The Earl I Ruined

The Earl I Ruined

by Scarlett Peckham

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She's beautiful, rich, and reckless...

When Lady Constance Stonewell accidentally ruins the Earl of Apthorp's entire future with her gossip column, she does what any honorable young lady must: offer her hand in marriage. Or, at the very least, stage a whirlwind fake engagement to repair his reputation. Never mind that it means spending a month with the dullest man in England. Or the fact that he disapproves of everything she holds dear.

He's supposedly the most boring politician in the House of Lords...

Julian Haywood, the Earl of Apthorp, is on the cusp of finally proving himself to be the man he's always wanted to be when his future is destroyed in a single afternoon. When the woman he's secretly in love with confesses she's at fault, it isn't just his life that is shattered: it's his heart.

They have a month to clear his name and convince society they are madly in love...

But when Constance discovers her faux-intended is decidedly more than meets the eye--not to mention adept at shocking forms of wickedness--she finds herself falling for him.

There's only one problem: he can't forgive her for breaking his heart.

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BN ID: 2940161853542
Publisher: NYLA
Publication date: 12/11/2018
Series: The Secrets of Charlotte Street , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 58,757
File size: 645 KB

About the Author

Scarlett Peckham is a four-time Golden Heart® finalist in Historical Romance who writes steamy stories about alpha heroines. Her Secrets of Charlotte Street series follows the members of Georgian London’s most discreet—and illicit—private club. She splits her time between London and Los Angeles. She loves chatting about books on Twitter, turning them into pretty pictures on Instagram, and doddering around haphazardly on Facebook.

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The Earl I Ruined 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Characters felt so real in all their challengining and lovable imperfection. The story is fast passed and the message of acceptance and inclusiveness was wonderful. But there is one lesson this books leave you with that has continued to resonate with me every single day. Spoiler........ "Love is a pattern of behavior" is perhaps the most memorable line in any romance novels I've read in years.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I've read quite a bit of romance novels in my time and I RARELY write a review but this book was just so good, I had to write one! I loved the character development and the way they interact with each other. Then love scenes were super steamy and not your average sexual scenario. I loved this book and I think you will too! READ IT!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
London - 1754 Lady Constance Stonewell, daughter of the Duke of Westmead, lives with her cousin, Hilary and Lord James Rosecroft, Hilary’s husband. Constance has anonymously written a poem about Julian Haywood, the Earl of Apthorp, which was meant only for her few girlfriends to see. The poem is rather hurtful and alludes to his involvement in immoral behavior. Unfortunately, the poem gets out and now there is a terrible scandal. Julian is very embarrassed and hurt by Constance. Constance is horrified that the poem has gotten out as she meant it only as a joke. Now, she must find a way to stop the gossip. Therefore, she proposes a fake engagement to Julian until everything settles back down. They will spend a month trying to prove they are in love. Unbeknownst to her, Julian has been in love with her for many years. The story continues as Constance and Julian meet with various people in an effort to charm them in hopes of getting a bill passed that Julian is supporting. As they spend more time together, they fall more and more in love. This was a very difficult book to read. The dialogue was hard to follow. The innuendo of Julian participating in certain sexual encounters are a huge turnoff to me. I felt Constance was a bit flighty and her comments didn’t seem to be those that would come from a person of her youth. I did not read the first book and am certainly not interested in doing so. Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
nelriv More than 1 year ago
Rcvd an ARC at no cost to author..(netgalley) This is a new author for me and I did enjoy the book, but I have to admit that I was a little shocked of some of the content. I am not a prude, but was just surprised that this was an issue that was brought up in that era, I mean I have read lots and lots of historical fictions and I know all about the rakes and brothels, but again still didn't expect this but by no means think that it is a bad book. So we meet Lady Constance and she had wrote a poem on Lord Alpethorpe who she claimed was the most boring man out there. She ruins him with the type of information she diverged and now wants to assist him in cleaning up his name and also protecting hers if her brother finds out what she did, (apparently I missed the first book) Anywho the rest is enjoyable in their fake relationship and the feelings they had never admitted.
Artemis_25 More than 1 year ago
Right from the start I adored the style of writing. The story takes place in the 18th century. Naturally, the language used is slightly different. The author managed to find the right mix between marking the different time period but still maintaining some features of the present time. It made connecting with characters and the plot quite easy. The love story has been amazing. Very dramatic, scandalious and full of misunderstandings and hurt feelings to the point where I wanted to shake them both. Of course, with this kind of story, you know how it's going to end. The way there was the interesting part, especially discovering the characters' secrets as well as their shared past. There is a deepness to uncover I never thought to find. Rather detailed erotic scenes are presented, too. For most of the time they don't overshadow the plot. Towards the end I think these part could have been shortened. I felt like the story was finished then and only unneccessarily dragged on. All an all, this has been a lovely love story to read. I'd recommend it to those who like romance novels with a historical setting but who don't mind that there is not too much historical information conveyed.
Ajgray More than 1 year ago
Enjoyed the story of Constance and Julian because it was well written, entertaining and kept me wondering what she would fo next to top the last antic. They are two people who have secretly felt deeply for each other without letting the other one know their feelings. Instead they both were very cutting in their remarks to each other. There is s HEA but a lot happens first, including her exposing him to public ridicule, then proposing a fake engagement, her manipulation of people to see things the way she wants and their each acknowledging their true feelings. It is an entertaining story with s lot of “what next” to keep your attention. I would recommend this as s good read and definitely worth your time.
Noire More than 1 year ago
I received an ARC of this book to read through NetGalley in exchange for a fair review. The Earl I Ruined is Scarlett Peckham’s second book. I would recommend reading the Duke I Tempted first as it is the story of heroine’s brother. Lady Constance Stonewell awakes one morning to discover that a risqué poem she wrote meant to be shared privately has been published in a scandal sheet and that Julian Haywood, Earl of Apthorp subject of the poem is facing ruin because of that. Constance, sure that she can solve everything proposes to Julian telling him that marriage to her will help to restore his reputation. Julian, secretly in love with Charlotte for 8 years but afraid to approach her until he could support a wife is devastated because his life is in ruins and Charlotte has blithely destroyed it and at this point in the story appears not to understand that her behaviour was unacceptable and it can’t all be waved away because she wishes it so. Charlotte reminds me of a swan a gorgeous creature floating gracefully down the river all the while paddling madly beneath the water. As we come to know her in the story we realize that she does feel things deeply and that her larger than life persona was created to protect her from being hurt again. I loved this story. I liked that the author let us see the people beneath the surfaces they presented to the outside world and she didn’t make it easy for them making their HEA hard won and well deserved. Quite steamy. Publishing Date December 11, 2018. #NetGalley #TheEarlIRuined #inscribedigital @scarlettpeckham
georgia1 More than 1 year ago
How can a Lady ruin an Earl? Well by printing writing a poem about said Earl that was not complimentary and somehow it gets in the paper for all the Ton to see. So how to repair it? Lady Constance is a matchmaker and thinks that Julian, Earl Apthorp is a very boring man (or so it seems!) and after her missive, his reputation is ruined. She is such a fun, outgoing person who really has a good heart and tries her best to fix the mess she made! So she suggests a fake engagement to help his reputation and save his bill in parliament. But the funny thing is Julian has been in love with Constance for many years. What? There is a lot of back and forth between these two with a lot of angst and sometimes humor. Secrets come out about Julian's source of earnings that is totally unexpected! Can the two come together or will they pull apart? With well written characters that were very likable, rounded out his tale and kept my attention until the end. Although part of a series, this can be read as a standalone But you really want to read the first book! Lori Dykes
CathyGeha More than 1 year ago
The Earl I ruined by Scarlett Peckham The Secrets of Charlotte Street #2 Two people that danced around one another for years, played games, misconstrued situations, said hurtful things, hid their feelings and then had to come up with a way to repair a ruined reputation could not have been more entertaining than Constance and Julian. I don’t know if you have ever written something that was not for public consumption that became common fodder but Lady Constance Stonewell had that happen to her and the impact it had on Julian Haywood, the Earl of Apthorp, sees her trying to fix things and THAT sees them engaged but with an expiration date. Little do they realize that their perceptions might be misperceptions and that the time they spend together might make them want more than a pretend engagement. With balls to attend, money matters to deal with, family matters to contend with, people to convince and a steamy scene or two this book was a joy to read from beginning to end. I kept thinking that Constance was immature and often didn’t see the bigger picture or how what she did might impact others but in spite of that I can say that I was thrilled for the couple when they finally achieved their happily ever after. I am rather curious about who will have their story told next and can’t wait to find out. Thank you to NYLA and NetGalley for the ARC – This is my honest review. 5 Stars
Pokeybooboo More than 1 year ago
The Duke I Tempted was the first book I read by Scarlett Peckham, and I absolutely loved it. I was extremely excited when I saw this, the second book in The Secrets of Charlotte Street series. I was a bit nervous....could this book be anywhere near as wonderful as the first, or was that one a fluke? Nope, not a fluke! This book kept me enthralled from start to finish. Ms. Peckham is now officially one of my favorite authors. I'm not going to explain the plot; you can read the synopsis yourself. I will share the "feels" with you. This story was a fabulous mix of wit, heartbreak, embarrassment, sexual delights, love and yearning. Lots of yearning. It started out at a slow simmer and ended up in a burst of flame. Julian and Constance were complicated, marvelous leads. They were not as they appeared on the surface. They made me laugh, snicker, tear up and outright cry. I was swept into their Georgian period romance and didn't want to leave their world when the story ended. Am I gushing? I can't help it. It touched me that much. I want much more from this author. I received an ARC of this book courtesy of NetGalley. I received no compensation for my review, and all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.