The DUI Extortion Racket

The DUI Extortion Racket

by George Damusis

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This book presents the other side of the DUI law enforcement story, the side that reveals the true intentions of the enforcers, the side that is all about generating revenue. Their side of the story, as one would expect, is the complete opposite. They claim it is all about public safety, protection and service, and not at all about money. The author, George Damusis, investigates and exposes the deceitfulness of that claim, and does so very irreverently. He argues that it's tyranny and a violation of human rights for DUI law enforcers to arrest, criminalize, extort, and virtually enslave common, decent citizens for simply sinning. As a former DUI arrestee and average citizen, he sees a distinct parallel between today's practice by DUI law enforcers of forcibly shackling and placing common citizens into servitude, and yesteryear's acceptable practice by the politically privileged class of acquiring new slaves for their own selfish, economic benefit.

Mr. Damusis notes that while the evils of America's past slavery practice are obvious, what's not so obvious today is the practice by modern, local governments of what he refers to as “liberty rape”. It is what is done by DUI law enforcers to common, decent citizens after they are arrested for the very common sin of having had something alcoholic to drink before driving. He believes moderate drinking before driving is just that, a sin, and one no worse than exceeding the speed limit by a moderate amount on an interstate highway. This attitude of his is further supported by unbiased traffic accident research, which shows that moderately intoxicated drivers cause no more accidents than alcohol free drivers. Nevertheless, Mr. Damusis does agree that the best and most rational safety policy is to not drink any alcohol at all before driving. However, he also insists that those who do drink in moderation before driving are not criminals by any stretch of the imagination, and are doing only what millions of social drinkers do so naturally every weekend in this our alcohol permissive, car-based culture. So why do our law makers and enforcers persist in calling such common, moderate drinking before driving a crime? Mr. Damusis submits that it is because they can't legally arrest and extort someone for a year just for committing a sin.

From the beginning until the end of this book, Mr. Damusis maintains that most of the DUI arrests of social drinkers, who are so cavalierly libeled criminals, is the real crime. It's government sponsored tyranny. It's enslavement. It's the moral equivalent of a kidnapping for ransom. It's a shakedown for money. It's the crime of extortion.

Mr. Damusis is not a law professional, and received no professional mentoring in the writing of this book. His arguments are a product of his personal experiences, research, and unconventional thinking. This book is unique, and what sets it apart from all of the other books ever written on the subject of DUI law enforcement, is its direct frontal assault on America's oppressive DUI laws and enforcement policies, as well as its constructive proposals for bringing moral reform to the entire DUI law enforcement system.

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Publisher: George Damusis
Publication date: 07/03/2014
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About the Author

Mr. Damusis is an average senior citizen who experienced a DUI arrest at the age of 65. He felt that arrest was an outrageous violation of his human rights, and it is what compelled him to write a book extremely critical of all such DUI arrests. He is not an attorney, or a law enforcement professional. He is a first time author who earned a college Physics degree in 1966, and spent his entire working life in the computer hardware service and software programming fields. For more on his life background, read the "About The Author" chapter in this book.

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