The Eaton

The Eaton

by John K. Addis


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Spanning over 100 years of mid-Michigan history, The Eaton tells the story of Sam Spicer, a young entrepreneur who purchases the dilapidated Michigan Central Railroad Depot in Eaton Rapids with the dream of opening a hot new martini bar. But when he and his friends discover an abandoned underground hotel directly beneath the property, they must discover what happened to the original guests-before their own time runs out.

The Eaton is the debut novel of John K. Addis, and combines a flashback-based narrative structure with the gruesome style of '80s horror classics, creating a unique new voice critics are calling "fresh, original, and truly terrifying."

Early Reviews:

"***** (5 Stars) - Reading John K. Addis was like reading an eighties horror movie. It's fast paced, macabre and full of gritty atmospheric settings, along with a relentlessly chilling plot from an author who's mastered the genre!" - Catherine Rose Putsche, Top #40 Regional Goodreads Reviewer, Author of "The Surgeon's Son"

"***** (5 Stars) - The Eaton is the best kind of horror. Some of the images are so vivid that I had to put The Eaton down for a few minutes, let myself relax, take a few breaths, and then I could continue. This book is so well plotted, and the characters feel so real, that you will be as terrorized as they are. You will have to keep reading to see what happens next, even if you are afraid to find out." - Bill Mackela, Bill's Book Reviews

"***** (5 Stars) - Amazing debut by a really talented author. As the action unfolds, and we start jumping back and forth in time, the narrative becomes irresistible. This is one of those books that will stick with you after you read it-Addis does a great job of putting you in the action." - Alec Drachman, Goodreads

"***** (5 Stars) - I would recommend The Eaton to anyone who loves a good horror story with rich, well-developed characters who all have their secrets they would like to keep hidden, but are faced with a horror they've never met. If you ever hoped to find tunnels under the floorboards of an old house, or imagined you were on some sort of expedition to discover secrets that have been buried for years, you might want to try The Eaton." - Melanie Marsh,

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692272732
Publisher: AE Press
Publication date: 09/25/2015
Pages: 420
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.93(d)

About the Author

John K. Addis is an award-winning designer and marketing professional in Lansing, Michigan. When not advertising the products and causes of his clients, Addis enjoys expressing himself creatively in as many ways as possible. In the past two decades, Addis has composed a variety of works for small music ensembles, drawn a daily comic strip for The State News (Studentangle), written & directed a microbudget feature-length film (The Bells of Beaumont Tower), and has seen his photography displayed at local galleries. He is presently the CEO & Creative Director of AE: Adventures in New Media, continues to perform keys and vocals in a Williamston-based cover band (The Black Barn Band) and has recently started writing his second novel, The Paper. Addis lives in Lansing's historic Westside Neighborhood with his brilliant wife Leah, creative daughter Sophia, and adorable toddler Julian.

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The Eaton 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Lit Amri for Readers' Favorite The Eaton by John K. Addis tells the story of Sam Spicer, who purchases the long-abandoned Michigan Central Railroad Depot in Eaton Rapids with the dream of opening a hot new martini bar. But he and his friends discover an abandoned underground hotel directly beneath the property, and they try to find out what happened to the original guests. Unfortunately, a terrifying secret from the past awaits them. Sam and his friends might never escape the abandoned underground world. The narrative’s back and forth transition between the present day and the past is well executed, showing Addis’ strength as a writer. His characters are compelling and clearly drawn. The plot is fast-paced, but has enough room to let readers know all the necessary details about what happened in the old Victorian hotel. The story does remind me of Stephen King’s works, but I personally felt Addis excelled more in characterization and storyline structure. The ending is solid; it has a gripping finish like some of the best horror novels that I’ve read before. Needless to say, I enjoyed The Eaton. It’s an out and out thrilling horror and an absolute page-turner – it had me wanting “just another chapter.” But it is, I think, also a little more than that. Addis explores a number of very contemporary and relatable concerns here regarding the relationship between the characters as well as their past. This is a great read and I guarantee horror fans are about to be as hooked in as I was.