The Earl of London

The Earl of London

by Louise Bay

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BN ID: 2940161909867
Publisher: Louise Bay
Publication date: 08/25/2018
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 9,123
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About the Author

USA Today bestselling author, Louise Bay writes sexy, contemporary romance novels - the kind she likes to read. Her books include the novels Hopeful, The Empire State Series, Parisian Nights, Promised Nights, Indigo Nights, King of Wall Street, Park Avenue Prince, Duke of Manhattan, Hollywood Scandal and The British Knight.

Ruined by bonk-busters and sexy mini-series of the eighties Louise loves all things sexy and romantic. There's not enough of it in real life so she disappears into the fictional worlds in books and films.

Louise loves the rain, the West Wing, London, days when she doesn't have to wear make-up, being on her own, being with friends, elephants and champagne.

She loves to hear from readers so get in touch!

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The Earl of London 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 22 reviews.
JWright57 9 months ago
Review This was the book I have been waiting for and Louise Bay did not disappoint in the story that gives Darcy the HEA she really deserves. Darcy and Logan’s story was read in one sitting I was captivated by the banter, the chemistry and just the right amount of tension as we are taken on a romantic journey as Darcy and Logan get to know each other. Darcy is the woman everyone turns to in the village of Woolton she not only has the upkeep of her family property she is also expected to be the word of reason when it comes to making sure the village is kept intact without buildings spoiling the ambience. Woolton is her home and it always will be but now Logan is spending his weekends with his grandmother who just happens to be Darcy’s neighbor are things about to heat up in the quite village ...... Logan a strong alpha male who knows what he wants and he normally gets it but he has never met anyone quite like Darcy and she has now taken over his life he can’t get enough of his grandmothers sexy next door neighbor will the woman who doesn’t take any of his nonsense be the woman to finally tame him........ I loved these characters so much two strong independent people who needed to realise that loving someone is not a weakness if you are with the right person together you become stronger. Once again this author has given us everything you could want from a great read characters with chemistry, family loyalty, I loved how Darcy and Logan pushed each other’s buttons I loved the banter between them and I loved catching up with Ryder, Scarlett and Violet. This book can be read as a stand-alone but I’m sure if this is your first book by this author you will want to read her other books.
MaimeosAngelsEL 9 months ago
5 star Review The Earl of London by Louise Bay   Logan Steele, just the name sent shivers up and down my spine; I have been waiting for Darcy Westbury’s story and couldn’t wait to dive in. Where do I start? From chapter one I was hooked. Logan Steele is a rich, powerful, determined man; he gets what and who he wants, when he wants. When he buys as estate in a little village, Darcy becomes his neighbour and the sparks fly from there. Both Darcy and Logan are independent and strong characters and I found them likeable and easy to relate to. Well to be honest, I have loved Darcy ever since she was first introduced way back, there was just something about the pairing of Logan and Darcy that drew me to them and their story. The story was well written, engaging and it was great to see the dynamic between the two of them and there was so much to love about Ms.Bay’s characters. The chemistry between Logan and Darcy is off the charts even though neither want to admit to it.   Darcy makes me laugh, there is just so much humour in her and some of the best moments throughout the book are when she calls Logan on his attitude and behaviour. For these two to make a success as a couple there was plenty of give and take required from both Logan and Darcy as neither were “perfect”. Ms.Bay wove a story that had me invested right from the start.
dshutters 17 days ago
I enjoyed reading this book. I love the story line and what happens between the characters Logan and Darcy! I recommend this book and the author! I look forward to reading more books by Louise :)
seansmother 8 months ago
Darcy and Logan are perfect for each other. They just don’t know it when they meet. Darcy questions everything about Logan, assuming he’s a rich, entitled, royal who is selfish and doesn’t care about people in the village he moves to. He flies in on his helicopter, unaware how the noise affects Darcy and others. Logan thinks Darcy is uptight and looking for a husband, something he has no intention of being. Luckily, his grandmother sees the truth before Logan does and helps point him in the right direction. A beautiful love story with great characters and strong women!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Love the story ! Loved all of Louise Bay books ! Love my britts..
Anonymous 8 months ago
Great read! The hotness is off the charts. Really loved these two together.
CMcCain 9 months ago
We asked for Darcy' story after Duke of Manhanttan. We begged for Darcy's store after The British Knight. Louise delivered Darcy's book that was worth the wait. You don't want to put this book down. We met Darcy in the previous book. She was a background character that brought life into the story with her little tidbits. Darcy is running her families' estate. She is about keeping traditions and everything about Woolton Village the same as she grew up. Woolton Village is safe for kids to grow up without worry. She meet her match with Logan Steele. His helicopter and his attitude came crashing into her life. Logan Steele is about fixing the wrong in his life. He started by purchasing his grandmother's home, Badsley House, in Woolton Village. His grandmother paid off his father when Logan was young. Logan determine not to make the mistakes his father did. There was a not so nice article written about Logan. It labeled him as destroyer. He was determine to prove the author and world that he could build something from the ground up. Darcy and Logan meet while Darcy is out exploring her favorite spot, where she has the perfect view of the rolling hills of Chilterns. She was checking the boundaries of the estate. The grass was wet with the morning dew. She slips and falls right into a mud puddle. Logan is out exploring the land as well. They run into each other with Darcy covered head to toe in mud. Their first encounter was not a good one. Darcy learns about Logan's plan to build an exclusive club house that would attract people from London to the countryside. Darcy does everything in her power to stop him from building the club house. We are walked through their hatered towards each other to their "special" type of friendship. You will hate Logan at the beginning, then start to warm up to him, to back hating him. At the end, all of your hatered towards Logan will stop. You will be the cheerleader in his corner. You will fall in love with this couple like you do with any of Louise's couples. You will want the story to continue on forever. I promise this story is one that you will want to hide in a comfy spot and not leave.
ChrissP 9 months ago
The thing with Louise Bay's books is that they make you feel all smiley and content and a little hot around the collar if you know what I mean. Darcy and Logan's story is so wonderfully romantic that it gives you all the sighs in an oh so good way. Darcy is just wonderful I loved her from the very beginning and Logan, well he is the ultimate player until he's not. This couple compliments each other perfectly although on occasions I wanted to bang their heads together and give Logan a good, honestly, they can't see the woods for the trees sometimes. Watching Darcy and Logan spar with each other and learning how to love is just the most romantic journey. It flows beautifully and in true Louise Bay fashion is well written. I loved the side characters and in particular the WI Ladies. I admit it made me yearn for village life. Romance at its very best. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend The Earl of London.
JenPH 9 months ago
I had a lot of fun reading this book. There's no denying that Logan was very much a man who could land a profitable deal just as easily as he could any woman who caught his fancy, but there was a lot more to him than that. Darcy had made up her mind about him after reading one article, but I liked that Logan made her question her original assessment of him not by telling her that he was different from the man profiled in the papers but by showing her who he really was. Neither of them were perfect, and thankfully so because that would have made them far too boring for my taste. Louise Bay did a fab job giving readers multi-layered characters within an uncomplicated story that wasn't riddled with more angst or drama than necessary. 4.5 stars for The Earl of London. ♥
Felicia71 9 months ago
A classic Louise Bay romance, one in which I loved! Darcy Westbury's priority is her home and village outside of London and has dedicated her life to ensuring both are not impacted by outsiders. Logan Steel while new to the area is looking for ways to develop the land that is adjacent to hers. Something Darcy has a huge issue with and will do everything she can to stop Logan - until she starts to fall for him. Logan is looking for something he can call his own - after spending his life trying to fix his fathers mistakes he knows this new project is just what he needs, until Darcy starts to change his thinking in more ways than one. His beautiful neighbor is everything he thought he didn't want and Logan is determined not to lose his focus but still keep Darcy in his bed. That is until everything changes. First I have to say - Logan Steele is probably the best hero name ever - well done Ms Bay! We met Darcy in the Duke of Manhatten (she is Ryder's) sister and I was excited to read her book. Logan and Darcy have such great chemistry and rapport they were both so easy to love. Told in dual POV's we get to see glimpses in both of their lives and what makes them tick - something I appreciate and what Ms Bay does so well. We also get great secondary characters - especially Logan's grandmother along with seeing Ryder and Scarlett again. Earl of London is another great addition to my Louise Bay library one I definitely recommend!
tfail24 9 months ago
Another Favorite from Louise Bay. I have been waiting for Darcy and Logan’s book and let me say that Louise didn’t disappoint me. Every time that I read one of Louise Bay’s books I have a new favorite male character, but just let me tell you -LOGAN STEELE is........ swoon, omg. Loved Logan and Darcy’s book!
Gyrithe 9 months ago
Every book I read by Louise bay, only makes me fall more in love with her writing. I love the way She makes the book come to life. How She doesnt make the perfect flawless men. But men that is so out of there element when it comes to feelings and women( other then for sex) that they are cripeled when they meet a strong independent woman who dont need a man to make it in life. Darcy is one of these strong women. She can run a British estate for her family without help. She can fix things when broken. She takes care of her everything. Sure She wants a man in her life. But not one that only wants her for her money or the estate. Not one that cant live with the fact that She might have more money. Logan is everything She thinks She doesnt want in a man. He is arrogant, ruthless, a ladies man. A narrow minded business man who dont have time for anything then a one night stand with flawless women. But as soon as they meet sparks are flying. They just cant stay away. Even in fights and business they are pulled to eachother and simply cant stay away. Louise had me from the first line to the last. I always end up feeling that I cant wait for the next book. And always Feel like the one I just finished was the best. So yes bring me the next book. I need more.
PamLCT 9 months ago
This was just a down to earth good romance. I don't think there was anything out of the ordinary with the themes in the story, it's just the authors writing skills bring everything together and keep you interested and invested in the story taking place. Logan Steele is a definite alpha business mogul and hero we like to read about. He's strong, independent, a multi-millionaire and dominate in the boardroom and the bedroom. Darcy is the sister of The Duke of Manhattan, Ryder Westbury. She's mentioned in a couple of these books and a story I've been waiting to read for a while now. She's a very strong and independent heroine. She's bound herself to Woolton Hall, her families ancestoral home, and to Woolton village. To her, Woolton saved her when she was a little girl and she is determined to make sure the values and feel of the village remain the same without damage from outsiders, especially the likes of Logan Steele. Logan and Darcy meet over a mud puddle - and it was still insta-spark, then it turns to insta-dislike.... but is it really? There is so much angst and sexual tension between these two, it could light a fire all by itself. They struggle with their feelings for one another throughout most of the book, both for different reasons, but they are so perfect for each other that you find yourself rooting them on. Their chemistry is definitely on the hot meter and we get to experience a different man in the bedroom with Darcy, rawrr, rawrr! This is another not to be missed story that will keep you up late and turning pages for hours. Logan and Darcy are another winning couple in the Bay book-verse!
CeeCeeHouston 9 months ago
I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of The Earl Of London by Louise Bay, which is no surprise as she is most definitely one of my most favorite authors. She never fails to deliver the goods and this book was no exception. It’s a warm, sexy tale of loyalty and We met Darcy in The Duke Of Manhattan, she’s Ryder’s sister and now she’s got her own story to tell. Her man is Logan Steele, a self-made man and none other than a displaced Earl. He’s also an entrepreneur and knows what he wants in life, and that’s not a relationship of any kind. He likes to ‘hit it and quit it’, quite frankly. He had some rough edges to him and fought for everything he wanted and I really liked that about him. His confident, demanding side was hot as sin but Darcy made him step out of himself and see life in a different light. She didn’t give a fig that he had a title, it’s not what made her fall for him but fall she did. Who could resist such a confident, sexy charmer like Logan, a man who knows his own mind until he sets eyes on Darcy during their first memorable meeting. Darcy’s a strong woman with a soft side, she likes her life the way it is, safe, comfortable and never changing. Well, except for not having a man to share it with. But Logan might not be quite what she’s looking for. He’s got plans for his land and they don’t sit well with Darcy. They lock horns but who will emerge the winner? Well. that’s for me to know and you to find out. Grab this gem today and you’ll soon be laughing, crying and swooning over the Earl of London, just as I did.
NaeNobbs23 9 months ago
I'm a huge fan of Louise Bay, there's not a book of hers that I have not read. Louise also has a way of writing seriously hot British men! With that being said, she has nailed it again with Darcy and Logan's story- The Earl of London! I fell in love with Darcy back in The Duke of Manhattan (Darcy's hot brother Ryder's story). She is witty, strong, fierce and loving who is dealing with a hot new neighbor who is trying to destroy her little haven that is Woolton Village... or so she thinks. Once she gets to know him she has a different view on him rather than an enemy and possibly as more. Logan is one who knows what he wants and gets it. He has rules and checklists that he lives by and does not veer off from them. So when he meets Darcy, she rattles his world and everything he thought he knew about his life and himself. If you enjoy enemies to lovers, this is a must read then! Their banter together and their love is EVERYTHING!! Get this book, you won't regret it!
Anonymous 9 months ago
The Earl of London is a wonderful steamy love story set in the United Kingdom between Lady Darcy and an Earl, Logan. This book is a standalone told in dual person POV, but I wholeheartedly encourage you to also read The Duke of Manhattan (Darcy is Ryder’s sister, the Duke in this book, and he marries an American, Scarlett) and The British Knight (Alexander is a barrister from Britain and marries Scarlett’s sister, Violet, also from the US.) The four of them reappear in the Earl of London. I really enjoy books where you see where couples that you have grown to love continue in a story line. The Earl of London was everything I hoped it would be. Darcy is a heroine I really admire. I loved her secondary character in the previous books and was one of the fans writing to Louise begging her to write about Darcy and she delivered. Darcy was independent, strong willed, loving, loyal, witty, caring, a smart businesswoman, and very devoted to her family heritage and town. She was also very lonely living in the enormous estate because her brother, the Duke, lived in the US with his wife and children, and her parents and grandparents were gone. Her life makes a complete turn-around when Logan, her strikingly handsome new neighbor, moves in as a weekender and their sexual chemistry is undeniable. They seemed to keep bumping into one another and eventually give in to their mutual attraction. Louise can write some steamy love scenes and their love scenes are explosive. I loved how they would flirt and then insult each other in the same breath! Darcy was so witty and wonderful, and Logan I just wanted to slap him and hug him at the same time. Logan is quite the domineering man when they are being intimate, but he is also patient, generous, considerate, charming, and respectful. I loved all of their interactions and you can see this relationship as something that could last long-term, even if they couldn’t. They each make the wrong assumptions about one another and she learns he is nothing like she expected. He is someone who never thought he would want to settle down, but was in constant awe of her beauty, ambition, passion, and genuine nature. His relationship with his grandmother is very sweet and shows what type of man he really is on the inside, and is one of many reasons Darcy falls in love with him. He, too, is a smart businessman and comes to realize what he needs to do to become a better and happier man. Of course there was some angst in this book, but I routed for them the entire time. Darcy is no pushover and even when she is vulnerable. I admire her strength and belief in her self-worth and how she, too, discovers what it is in life that makes her happy. While getting to know one another, this couple shares some very emotional and honest parts of their pasts, and they are very tender and supportive of one another. They really care about each other’s feelings and learn to compromise, especially about a personal business deal he is pursuing in their town. The way the author describes the various scenes in the book makes you feel as if you are there. Being from the US, I really enjoy reading books set in other countries and this book makes you feel you are on the English countryside living in a quaint village where you know all the townspeople. I want to visit there and have tea with Darcy and Logan!
ljtljtljt 9 months ago
The Earl of London by Louise Bay, is a standalone novel that primarily takes place in Woolton Village, a suburb about an hour and a half outside of London. The townspeople are truly proud of their traditions, and they enjoy the peacefulness of the countryside that surrounds them. This is the love story between neighbors Logan Steele, an Earl, who is also a self-made billionaire, and Lady Darcy Westbury, an independent woman who runs her family's vast estate. Although both descend from royalty, there is nothing royal about either of them. They are just two people that make the world a better place. Darcy and Logan are opposite in almost every way, with the exception of their love for family. Logan moves from the city into Woolton with his grandmother, and immediately tries to build on his land. Darcy, as well as the other villagers, put a stop to his plans, in order to ensure the sanctity of the area. In the process Darcy and Logan become more than adversaries, they fall in love. I liked this story, however, in the first half of the book I found the interactions and dialogue between Darcy and Logan to be a bit juvenile. Logan's domination in the bedroom left me panting, while Darcy's ability to stand up for her beliefs left me inspired. I loved the ending because it was replete with love, honesty and happiness. Overall a solid read. Complimentary copy provided.
Anonymous 9 months ago
I’ve been patiently waiting for Darcy’s story and couldn’t be happier with how it was told. Louise is a literary spellbinder with her words. I was sucked in from the first page and couldn’t put it down until I got to the end. And Logan... oh Logan. Just wait until you meet him! You need this book (and all the others) in your life. Would definitely recommend!
MelissaB 9 months ago
Definitely another Louise Bay masterpiece! I was so immersed in the story that I kept telling myself just one more chapter, just one more until the very end. Darcy and Logan's story was one I just couldn't put down because it was filled with witty banter and combustible chemistry. If you love strong-willed heroines and domineering heroes then you will be captivated by Darcy and Logan!
anapjm02 9 months ago
Finally we get to read Darcy's story. She is such an interesting character, being abandoned with her brother Ryder at her grandparent's estate by their parents, all she knows is Woolton and her life in the estate and village. Then comes Logan Steele, his wonderful grandmother and his plans to remodeling his estate and what is the stakes for the village and Woolton. Darcy and Logan are the best couple written by Louise Bay, they are explosive and at the same time sweet. They have abandonment issues in common and how they grow together is a wonderful tale of love. I have read the other books and they are all great, but The Earl of London has a special sensibility and a great care of the characters. It is a beautiful story.
MireleDouradoPauly 9 months ago
What you least expect might be what you want the most! I love this series! They are all interconnected standalones and I love each one of the books and the couples! And it wasn't different about Logan and Darcy! Since Duke of Manhattan I've been waiting for Darcy's story and the HEA she deserves so much, and I was not let down! Darcy and Logan were both active, spirited, stubborn and devoted to what they believed. They lived a comfortable life, but they both also knew pain from the past. So that made wary toward each other, even though they couldn't fight the pull they have to be together. They had flaws and qualities and they both made things right and made mistakes. Darcy, for a while, made me so mad! I understood her appeal to protect what she believed in, but she was so dense sometimes, that it was almost hipocritical, as Aurora, her best friend, so well pointed. And I must say, I loved Aurora! She was always there supporting Darcy, but she also always said the truth, no matter if Darcy might be comfortable hearing or not. But not only to protect her lifestyle, Darcy was also protecting herself. Her feelings were growing fast and strong, and that is scary. So even though she was denser than a diamond, I could also relate to her need to be cautious. "I'd been looking for excuses not to like Logan. And I'd found plenty. But as I got to know him, they were all fading away and without them I would have to face up to how much I did like him. How much I wanted to explore what we had. And I didn't know wheter to be scared or hopeful. Terrified or trusting" Logan was his own kind of dense. He learnt the hard way that being a Earl meant nothing if you didn't work hard. His only north was adorable grandmother, and other than her, he never knew what love is. So it was hard to recognize, even though it was there, in front of him. "We didn't need to ask each other anymore, we knew what the other liked, responded to, what would make each other wild. And in that moment, one thing became obvious. She was everything to me. I wanted this to last forever. Was that love?" But the thing is when you find that kind of love, even if you're scared, even if you messed up, even if you have no idea what to do, there is one thing you learn: you fight that love, you prove, you show, you act about it, you say, you do whatever it takes to live that love and cherish as it must be. And all of that Logan did. "I'll never be enough, but I'm going to spend my life trying to be the man you say yes to" Their paths had bumps along the road and some curves they didn't expect. But it also had everything they needed, everything they never knew they wanted. It had the unconditional, flawed and real love they both deserve. "This is what being in love was. Connection on every level. Being someone's world and them being yours. Knowing I'd do anything to make her happy".
ruhruh1979 9 months ago
It's finally Darcy's time for love. Darcy is Ryder's sister from the Duke of Manhattan and has spent her life devoted to her home and village of Woolton. A chance meeting while on a ride on the grounds at the spot she used to play with her brother as a child brings Logan into her very safe world. Logan is a mover and a shaker. A man that knows exactly what he wants from life. He wants to restore the family home for his grandmother that raised him. He wants to build his business and life while helping others. And he wants to do all those things while not making the same mistakes as his father. He'll find his success and satisfaction in life with no strings female companionship. There's a lot of fighting between Darcy and Logan. Darcy is adamant that Woolton remain the small close knit community that she can remember. She detests the city people coming in to change the village only to abandon it. Logan wants to build something of his very own instead of the acquiring business and making them successful. He submits plans to build a resort of sorts for Londoners to come and stay in the country. It would be a win-win, because it would employ those in the community and bring in some revenue. Darcy has strong opinions and fights him every step of the way. Finally the tension breaks, and as always, Louise Bay knows how to bring the spark with her characters. While Darcy's attitude grated on me for a good portion of the book, it's what makes Bay's writing so good. I kept wanting to see how she'd draw me in and root for these characters. And never to disappoint, she does just that. By the time Bay got these characters together, I was all in. I can't wait for the next Bay masterpiece.