The Eagle's Shadow

The Eagle's Shadow

by Keith Nixon


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One man stands against the might of the Roman Empire. His name is Caradoc.In Rome a new Emperor, Claudius, accedes the throne. But he is politically weak, enemies who would take his place circle and plot. If he is to survive Claudius needs a triumph, one that marks him as a leader of men.Claudius's eye turns to the mysterious isle of Britannia, home of the supernatural Druids and brutal, wild-eyed warriors, reputed to fight naked. The place not even Julius Caesar could conquer.AD43 and a massive invasion force, commanded by Aulus Plautius, lands on a tiny corner of Britannia. Caradoc, King of the country's most powerful tribe, assembles an army to throw his enemy back over the water and into Gaul. But divisions are rife and there are those who are secretly working with the Romans for their own benefit. The very future of the country is at risk and only one man can safeguard it...Read the UK best selling historical fiction novel everyone is talking about. The Eagle's Shadow reached no. 1 in historical mysteries, no. 2 in war fiction on the UK Amazon charts.

Praise for Keith Nixon's Work

'A gripping story with a fantastic plot, full of family dynamics, war and political intrigue.'PM Harrison'A compelling story.'Books and Pals blog'A hugely enjoyable debut novel from Keith Nixon.'Ian Ayris, author of Abide With Me'Moves faster than a speeding bullet. Can't wait for more from Keith Nixon.'Tony Black, author of The Last Tiger'Cool, creative and downright crude, THE FIX will get your heart pumping.'Gerard Brennan, author of FIREPROOF'Sharply observed, fast paced. Hard as a knuckleduster.'Richard Godwin, author of Apostle Rising'A blast from first page to the last, this high-octane debut takes aim at the corporate world and is fast, furious and a lot of fun. If there's a knack to writing dark comedy, Nixon surely has it.'Nick Quantrill, author of The Late Greats'A multi-layered novel which features a glorious mix of characters - all with that great human quality of being flawed and unique. Nixon's writing is what really makes this stand out. A fast-paced and quite excellent debut novel.'Luca Veste, author of Dead Gone

What Readers Say

'The perfect blend of historical accuracy and modern pace.''A cracking story with totally believable interwoven characters all backed with considerable research. Roll on the sequel!''Historically accurate, believable, engaging and enlightening. The attention to detail in the creation of the characters and environment is comparable to Patrick O'Brian.''Keith Nixon has done a fine job to weave several sub plots into this at times brutal Roman invasion thriller. I enjoyed The Eagle's Shadow immensely.''Plenty of action and a story line that keeps you reading even when you want to put the book down.''Wow - action packed from start to end. I enjoyed every minute of it - really interesting, informative , great characters and I loved the social impact of the invasion.''The Eagle's Shadow has the trademark Nixon driving narrative, crackling dialogue and vivid characterisation, backed by a formidable depth of research that brings this exciting period in British history to life.'

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781500156640
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 06/09/2014
Series: Caradoc , #1
Pages: 538
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 1.09(d)

About the Author

Keith Nixon has been writing since he was a child. In fact some of his friends (& his wife) say he's never really grown up. Keith is currently gainfully employed in a senior sales role meaning he gets to use his one skill, talking. Keith writes crime and historical fiction novels. He is published by Caffeine Nights.

Keith also reviews books for Crime Fiction Lover and Al's Books & Pals blog.

Find him on Twittter (@knntom), Facebook his blog ( and Goodreads.

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