The Dragon's Need

The Dragon's Need

by Jessie Donovan

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Tired of overprotective dragon-shifters, Gabriela Santos decides she wants to lose her virginity to a human male via the Tahoe area dragon lottery. After years of trying, she's finally selected as one of the participants. Of the hundreds of humans who want to be with her, it's the male staring at the ceiling who catches her eye. And after a bit of honesty and insight into why he's there, she picks him. However, soon one kiss changes her future forever.

Only to try and forget his cheating ex-wife does Ryan Ford agree to enter the dragon lottery. He has no expectations of the dragonwoman walking the aisles to pick him. However, when his mind wanders and he stares lost in thought, the dragon lady calls him out on it and refreshes him with her straightforward manner and wit. Add in the instant spark between them, and Ryan agrees to sleep with her to try to give her a baby. But then one kiss brings out her inner dragon, and Ryan quickly learns that he's her true mate and has to accept a frenzy or try running away.

As the pair come to terms with their fate, they soon start falling for one another. But when someone targets Ryan, will he survive and find a way for them to be together? Or will he have to leave both Gabriela and his unborn child to stay alive?

NOTE: This is a quick, steamy standalone story about fated mates and sexy dragon-shifters near Lake Tahoe in the USA. You don't have to read all my other dragon books to enjoy this one!

Product Details

BN ID: 2940162739746
Publisher: Mythical Lake Press, LLC
Publication date: 03/26/2020
Series: Tahoe Dragon Mates , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 290
File size: 363 KB

About the Author

Jessie Donovan has sold over half a million books, has given away hundreds of thousands more to readers for free, and has even hit the NY Times and USA Today bestseller lists. She is best known for her dragon-shifter series, but also writes about magic users, aliens, and even has a crazy romantic comedy series set in Scotland. When not reading a book, attempting to tame her yard, or traipsing around some foreign country on a shoestring, she can often be found interacting with her readers on Facebook. She lives near Seattle, where, yes, it rains a lot but it also makes everything green.

Customer Reviews

The Dragon's Need 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
NookwormTA 1 days ago
Love, romance, danger, betrayal, laughter and happily ever after...can't wait for more books!
AvidReader200 2 days ago
This was a sexy, on the edge of your seat, love at first sight kind of story. Gabriela and Ryan fall fast and hard after their first kiss which signals they are true mates. Before they can solidify their feelings for each other, there are some in her dragon clan who have different ideas about humans and pose a threat to the happy couple. They must fight to stay strong for each other and their future. This is a fast paced novella that you won't want to put down. Can’t wait see what happens in the books to come. I received an ARC of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.
JessieLC 2 days ago
The Dragon Need: Tahoe Dragon Mates Book #2 Jessie Donovan Gabriela Santos, “Gaby” female dragon-shifter, 24 years old, fights forest fires for a living and she has a secret! The reason she’s here is her brother Jose found his true mate just a month ago. But not everyone on Pine Rock is happy about that. Jose’s mate is a human. Its seems someone doesn’t think that should be allowed! Ryan Ford, 36, human male, was sitting in the gallery thinking what am I doing here? I’m a jaded, divorcee with trust issues and only here because my sister thinks I need to move on! But Ryan had a secret too! Where is here? It’s the Lake Tahoe Dragon Lottery! Begun as a way for the clans to find mates and keep dragon shifters from becoming extinct, it recently changed when all unmated dragon siblings had to apply for any to be selected for the lottery. That’s how Gaby got here. She finally cajoled Jose to apply and WHAM they were both selected! It was lust at first connection. Both knew the end result was hopefully a baby. But the attraction was off the wall. Gaby was trying to get away from domineering, overprotective alpha males who had one thing on their mind. Females needed to be subservient and protected at all costs. She all but melted when Ryan admitted anyone who though of her as a “cut of meat” “doesn’t deserve you”. Ryan and his honesty at answering Gaby’s questions was the first bait, but his last answer set the hook. Now at first, I alluded to a couple of secrets that both Gaby and Ryan have. Well you need to read the story to find out what they are. And while you’re finding out, see who was trying to keep humans from mating with shifters, who was behind the attacks. And it won’t hurt to start off with the first book, The Dragon Choice. That one begins the whole Lake Tahoe series. You might see some connections between the 2 books! I was given an ARC but the Review is all mine and freely given.
cherigCG 3 days ago
Gaby & Ryan Instead of human women volunteering to have dragon shifter babies, one lottery in Tahoe allows human men to volunteer to be fathers to dragon shifters. Gaby hopes a human male will give her a baby without all of the over-kill protection she gets from her male-dominated family. The chances of finding a true mate this way are too high. Or are they? Ryan wasn't actually looking for a relationship. Still, he promised his little sister he would. He had good reason not to trust human females. Could a dragon shifter be different? While a shorter story, it is filled with love, humor, danger, and characters I loved from the beginning. Ryan may not be born with the same strength as a dragon shifter but his loyalty, charm, and love are dragon-strong. She is amazing as well with the same traits. They both have surprises coming as does the reader. The author has given we fans another dragon clan to fall for and I have for sure. Don't miss the Tahoe Dragon stories.