Ecology of Consciousness: The Alchemy of Personal, Collective, and Planetary Transformation

Ecology of Consciousness: The Alchemy of Personal, Collective, and Planetary Transformation

by Ralph Metzner


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Ecology of Consciousness: The Alchemy of Personal, Collective, and Planetary Transformation by Ralph Metzner

Who are we, really? In The Ecology of Consciousness, a Harvard scholar and pioneer in the field of consciousness studies—well known for his groundbreaking psychedelic research with Ram Dass and Timothy Leary—presents an expansive work culminating decades of research in Eastern philosophy, shamanism, and more to guide you along the path of true consciousness and transformation.

Questions surrounding consciousness have intrigued humankind throughout time, and have been addressed through a wide range of perspectives and traditions. From age-old philosophies to New Age spirituality, consciousness—and its various forms—has been the topic of much contemplation. This unique book is a comprehensive exploration that covers a wide range of disciplines and subjects within the framework of psychospiritual and consciousness studies.

The Ecology of Consciousness revives ancient alchemical knowledge, spiritual traditions, and thoughtful theories about consciousness—drawing on ancient Eastern philosophy, shamanism, mythology, and others sources, and covering topics such as personal growth and reincarnation—to give you an expansive foundation for self-inquiry and transformation. Written by a leading authority, this book will give you a deeper understanding of consciousness, show you how to access your own spiritual intelligence, teach you about shamanic and alchemical traditions and connect them to healing practices of today.

With this consciousness-expanding book, you’ll explore the human life cycle from a spiritual perspective, reflect on your own personal journey, and discover which pathway guides your life purpose for your ultimate fulfillment, growth, and well-being.

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ISBN-13: 9781626256194
Publisher: New Harbinger Publications
Publication date: 03/01/2017
Pages: 664
Sales rank: 634,442
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Ralph Metzner, PhD, is a psychotherapist and professor emeritus at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA. A recognized pioneer in studies of consciousness and its transformations, he collaborated with Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert (Ram Dass) in the study of psychedelic drugs at Harvard University in the 1960s, and coauthored The Psychedelic Experience. Metzner has authored, coauthored, and edited several books, including The Unfolding Self, The Well of Remembrance, Green Psychology, Maps of Consciousness, The Roots of War and Domination, Sacred Vine of Spirits: Ayahuasca, Allies for Awakening, and Birth of a Psychedelic Culture, among others. Learn more online at

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Prologue The Quest for the Philosopher's Stone 1

Part 1 Transformations of Collective Consciousness: An Octave of World History from 1945 to 2001 25

Part 2 Alchemical Divination: Accessing Your Spiritual Intelligence for Healing and Guidance 77

Chapter 1 Shamanism, Yoga, and Alchemy 85

Chapter 2 What Is Divination? 99

Chapter 3 The Seven Phases of Divination Rituals 123

Chapter 4 Alchemical Light-Fire Yoga 141

Chapter 5 The Three Chambers or Essence Fields 155

Chapter 6 The Life-World and Self-System 163

Chapter 7 Stages of the Life Cycle 175

Chapter 8 The Well of Memory and the Tree of Visions 187

Appendix A Associations with the Three Energy Fields 199

Appendix B Neuroanatomy of the Three Chambers 205

Part 3 MindSpace and TimeStream: Understanding and Navigating Your States of Consciousness 209

Chapter 1 Altered States 216

Chapter 2 Consciousness, Space, and Time 222

Chapter 3 Consciousness as Context and Subjectivity 227

Chapter 4 Radical Empiricism 238

Chapter 5 States, Stages, and Levels of Consciousness 243

Chapter 6 The Set and Setting Model 253

Chapter 7 Waking, Sleeping, Dreaming, Meditating 261

Chapter 8 The Dimensions of Energy and Pleasure-Pain 276

Chapter 9 Expansions of Consciousness 285

Chapter 10 Contractions of Consciousness 295

Chapter 11 Dissociation and State Transitions 307

Chapter 12 Dissociation and Association in Various States 318

Chapter 13 NDEs, OBEs, and Mediumistic States 325

Appendix A Neurochemical and Hormonal Correlates of the Two Dimensions 339

Appendix B Dissociative Drug States 345

Appendix C Biochemical and Hormonal Basis of Sexual Experience 348

Part 4 The Life Cycle of the Human Soul: Incarnation-Conception- Birth-Death-Hereafter-Reincarnation 351

Chapter 1 Birth-Traumatic Realities, Ecstatic Potentials 361

Chapter 2 Prenatal Imprints and Ancestral Connections 383

Chapter 3 Death and Hereafter 410

Chapter 4 Life Between Lives 433

Chapter 5 From Incarnation to Conception and Rebirth 456

Appendix On the Mediumship of William Shakespeare 475

Part 5 The Six Worlds of Existence in Mahayana Buddhism 479

Chapter 1 The Wheel of Birth and Death 483

Chapter 2 Divination Journeys to the Six Worlds of Existence 509

Part 6 The World Tree and the World Axis 527

Chapter 1 The Cosmic World Tree in Myth and Science 528

Chapter 2 Divination Journeys with the Tree of Worlds 555

Part 7 Octave Holarchies: Divination Meditations 579

Chapter 1 Hierarchies, Holarchies, and Octaves 580

Chapter 2 Ascending Octave of Macrocosmic Holarchies 590

Chapter 3 Descending Octave of Microcosmic Holarchies 594

Chapter 4 Developmental Octave of a Possible Global Civilization 598

Appendix A Selected Recordings Used in Divination Journeys 603

Appendix B Historical Publication Note 604

Bibliography 605

Index 619


Metzner resides in Sonoma, CA.

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