The Dreamstone

The Dreamstone


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ISBN-13: 9781939993229
Publisher: Lost Treasure Publishing & Illustrating
Publication date: 12/02/2013
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.88(d)

About the Author

Mikey Brooks is a small child masquerading as an adult. On occasion you'll catch him dancing the funky chicken, singing like a banshee, and pretending to have never grown up. He is the author/illustrator of several books including the best-selling ABC Adventures: Magical Creatures and Bean's Dragons as well as the middle-grade fantasy-adventure The Dream Keeper. His art can be seen in many forms from picture books to full room murals. He loves to daydream with his two daughters and explore the worlds that only the imagination of children can create. Mikey has a BS degree in English from Utah State University and works fulltime as a freelance illustrator. He is also one of the hosts of the Authors' Think Tank Podcast. You can find more about him and his books at:

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The Dreamstone 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
HollyKelly More than 1 year ago
At the begging of my two children (ages 5 and 8), I read this book to them immediately after reading them Dream Keeper. This series is a new favorite in our family. My kids love it, as do I. Mikey's imagination is so vivid and fresh. My kids were hooked from the start. I loved the fact that I didn't have to fight them about going to bed. All I had to say was I'm going to their room to read Dream Stone and they'd come running! My eight-year-old especially loves these books. If you ask him who is favorite author is, he'll answer with no hesitation. It's Mikey Brooks!!! :-) Thank you Mikey, for another winning book!!
FayKl More than 1 year ago
Frankly, this book is amazing. How on earth does anyone have an imagination that can conjure up this kind of story, with its complex characters and relationships? Not me. Never. But, wow, how captivating and compelling. I got a lot of great background messages from this script. In some ways those messages reminded me of “Star Wars.” They teach without preaching. They “show” with the action of words. I listened to it on Audible. I’m a visual person, though, so I think I would enjoy the printed book even more. But don’t misunderstand me. The narration was done extremely well. The only warning to the reader I would mention is to note this book does not end. It is book two of a series and not one that has a conclusion of its own.
sbookwyrm More than 1 year ago
With each book the author releases, his writing quality gets better and better! I've read all of his middle grade books, and I thought Mikey Brooks really hit his stride with this one! All the characters are solid, with real problems they’re struggling to overcome, like Parker’s anger at his estranged dad. Through the course of events, he learns how to begin the forgiveness process. I love it when a character grows and becomes a better person by the end of a book, and I found myself cheering for Parker and Kaelyn as they made the difficult choice to stand up for what’s right, pitting themselves against the more popular crowd at school. Moreover, their friendship continued to grow and develop in this novel, and I can’t wait to see where they’ll go from here.
Jaclyn_W More than 1 year ago
 I loved the first two books in this series. They're fun, fast-paced, and take you into the world of dreams. I love the uniqueness of the dream world. While the Mares are something I could do without, I would love to have the power to dream anything I wanted. The second book is intense from start to finish as Parker must fight to save his mom. He has great friends to help him out. I would recommend this to any middle-grade child but I think anyone would enjoy it, regardless of age. I can't wait for book three!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
What a ride have I had with The Dreamstone by Mikey Brooks. Mikey relates a fast paced fantasy story full of many characters to please the hardest kids out there. With pirates, fairies, dream keepers, dragons, zombies, worms Centaurs, ogre and more, they will keep you reading to the last page. I believe everyone will find something in every turn of the pages. It has battles with the most interesting enemies you can imagine and many turns and twists. In book two of the Dream Keeper Chronicles, Parker and Kaelyn’s new adventure is to face Mab who has dreamnapped Parker’s mom. Now he needs to rescue her and go home so things can get back to normal. The problem is that everything in dreamland is broken, burned or not working. The inhabitants have too much to do and there is not half as many people as they need to get everything in top shape. Even Gladamyr has lost his powers and you know what that means…The worst is that no one knows where Mab is as she changes her residence often. How can you find someone that moves all the time? This is far out good and entertaining. It will become a pre-teen to young adult and the young of heart’s favorite. The tale is clean, wholesome and riveting.  It is must have in every home and school library.