dr. Small didn't let that become her story. She used her the support system, on earth and in heaven and gave her life to Christ and let God guide her life. She also used her resilience, strength, and determination with all the lessons she learned along the way from her family, the military, and more to open the doors that God had for her and truly live the life that God planned for her bringing her to places that she couldn't even dream of as a child. No matter where or how you start if you can use resilience, strength, determination, and most importantly God, then there is no limit to where you can go....

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ISBN-13: 9781525537776
Publisher: FriesenPress
Publication date: 03/19/2019
Pages: 138
Sales rank: 621,263
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About the Author

Dr. Elizabeth Small was born in Jersey City, New Jersey. After graduating high school, she joined the United States Army Reserve and returned to active duty and served her country for 25 years. Dr. Elizabeth Small received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration from Columbia College, a Master of Divinity from Wesley Theological Seminary, another Masters in Education from McDaniel College, and a Doctorate of Education from Argosy, University. After serving her country, Dr. Elizabeth Small then pursued teaching and began to teach elementary school. Dr. Elizabeth Small is the wife of Kenneth Small for 34 years. She has two children Kawana Moore and Kenneth Small Jr., as well as eight grandchildren....

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