The Down Goes Brown History of the NHL: The World's Most Beautiful Sport, the World's Most Ridiculous League

The Down Goes Brown History of the NHL: The World's Most Beautiful Sport, the World's Most Ridiculous League

by Sean McIndoe


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ISBN-13: 9780735273894
Publisher: Random House of Canada, Limited
Publication date: 10/30/2018
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 46,734
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

SEAN McINDOE has appeared as featured columnist for Sportsnet, VICE Sports and Grantland. With his sense of humour, strong opinions and in-depth knowledge of the game's history, he has built one of the web's biggest hockey-writing readerships and produces new content virtually every weekday while making regular appearances on radio and co-hosting a weekly podcast called Biscuits (with Dave Lozo of VICE Sports), now in its second season. He maintains a large and loyal social media following, one that led Sports Illustrated to name him one of the 100 best Twitter follows in sports.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

1 In the Beginning 3

Strange But True: Rules Are Rules 13

2 The Forgotten Teams 15

Strange But True: The Best Team to Ever Miss the Playoffs 20

3 The Dawn of the Original Six 23

Strange But True: The Original … Seven? 29

4 Hockey's First Superstars 31

Strange But True: Broadway Bullies 39

5 The Cup Heads North 41

Strange But True: Superstar for Sale 47

6 Expansion Arrives 50

Strange But True: Earmuff It for Me 58

7 Here We Grow Again 60

Strange But True: The Wheel 67

8 That '70s Show 70

Strange But True: The August Draft 78

9 The High-Flying '80s 80

Strange But True: The Blues Take a Pass 88

10 Bad Blood 91

Strange But True: Spin the bottle 98

11 The European Invasion 100

Strange But True: The Greatest Japanese Player Who Never Was 105

12 The Trade 107

Strange But True: The Biggest Trade Proposal Ever Made 114

13 Expanding Horizons 116

Strange But True: Draft Dodgers 122

14 The Hall of Presidents 125

Strange But True: Referee Your Own Stinking Game 133

15 A Tale of Three Centres 135

Strange But True: O Captain, My Captain 144

16 The Greatest Season Ever 146

Strange But True: That's Using Your Head 156

17 The Dead Puck Era 158

Strange But True: Esposito's Smudge 168

18 The Last Great Rivalry 170

Strange But True: How Hollywood Saved the Avalanche 178

19 International Incidents 181

Strange But True: The Case of the Disappearing Canada Cup 189

20 Southern Comfort 191

Strange But True: When Compensation Goes Bad 197

21 A History of Violence 199

Strange But True: From the Canoe to the Boxing Ring 211

22 The League of the Lockout 213

Strange But True: The NHL's Only Strike 223

23 Getting Creative 225

Strange But True: The Forgotten Outdoor Games 233

24 The Parity Era 235

Strange But True: The Case of the Missing Cup 242

25 The Future 244

Acknowledgements 251

Index 253

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