The Earache Myth

The Earache Myth

by Shanae Gamble


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ISBN-13: 9781449078041
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/18/2010
Pages: 40
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The Earache Myth

By Shanae Gamble


Copyright © 2010 Shanae Gamble
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-7804-1

Chapter One

The Creation

In the beginning God created the Earth. He also created animals and Hawainith.

The Birth of Wormethica

One of these animals became known as Wormethica. Everyday he puts on his hat to look different from the other animals on Hawainith. Wormethica loves his red hat. He wears his red hat and imagines that he is someone different, a new character each day. Wormethica changes so much that the other animals do not include him in anything. The animals ignore him because he yaps about everything, including being gifted.

Volcanith Is Formed

On a swamp in what is now Hawaii, a volcano formed. This volcano is holy for it makes animals' body parts. Volcanith has its gift from the Gods that have been given to him to help the animals.

The myth is that the animals can not get the body parts they need if they don't praise Volcanith; for Volcanith is holy.

When God created Wormethica, he knew trouble would come; for Wormethica was the child of Lucifer before he became created again.

Lightning flashed; snow and hail dropped from the sky as God created Wormethica. The hail and lightning formed Volcanith.

Volcanith formed to give the other animals someone to seek help from if Wormethica tried to do Lucifer's caustic work.

The snow melted to form a swamp to create many effervescent animals on the Earth, each with different gifts from the Gods.

Wormethica crawled from a ponderous rock.

Wormethica Asks for Ears

There is one unique thing about Wormethica. He doesn't have any ears like all of the worms who live in Hawainith.

Lucifer Intervenes with the Gods

One day, Wormethica was told by Lucifer to destroy Volcanith's holy powers. Volcanith is the animal's God.

Wormethica doesn't know Volcanith's holy secret that if an animal doesn't tell the truth, it will erupt and signal God that Lucifer is doing his treacherous work.

Wormethica went about Hawainth looking for Volcanith. He didn't know that Volcanith is settled in a swamp surrounded by trees where small animals live. These animals have the body parts they desire but they have a problem with the body parts. The animals have this problem because Lucifer tried to pursue them to go against their God.

A Start of a New Era

Wormethica approached slowly towards the swamp. He did what Lucifer told him to do which was finding Volcanith's holy secret.

Wormethica Gets His Ears

Sly as Wormethica is, he wanted also to be supplied with ears. Wormethica wanted ears so he could hear the other animals instead of talking too much to them.

"Can I have ears to hear with?" asked Wormethica.

Volcanith is holy for he knows Wormethica's intentions. He gave Wormethica his ears and told him he had a question for Wormethica.

The Gods spoke to Wormethica through his ears and told him that he will have to tell the truth or else danger would come. This became Wormethica's gift from the Gods. Wormethica puts his red hat away.

Womethica asked Volcanith, "Why do all these creatures have body parts that God didn't give them?

Volcanith replied, "Why do you ask?

Wormethica said, "I want to be one of them."

There was no more jealously in the land of the swamps. Volcanith gave Wormethica what he wanted. Wormethica formed into a human man. Today everytime that humans don't tell the truth to God, he punishes them. Have you ever had an earache?


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Table of Contents


The Creation....................4
The Birth of Wormethica....................6
Volcanith Is Formed....................8
Wormethica Asks for Ears....................22
Lucifer Intervenes with the Gods....................25
A Start of a New Era....................28
Wormethica Gets His Ears....................29

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