The Dove in Downward Flight

The Dove in Downward Flight

by Roseanne Farano


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ISBN-13: 9781571742582
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 03/28/2002
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.60(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Roseanne Farano, M.S., Ed.S., received degrees in counseling and personnel services from the State University of New York at Albany and holds certifications in hypnotherapy, energy healing and organizational development. Formerly a college professor and corporate executive for a major financial institution, Farano has maintained a private psychotherapy practice for more than twenty years. A past dean of the acclaimed Barbara Brennan School of Healing, she is a widely renowned inspirational speaker and teacher on the subjects of psychodynamics, interpersonal relationships, power of personal development, and the human energy field. She has a unique way of leading people into self-revelation by exposing our predilection to seek answers from external sources rather than recognize that the ascent to heaven is inward. Farano lives on the banks of the Hudson River near New York City.

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Why won't God meet me where I stand? Could it be because I refuse to believe God is already here?

Guided, if not pursued, by these questions, the first thing I attempt with patients is to meet them exactly where they are, in whatever pain or illusion. I want them to know that somebody understands how they feel. In being met in this way, in companionship and intimacy, illusion effortlessly falls away. That is communion, that is God coming through. It is physical, it is holy, and it is the result of simply being with someone exactly the way they are without expecting them to change. To be certain, I do not bring God into other people's lives; it is the act of being met where we are that enables us to let God in. Nothing more or less....

The ascent to heaven is inward. The Dove in Downward Flight is the symbol of that communion, a reminder that the prayer itself is the answer.

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Carly Simon

Roseanne Farano has written a widely appealing, personal account of her experiences healing children. Her gift inspires the goodness and health-giving force that lies within each of us to be enlivened. singer-songwriter and author

Barbara Brennan

Roseanne Farano has the gift of speaking deep spiritual truths in plain, simple, easy-to-understand language. No fancy frills, just the plain honest-to-God truth. Goes right in where it's needed! Just read The Dove Downward Flight, and you'll know what i mean! author of Hands of Light

Nancy Privett

When we want to be moved by great music, we listen to a symphony. When we want to participate in making the music, we study with a master. And when we want to encounter the hauntingly powerful aria of our own heart, we immerse ourselves in the harmonious mosaic of Roseanne Farano's The Dove in Downward Flight. author of Stepping into the Aquarian Age and the Sacred Blueprint

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