Ecology of Migrant Birds: A Neotropical Perspective

Ecology of Migrant Birds: A Neotropical Perspective

by John H. Rappole


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ISBN-13: 9781560985136
Publisher: Smithsonian Institution Press
Publication date: 07/17/1997
Pages: 269
Product dimensions: 5.97(w) x 8.96(h) x 0.78(d)

About the Author

John H. Rappole is the research coordinator at the Conservation and Research Center of the Smithsonian's National Zoological Park.

Table of Contents

Part 1 1. Introduction Part 2 2. Habitat Chapter 3 Identification of Habitat Needs Chapter 4 Migrant Habitat Use Chapter 5 Sexual Differences in Habitat Use Chapter 6 Age Differences in Habitat Use Chapter 7 Fragmentation Effects Chapter 8 Intraseasonal Shifts Chapter 9 Use of Remote Sensing Chapter 10 Summary Part 11 3. Resource Use Chapter 12 Determination of Food Preferences Chapter 13 Shifts in Food Preferences Chapter 14 Fat Storage Chapter 15 Social Behavior and Resource Use Chapter 16 Roost Sites as a Critical Resource Chapter 17 Summary Part 18 4. Migrants as Members of Tropical Communities Chapter 19 The Migrant Foraging Niche Chapter 20 Seasonal Change in Migrant Foraging Niche Breadth Chapter 21 Neophobia Chapter 22 Migrants versus Residents in Tropical Communities Chapter 23 Ecological Impact of Migrants on Tropical Communities Chapter 24 Summary Part 25 5. Migration Chapter 26 Nearctic-Neotropical Migration Chapter 27 Subtropical-Neotropical Migration Chapter 28 Intratropical Migration Chapter 29 Austral Migration Chapter 30 Summary Part 31 6. Migrant Evolution Chapter 32 Theories on the Origin of Migration Chapter 33 Hypothesis for the Origin of Migration in Sedentary Tropical Species in Relative Aseasonal Environments Chapter 34 Possible Wintering Ground Influence on Migrant Evolution Chapter 35 Summary Part 36 7. Old World Versus New World Migration Systems Chapter 37 Characteristics of Neotropical, African, and Asian Migration Chapter 38 Migrant Taxonomic Relationships Chapter 39 The Migrant Role in Different Tropical Migratuib Ststems Chapter 40 Summary Part 41 8. Migrant Population Change Chapter 42 Migrant Vulnerability Chapter 43 Historical Aspects Chapter 44 National Breeding Bird Surveys Chapter 45 Local and Regional Surveys Chapter 46 Current Trends Chapter 47 Evaluation of Causes of Apparent Migrant Declines Chapter 48 Summary Part 49 9. Conservation Chapter 50 Threats to Migrant Neotropical Habitats Chapter 51 Pollution Chapter 52 Direct Exploitation Chapter 53 Human Population Growth Chapter 54 Migrant Vulnerability Chapter 55 Conservation Attitudes towards Wildlife Chapter 56 Recommendations Chapter 57 Summary Part 58 Appendix 1. List of Nearctic-Neotropical Migrants Part 59 Appendix 2. Systematic Relationships and Habitat Use for Palearctic-African Migrants Part 60 Appendix 3. Systematic Relationships and Habitat Use for Palearctic-Asian Migrants Part 61 Appendix 4. English Common Names and Their Counterparts Part 62 Appendix 5. Spanish Common Names and Their Counterparts

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