The Earliest Norwegian Laws

The Earliest Norwegian Laws

by Laurence M. Larson (Translator)


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Compilation of Early Norwegian Laws.

"The oldest Norwegian laws, those of Gula and Frosta, go back to a time when the culture of the Middle Ages was still a somewhat novel experience in Northern Europe. Though the copies that have survived seem to date from the twelfth century and later, the codes must, in considerable part, have taken form in the eleventh century, or as early as the first generation of the Christian age. Heathendom had by that time been outlawed, but one seems justified in believing that the cult of strength and valor was for some time yet a force that had to be taken into account; for the principles that governed in the heathen age retained much of their ancient vigor, and the old civilization, rooted, as it was, in the soil itself, was able in large measure to maintain both life and validity." --Foreword, vii

Laurence M. Larson [1868-1938] was a Professor of History at the University of Illinois.

CONTENTS Introduction THE OLDER LAW OF THE GULATHING The Church Law The Merchant Law The Law of Tenancy The Inheritance Law Miscellaneous Provisions The Law of Personal Rights The Wergeld System The Law as to Theft The Redemption of Odal Land The Law of the Coast Defense A Later System of Wergeld THE OLDER LAW OF THE FROSTATHING Introduction I. The Frostathing II. The Church Law III. The Church Law-Continued IV. The Law of Personal Rights V. Miscellaneous Provisions VI. The Wergeld System VII. The Law of the Coast Defense VIII. The Inheritance Law IX. The Inheritance Law-Continued X. The Merchant Law XI. The Merchant Law-Continued XII. The Redemption of Odal Land XIII. The Law of Tenancy XIV. The Law of Tenancy-Concluded. The Law as to Theft XV. The Law as to Theft-Continued XVI. Later Enactments Glossary Bibliography Index

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