The Economy: Will it be the Market or _______ ?

The Economy: Will it be the Market or _______ ?

by Bill Henderson


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Like most Americans, these are times when you worry about the future. Some of the worries are related to the future of the economy. Since 2008 the economy has not prospered.
Economic policies have not reversed the negative economic conditions.
Not many positive situations have been a feature of the Obama administration's economic policies.
So with conditions as they are, the pattern of policies of this administration is important.
In the remaining days of this administration, what economic conditions might be expected to get better or worse?
In the bigger picture is it unlikely that the free enterprise, capitalistic system can be revitalized by more intervention in economic decision making by the government.
Is it likely that modifications to the market system will surface or the market system will be replaced by alternatives such as central government economic planning?
If you do not want change -- that means more of the past Obama policies - or no respite from the decline in the role of markets or even other, more extreme changes.
On the other hand, some few authorities predict a needed strengthening of the market system.
But other prognosticators assume that a larger more complete role of the federal government will be necessary.

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