The Dynamic Concepts of Philosophical Mathematics: A Philosophical Mathematical Britannica

The Dynamic Concepts of Philosophical Mathematics: A Philosophical Mathematical Britannica

by Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche


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The Dynamic Concepts of Philosophical Mathematics: A Philosophical Mathematical Britannica by Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche

In The Dynamic Concept of Philosophical Mathematics, author Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche delves deeply into a comprehensive discussion into the intertwined relationship between philosophy and mathematics. Aliche begins by defining philosophical mathematics and traces its origins and its branches. He then relates the concept to the worlds of science, engineering, technology, creative and applied arts, and human existence.

In this systemic, practical and research-driven work, Aliche presents innovative interpretations of mathematical and philosophical issues and reexamines their relevance and applicability to modern developments. He also proposes abolishing most ancient and primordial mathematical policies and formulas, as they are not helping the world of science and technology to grow.

Presenting principles, practices, and theories, The Dynamic Concept of Philosophical Mathematics demystifies the oracle of mathematics and communicates that knowledge is power and must therefore be progressive. He equally insisted that the progressive nature of knowledge which must be God-driven fundamentally fulcrumed the demystification of QED which he replaced with the Infinitude Method which scientifically agrees with the progressive dynamism of knowledge.

"A product of seasoned scholarship, natural wisdom, empirical research, and inspired originality. It is perhaps one of the most sophisticated intellectual inputs to the world of knowledge"

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ISBN-13: 9781475961935
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 01/07/2013
Pages: 866
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.71(d)

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A Philosophical Mathematical Britannica
By Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2013 Prof. Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-6193-5

Chapter One

Philosophical Mathematics and Extracts

It is my natural birthright to express myself with the objective and philosophical rays that are fulfilled with infinite dynamism, which in return will bless and make others be philosophically endowed and recharged with mathematical understanding. In presenting this wonderful and balanced philosophical abstract with mathematical extracts, there is a need to appreciate that philosophy and mathematics are interwoven in principles, policies, relativities, and transactions. Both are purpose-driven in ensuring that the concepts of purity and perfection are practised as acceptable standards at all levels, as well as realism of existence and transactions.

Sir Oliver Fox, a mathematical wizard with metaphysical understanding, stated the following.

• The world desires and deserves the perfect and concretized knowledge of philosophical mathematics.

• Every specific agenda with principles and policies, which are not purpose-driven with the use and application of philosophical mathematics, must certainly not perform their functions and duties to an enduring satisfaction.

• Economic principles and policies, which are not focus-driven with the use and application of philosophical mathematics, will serve humanity as orchestrated enmities.

• Science and technology at all levels must be objective with the use of scientific philosophy, including the application of technological mathematics.

The immortal words of this iconic scholar triggered a high level of investigation by the Societies of Philosophers and Metaphysicians, the University of Philosophy, and other renowned institutions of which I am in the forefront with philo-mathematics. These words from this scientific and philosophic genius motivated the likes of Herbert Spencer and Dr. Walter Russell to start thinking of what could be done to reshape the thinking of man, who had remained in the dark since the dawn of consciousness.

The ebonite scholars with philosophical ingenuity were able to draw a scientific and philosophic roadmap that compacted and configured the objective concepts of philosophy and mathematics as the anatomy of creation, including accepting their principles and policies as the alchemy of all balanced creativity.

St Jerome authoritatively stated that there is no separateness between philosophy and mathematics. He explained that because philosophy is purpose-driven in using scientific semantics with objective logic in achieving the purpose and course of purity and perfection, then mathematics is dynamic in utilising figures, formulas, and data to explain the anatomy of philosophy from the point of globalized and scientific empathy.

It is here that the following can be utilised as standards for this extract.

If 1 + 1 = 2, it then means that 2 - 2 = 1. It equally means that A + A = 2A, while X2 + X2 = X4.

A look at these mathematical facts, which are embedded with scientific symbolism, will make one appreciate mathematics as a data pot with the use and application of philosophical wisdom. When philosophy is arguing a point with a view to arriving at perfection, it is always making use of mathematical figures in ensuring that all that is contained in the ancient wonders of living antiquity is practically and pragmatically presented in a style and manner that will help the world of knowledge. One must know that the opinion of mathematics to philosophy and other related sciences is a fundamental issue that must be examined and practically obtained as a theory or a theorem. This will help our present civilization in appreciating the monumental relativity of philosophy as the mother of science.

Mathematics, in my best opinion, can be defined as the Internet and electrifying wisdom of Mother Nature, which functions with the use and application of figures, facts, features, functions, data, and statistics with a high level of meta-mathematics and meta-logic. There is need to explain that this extract, which exists as a philosophical abstract, must be seen as a work that will help the colleges of philosophy, the universities of mathematics, and universal research fellows in appreciating that economic problems are a result of the negligence and abuse of philosophical mathematical laws.

For example, if a triangle exists as a diagram ABC, and it is known that A is a capital letter, followed by B and C, then there could be an argument that ABC can equally be extended to triangle DEF.

This evidence shows that philosophy and mathematics maintain a synchronous relativity in agenda, illustration, and understanding.

Pythagoras could not hide his feelings when he stated that philosophical mathematics holds the world in appreciating and understanding what is contained in the Internet kit of science and technology. A look at this illustration must certainly reveals that our present generation is living and existing as un-philosophical lumber, because we lack the understanding of mathematical appreciation.

It is unfortunate to explain that Manly Palmer Hall, one of the most luminous beings who has the mandate of philosophy a must-give to civilization gloriously states that the world needs a balanced knowledge of philosophy, an objective wisdom of mathematics, and an appreciation of the enabling and foremost powers of logic, epistemology, metaphysics, morals, and ethics.

This is why a work to examine the intricate relativity of philosophy and mathematics will modestly and scientifically exhibit the facts that make these subjects twin issues and inseparable apostles. The diagrams below show that philosophy is objective to mathematics, whereas mathematics is conceptualised and perfected on its balanced, illumined wisdom.

The concept of philosophy to this mathematical expression is that mathematics holds a scientific methodology with its enabling wisdom and other related sciences. This is why the honest approach ends in A = B = C = D = E = F, which could be explained as follows.

A look at this explanation appreciates that the concept of abstract and extract is a philosophical synergy that lives as a mathematical standard. When it is stated that philosophy is an abstract science, it is only a dynamic approval, which is greatly accepted that its abstract nature is centred on the use of mathematical standards with scientific dynamism.

Dr. Walter Russell explained in his highly illumined work, Secrets of Light, that there is no separation between philosophy as a science, and mathematics and further mathematics with their objective methodology. This is what informed Stroud to edify engineering mathematics as the scientific and balanced anatomy of that which is contained in scientific objectivity.

There is a need to ask students and professors to always refer to the illumined works Philosophy: The Maker of Great Thinkers and The Fundamentals of Core Logic, which are other great works that exist on their own.

We need to state that such mathematical experts like Euclid, Pythagoras, H. A. Clement, D. Durell, Einstein, and Edison could be weeping like I do, if they existed in our present, non-mathematical civilization. There is need to explain that when Galileo told the world that the universe was a circle, his province was greatly criticised.

In presenting this book as a work for the well informed, I must not fail to explain that the features of a circle are in philosophical and mathematical agreement with the anatomy of a square. Pythagoras practically and pragmatically demonstrated this living mathematical truth by ennobling a concept in the ever living Pythagoras theorem, which in my opinion is a philosophical principle with a mathematical policy.

When looking at these drawings, one can appreciate that a circle has a mathematical structure, just as a square. This is why Pythagoras was greatly honest in giving the world what is known and accepted as a circle theorem, including a lot of quadratic equations.

It is here that "to equate" means "to philosophize and to organize". There is need to explain that philosophical equations are the hallmark of scientific quants and quantum. The honest appreciation of these abstracts, which are philosophical extracts, will help the world of science and technology in understanding the Louis operation of Internet dynamism, and how the philosophy of networking concept can best be utilised as a mathematical realism. In this respect, I must conclude this perfect abstract with mathematical extracts in the following idioms, axioms, and balanced methods.

• Scholars at all levels should be friendly with mathematics.

• All institutions should be purpose-driven with the use and application of philosophical dynamism.

• Universities with their curricula should be drawn on the enabling fortitude of philosophical mathematics.

• Methodological policies and principles should be research-driven in the best objectivity of perfection and purity.

• Science and technology should be structured and restructured with the enabling fortitude of philosophical mathematics, which will naturally reopen a new horizon.

• Students at all levels should be taught the philosophy of ABCD of mathematics, which is proven in the objective concept of Pythagoras' theorems, theories, and practises.

• The world of academia should be taught the wisdom of the infinitude principle, which is contained in my book The First Principles of Science, and a scientific explanation, which is contained in another book of mine, Philosophy: The Maker of Great Thinkers.

At this point, the philosophic universe must be scientifically driven with the use and application of mathematical technology, which is driven by concept objectives. This is why these amalgamated abstracts with extracts are going to serve the whole universe as philosophical and mathematical anatomy, which will solve and remove the falsehood of science and technology and the lapses man has abstracted in science and religion. This work is argued to be on its own, in Objective Concept of Philosophical Mathematics.

The Three Great Tetragramatic elements That form the structure of All Creations

1. The triangle

2. The circle

3. The square

Most electronic elements have the shape of a square. All movable things are shaped in a triangular form, which energizes motion and speed (e.g., ship, aircraft).

PHILOSOPHIE (scientific formula)


i.e. P/M + H/A = I/T + L/H = O/E + S/M = O/A + P/T + H/I + I/C = E/S

P = M = H = A = I = T = L = H = O = E = S = M = O = A = P = T = H = I = I = C = E = S

.: PH = MA = IL = TH = OS = EM = OP = AT = HI = IC = ES

This is a philosophic mathematical fraction, or scientific rationale.


This will be properly examined in the book.

As represented and presented in the above drawings, which are philosophically ingenious in the best mathematical objectivity, the concept and format of


explains that philosophy and mathematics are scientifically philosophia. This is why a work to explain the practical and purpose-driven concept of philosophical mathematics of Pythagoras, and the philosophical segmentation of the universe, is the mathematical configuration of data and figures.

As can be seen in the abstract, it is always known and explained that every triangular expression can further be developed to exist as a quadrant. This organized, scientific, mathematical quadrant can further be developed as a cyclic coefficient that, when further proved, can provide the mathematical rationale of the following fractions, including such linear equations as the simultaneous equation and remainder theorem, with its equatic concepts.

A work on the philosophy of mathematics as a science, which exists and behaves on the philosophy of arts, must be calculated and cautious in the presentation and representation of letters, ideas, and concepts. It is unfortunate that what can be defined as the philosophy of mathematics is greatly narrowed down to the little knowledge of empirical understanding. Mathematical philosophy is scientifically a furtherance of the use and application of data with a modest amplitude of the research method. This is why if there is an even multiplication of 000 to infinitude 0, all that is contained in that mathematical zero kit can equally be revisited and reversed to exist as 0 + 0 or 0 × 0.

There is a need to explain that mathematical philosophy is calculus oriented. All that was done by Chancellor Simultaneous in explaining his deepest wizardry of the simultaneous equation has immortalized him as a mathematical emengard. This equation has remained the unchallenging mathematical knowledge both in science, engineering, mathematics, economics, statistics, and cost and management appreciation. What the world is utilising at the moment as the zero-point of online relativity can be explained as a mathematical enabling that is both philosophically oriented and logically configured.

In this respect, the mathematical definition of philosophy including the philosophical definition of mathematics, can stand as P = M or M = P and can perfectly be represented in the ratio of P:M and M:P. This explanation is important because it will help students of further mathematics and further engineering calculations, including sciences at all levels, in knowing with objective appreciation that if excluded from the deep thinking of science and technology, philosophical mathematics is an electrifying extermination.

The urgent necessity of this book becomes a must, particularly in our chaotic, un-mathematical world where scientific formats, principles, and policies have neglected the deep thinking of philosophy as both rational and irrational. This is why the challenge in the philosophical presentation of this book will always exist as a mathematical catalyst; further investigations and examinations will help the global world and the technological province in globalizing the ratio of P:M and M:P as the best principle of science and the first principle of mathematics and philosophy.

We can now appreciate why this work is written in the best aesthetic and architectural revelation of mathematics, both as science and philosophy and as the anatomy of mathematical explanation.

Chapter Two

Points and Facts of Dynamic Interests, Which are Must-Know with Philosophic Understanding and Mathematical Appreciation

The dynamic concept of philosophical mathematics, which warehouses a lot of hidden knowledge, will explain the rational and irrational relativity between the following mathematical objects, data, and formulas that are best understood through the direct involvement of philosophy with objective logic.

This explanation is real, important and clear with its empirical estate because the past has created a lot of unscientific and un-mathematical confusion particularly in the Third World Countries in accessing and appreciating their workability and relativity. This has ingloriously affected the invention of cultural science with the utilisation of rational technology. It has equally made info-tech and information data to remain obscure with ambiguous concepts.

My illumined reason for this work is borne out of the fact that the honest harmony which can be seen in the first principle of science and the foremost practises of philosophy is contained in the anatomy of:



P/M + H/A = I/T + L/H = O/E + S/M = O/A + P/T + H/I + I/C = E/S

This can equally be proved and represented as:

P/M × H/A = PH/MA × I/T × L/H = PHIL/MATH × O/E × S/M = PHILOS/MATHEM × O/A × P/T =



In this respect, all that is explained here will be represented as follows.

To prove the philosophical and mathematical relativity of this triangle, we need the objectivity of science and logic with an empirical know-how. This is important because the triangle contains another triangle inside with a complete circle, which is inserted in a square that is already holding a visible ADEC—that is,


The proof uses scientific logic.

Prove that ABC = Δ, with AB = AC = BC and with DE dividing the triangle into two unequalled parts to have triangle ADE with square BDEC.

Proof: AD = DB = BD = DA proved. AE = EC = CE = EA, with line BC providing the basis for the logical proof.


Excerpted from THE DYNAMIC CONCEPTS OF PHILOSOPHICAL MATHEMATICS by Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche Copyright © 2013 by Prof. Anthony Ugochukwu O. Aliche. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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