The Early Earth: An Introduction to Biblical Creationism

The Early Earth: An Introduction to Biblical Creationism

by John C. Whitcomb


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ISBN-13: 9780884692683
Publisher: BMH Books
Publication date: 01/01/2011
Pages: 176
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About the Author

John C. Whitcomb served as professor of theology and Old Testament at Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, Ind., for 38 years.
He holds a with a B.A. degree, majoring in ancient and European history from Princeton University. At the end of his freshman year at Princeton, he was led to Christ by Donald B. Fullerton, a former missionary to India.
In 1951, he was graduated from Grace Theological Seminary with the B.D. degree (high honors) and received the Th.M. degree in 1953 and Th.D. degree in 1957 from the same institution. From 1951 to 1990, he taught in the Department of Old Testament and also in the Department of Christian Theology, in which he served as chairman for many of these years. For 20 years he also served as director of doctoral studies, and for 10 years as editor of Grace Theological Journal.
From 1962 to 1990, he was president of the board of Spanish World Gospel Missions, Inc. and served on the board of trustees of Grace Brethren Foreign Missions (now Grace Brethren International Missions) for 20 years, several of these years as chairman of the board.
Dr. Whitcomb lived in China three years (1927–30), served his country in Europe (1944–46), visited mission stations in Peru (1950), helped in the establishment of a church in Puerto Rico under the auspices of Grace Brethren Foreign Missions (1958–59); and an extension program for Grace Seminary in France (1958–89); and has lectured in Canada, Latin America, Western Europe, Central African Republic, the Far East, and in most states of the United States. He has been on two study tours of the Holy Land (1952, 82).
Currently, he is president of Whitcomb Ministries, Inc., and founder and professor of Christian Workman Schools of Theology. He has taught the Old Testament and theology for more than 50 years, and is widely recognized as a leading Biblical scholar.

Table of Contents

Foreword i

Preface iii

Acknowledgments vii

1 The Nature of Biblical Creation 3

Creation Was Supernatural 3

Creation Was Sudden 9

Creation Involved a Superficial Appearance of History 22

Conclusion 29

2 The Creation of the Universe 31

The Basic Approach to Origins 31

The Creation of the Heavens 32

The Creation of the Earth 33

Did the Earth Come from a Proto-sun? 36

The Purpose of the Stellar Creation 47

Conclusion 51

3 The Creation of Plants and Animals 53

Genesis and the Geologic Timetable 53

The Original Abundance of Life 57

The Limits of Variation 64

Conclusion 88

4 The Creation of Mankind 89

The Dignity of Man 89

Theistic Evolution 91

The Direct Creation of Adam's Body 96

The Marvelous Complexity of the Human Body 98

Ape-Men and Cavemen 100

The Antiquity of Man 104

Conclusion 112

5 Was the Earth Once a Chaos? 113

The Basic Issue 113

"Was" or "Became" 118

"Empty" or "Chaotic"? 118

Was the Darkness Evil? 121

How Many Creative Acts in Genesis 1? 122

Other Gap Theory Arguments 124

The Chaos/Creation Theory 125

Conclusion 130

Summary and Conclusion 131

Endnotes 135

Selected Bibliography 155

Author and Subject Index 167

Scripture Index 173

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