The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History / Edition 6

The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History / Edition 6

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Cengage Learning
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The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History / Edition 6

Featuring a beautiful new design, THE EARTH AND ITS PEOPLES, 7th Edition, presents world history in a balanced, global framework, shifting the focus away from political centers of power and toward the living conditions and activities of ordinary people. This truly global text for the world history survey course employs fundamental themes of "environment and technology" and "diversity and dominance" to explore patterns of humans' interactions with their surroundings and with each other. The authors' approach reveals how humanity continues to shape and be shaped by the environment, and how dominant structures and traditions are balanced and challenged by alternate beliefs. Technological development and how it underlies all human activity receives special emphasis. A combination of strong scholarship and detailed pedagogy gives the book its reputation for rigor and student accessibility.

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ISBN-13: 9781285436791
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 960
Sales rank: 722,290
Product dimensions: 8.60(w) x 11.10(h) x 1.50(d)

Table of Contents

Part I: THE EMERGENCE OF HUMAN COMMUNITIES, TO 500 B.C.E. 1. Nature, Humanity, and History, to 3500 B.C.E. 2. The First River-Valley Civilizations, 3500-1500 B.C.E. 3. The Mediterranean and Middle East, 2000-500 B.C.E. 4. New Civilizations Outside the West Asian Core Area, 2300 B.C.E.-350 C.E. Part II: THE FORMATION OF NEW CULTURAL COMMUNITIES, 1000 B.C.E.-400 C.E. 5. Greece and Iran, 1000-30 B.C.E. 6. An Age of Empires: Rome and Han China, 753 B.C.E.-330 C.E. 7. India and Southeast Asia, 1500 B.C.E.-1025 C.E. 8. Peoples and Civilizations of the Americas, from 1200 B.C.E. Part III: GROWTH AND INTERACTION OF CULTURAL COMMUNITIES, 300 B.C.E.-1200 C.E. 9. Networks of Communication and Exchange, 300 B.C.E.-1100 C.E. 10. The Sasanid Empire and the Rise of Islam, 200-1200. 11. Christian Societies Emerge in Europe, 600-1200. 12. Inner and East Asia, 400-1200. Part IV: INTERREGIONAL PATTERNS OF CULTURE AND CONTACT, 1200-1550. 13. Mongol Eurasia and Its Aftermath, 1200-1550. 14. Latin Europe, 1200-1500. 15. Southern Empires, Southern Seas, 1200-1500. 16. The Maritime Revolution, to 1550. Part IV: INTERREGIONAL PATTERNS OF CULTURE AND CONTACT, 1200-1550. 16. The Maritime Revolution, to 1550. Part V: THE GLOBE ENCOMPASSED, 1500-1750. 17. Transformations in Europe, 1500-1750. 18. The Diversity of American Colonial Societies, 1530-1770. 19. The Atlantic System and Africa, 1550-1800. 20. Between Europe and China, 1500-1750. 21. East Asia in Global Perspective, 1500-1800. Part VI: REVOLUTIONS RESHAPE THE WORLD, 1750-1870. 22. The Early Industrial Revolution, 1760-1851. 23. Revolutionary Changes in the Atlantic World, 1750-1850. 24. Land Empires in the Age of Imperialism, 1800-1870. 25. Nation Building and Economic Transformation in the Americas, 1810-1890. Part VII: GLOBAL DIVERSITY AND DOMINANCE, 1750-1945. 26. Varieties of Imperialism in Africa, India, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, 1750-1914. 27. The New Power Balance, 1850-1900. 28. The Crisis of the Imperial Order, 1900-1929. 29. The Collapse of the Old Order, 1929-1949. 30. Revolutions in Living, 1900-1950. Part VIII: PERILS AND PROMISES OF A GLOBAL COMMUNITY, 1945 TO THE PRESENT. 31. The Cold War and Decolonization, 1945-1975. 32. The End of the Cold War and the Challenge of Economic Development and Immigration, 1975-2000. 33. New Challenges in a New Millennium.

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