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The Emergence: A Time of Accelerated Change

The Emergence: A Time of Accelerated Change

by Howard Cooper
The Emergence: A Time of Accelerated Change

The Emergence: A Time of Accelerated Change

by Howard Cooper


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Did you know that you are of great importance to the universe? You are part of a mosaic of life, and you have meaning. This is not intended to make you feel good or bad. It is a fact of third dimensional reality and beyond. You are an ingredient in the flow of history, but the reasons why can seem a mystery. Only you hold the key to your existence. What is the meaning of life? What is your ultimate destination?

We liken the journey of life to walking the path of a labyrinth. The initial step of the journey is to simply realize what exists in the world today; the second is to realize the parts we play. The third step highlights issues that interfere with our potential and provides tools to set us free. The fourth reflects a vision of the future that is totally dependent on our willingness to step beyond our current world conditions and level of consciousness.

As we travel through this lifelong labyrinth of third dimensional reality, we must keep in mind that there are many paths but only one journey. This path that you now walk is the key to the great mystery of existenceyour existence. Finding purpose is a logical goal, and in part, that is necessary but there is a greater mystery to solve on your journey. Are you ready to find the answers?

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ISBN-13: 9781504395373
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 01/22/2018
Pages: 254
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

This is Howard A. Coopers first book. He felt compelled to write this book because of an event he experienced in December 2016. Due to the insights gained by this event, which he referred to as The Reveal Transit, and subsequent events related to his experience, Howard realized that the magnitude of change we were experiencing was unique and of great importance. The book reflects the thoughts, insights and information he has received.
Howard has over 40 years of senior management experience in several industries in his career. He has been a Corporate Controller for a NYSE company and has held CFO positions for cosmetics and retail companies in Southern California. He also owned a turnaround consulting business dedicated to guiding companies through very difficult financial and structural challenges. Throughout his career he worked with people and companies to maximize their full potential.
Over the years, Howard has traveled to sacred and mystical sites in the United States, Europe and Egypt in his search of ancient knowledge and wisdom. Like so many he has been a seeker for greater meaning in life and how to bring out the best in himself and others.
This first book is an introduction to a level of greater understanding and knowledge that exists within each of us.
He and his wife, Peggy, reside in Henderson, NV

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Section 1

* * *

How It All Began

In 2015, I retired after more than forty years as a senior financial and operations executive. Not being one to go fishing, I started to put together some material on a book concept about the potential that exists in all of us. I had worked for and with several companies over the years to help them prosper and grow in productive ways. I always tried to create an environment in which integrity and the growth and morale of the employees were integral parts of the company culture.

In the early part of 2016 — I am not exactly sure of the date — I received the impression that there was a wave of some type headed toward Earth. I have had several experiences in my lifetime with mystical events, so I did not react negatively to this experience. I saw it as an enormous wave of what appeared to be energy of some sort. I made a rough sketch of what I saw and put it away.

About a month after that, I saw the same wave, only this time, it appeared larger; it seemed to be much larger than Earth. I made some rudimentary sketches as it appeared to me in relation to Earth. Because I did not have a clue what this meant, I put the drawings in a folder.

In the early part of December, I was half asleep at about three o'clock in the morning, when I suddenly heard the words "Leo and Cygnus." I was immediately wide awake. What the heck are Leo and Cygnus? I thought. Then I remembered both were constellations. Although I have had a few psychic experiences, hearing a message in the middle of the night was not something I had experienced before. After about an hour of thinking about what I had heard, I finally fell back to sleep.

That morning, I went to the few books I have on the constellations and looked up both Leo and Cygnus. I am not that knowledgeable about astronomy or astrology, and I did not understand or see a connection between the two constellations. I certainly did not understand what I was to do with what I had heard. I should also mention that when this happened, I did not connect what I heard with the impressions I had received several months prior. I did some research on both constellations and could not find any direct connection between them. We were getting ready for the holidays and did not have a clue why I'd heard the names of the two constellations. My instincts told me something was about to happen.

As the holidays approached, I suddenly had the sense that there was a gigantic wave headed toward our solar system. I checked several scientific websites and could not find anything about this wave. I checked several metaphysical and spiritual websites and found nothing. I could not understand why no one was talking about this event.

I don't remember the exact moment, but it suddenly seemed as if something like a starburst or act of energy had taken place somewhere in the constellation of Cygnus. I could feel the intensity of it, but I was not sure of its power. I was sure this was why I had heard "Leo and Cygnus," but why was I getting this information? I did not understand. I woke up one morning with the sudden realization that the impact of the energy wave was going to be experienced by Earth and our solar system beginning on December 22, 2016, and because of its magnitude, it would last through December 28. It seemed to me to be like a new star in the sky, and it reminded me of the story related to the star of Bethlehem, since it was taking place over the Christmas holiday.

I felt that I had to write about what was taking place. I started to write about it, and without having a complete understanding of what was taking place, I called the event the Reveal Transit because of the impact I felt it would have on us. I based this on my initial impressions of what was about to take place. As I was writing my initial thoughts, it became apparent that I needed to address each day of the event differently. I wrote eight steps, or exercises, that I felt we should do through the course of the event, and I called them the Seven Days of Transitional Awareness. The additional step took place on Christmas Eve.

With only a few days to go before the event, a close friend, Cherlyn Fields, my wife, and I quickly put together a website and created five videos to inform people about what was about to take place. Because of the time frame and the fact that my wife and I had never done this type of thing before, the information did not get out as we had hoped. We did post five videos on YouTube and posted the instructions for the Seven Days of Transitional Awareness on our hurriedly created website: We then contacted a few friends and our family and shared the information as quickly as we could.

What I received prior to and during the course of the event indicated that this would have a significant impact on the planet Earth, the moon, and our sun. The effect would be experienced throughout our solar system and beyond. My vision and experience were to focus on our sun, the moon, and Earth. I received the knowledge that it was a singular event, something that had never been experienced in our solar system before. The constellation of Leo was involved but on a different level than Earth.

What I realized was that this event would be part of an evolutionary process that we as human beings were going to go through. My sense was that no one would be excluded from this process. The energetic impact seemed to center upon our beliefs and our acceptance of the beliefs that we currently held about this planet and our place on it. The way I described it at the time was that it was similar to an x-ray of a body, in which you see just the bones and an outline. But this was an illumination of our thoughts and beliefs.

The impact of this radiance would reveal certain facts about our beliefs in self and in one another. It would be like seeing an x-ray of oneself, only it would reveal the contents of one's beliefs and not the physical nature of the self.

I saw it as a chance for us to look at how we functioned in the world and with one another. Since that time, I have tried to gain a greater understanding as to what took place. In doing so, it has come to me that this is a chance to provide some clarity regarding the change that is taking place in the course of humankind's destiny.

I use the term x-ray, but this energy is not an x-ray as we know it. I am using my limited knowledge of this energy to describe what took place and the energy that I feel passed through our solar system.

Before continuing, I would like to share an additional vision that I had prior to December 22. I saw an image related to the constellation Leo. It was of a sphinx that was still on its hind legs but was in the process of rising up onto its front legs. Its chest was pointed directly toward the radiance of immense energy from Cygnus. As the image continued, I saw the energy enter and illuminate the heart of the sphinx. Within moments, the illumination moved up toward the head, and it too became illuminated. At the time, I did not fully understand the message associated with this vision, but I knew it was of paramount importance to what was taking place here on Earth and throughout our solar system.

I was not sure why I saw a sphinx as a representation of Leo, but the sphinx has always meant something of great importance to me. The sphinx has always been a symbol for the guardians of the secret places on Earth and sacred knowledge. Because of my research related to trips we have taken to Egypt, I've learned the sphinx has also been connected with the initiation rites in the ancient temples and mystery schools.

In The Noble Eightfold Path, Manly P. Hall states, "Lions as part of the cat family have the power of seeing in the dark, and they represent the spiritual sight which is capable of seeing in the darkness of the lower worlds." The lion also stood for courage. Both Buddha and Christ were known as lions for their courage. In other texts, I found that the sphinx stood for royal power and was a symbol for good. Whatever the prior symbolism, the rising and illumination of a sphinx as represented by Leo in my vision has something to do with our ability to see into the darkness we have been accustomed to, and there is a need for us to be courageous as we move forward through the transition before us.

During the writing of this material, I realized that the sphinx, with the body of a lion and the head of a man, is a representation from the celestial realms. We are being asked to have the courage of a lion as we shift our minds from our current state of awareness and evolve in consciousness. In my vision, the illumination started in the heart and went to the head. The connection between heart and mind is the basis for what our future holds.

After December 28, 2016, I felt that whatever was to take place as a result of the event would flow naturally. I was somewhat disappointed in the limited response to the videos and in our ability to get the information out in a timely manner. I knew we had done the best we could in such a short period of time. I was curious to see what would happen next. I did not have long to wait. A few weeks later, again during the middle of the night, I heard clearly, "Tápu'at," followed by "Land of the Rising Sun." I was immediately wide awake. What was the importance of a word that I knew meant a Hopi labyrinth? At least that was what I thought I knew. That morning, I went to search for books I have on labyrinths. Years ago, my wife and I were members of the Labyrinth Society, and we had designed and made a thirty-by-thirty-foot canvas labyrinth based on the Chartres Labyrinth, so I felt I had some knowledge about labyrinths. What I found in Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters was not what I'd expected. The heading of the page on T'apu'at design was "Commentary: The Symbol of the Emergence." I stared at the page for several minutes as I tried to grasp what that meant. I began to realize that we were in a time of transition that would take us to a whole new concept of reality.

The information in this book has come to me like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. I thought at first I would write a small booklet on this material. As I started to write, the information I was receiving just kept coming. I believe I have somehow tapped into the Infinite Mind of Creation to write this material. Sometimes the sentence structure is not what we think of as proper English, but I have tried to make few changes to what I received. I placed the material in a sequence that I feel is logical. Not everything I received is logical, but I have faith in its validity. As I stated earlier, some of the material seems to go back over itself as if walking through the path of a labyrinth.

The challenge for me has been to write this material and then work with it in an effort to gain a greater level of awareness and understanding. Because I have accepted the concepts and beliefs of the third-dimension prior to becoming aware of this information and knowledge, I have an understanding of what it takes to benefit from this material. It has allowed me to gain insight that has enhanced my outlook on life.

During the course of writing this material, I received a vision that is different from those who predict the end of days or an apocalypse. It does speak to the fact that if we want a future different from what we are experiencing today, we have to change our beliefs in separation, duality, and impermanence.


Transition from the Reveal Transit to the Emergence

As the Reveal Transit energy left our space in the solar system, it left behind a change in what we perceive as our reality. The impact was not felt like a strong wind but more like a gentle breeze. If you are not aware, it seems to pass unnoticed. The reality is that what took place has changed many things throughout the planetary logos. The vibration of change we are currently experiencing and will experience is more dynamic and, in some ways, more chaotic. After the event passed, I seemed to lose the initial intensity I had felt. At first, I questioned if it really happened or if it was an illusion. As I watched world events unfold, I began to see greater extremes play out across our world, and I wondered if this was due in part to what had just taken place. I came to the conclusion that it was humanity responding to the nature of what had already been set in motion over eons.

After a short period of time, it became apparent that the vision and feelings I had were not something I could dismiss. I had to start writing about the impact of this event and what was taking place within the essence of our beings. It was ironic that I had started to write about potential in my earlier material, and now I was to write about potential in a way I'd never imaged. When I sat down to write the first piece of material, it became apparent that this subject was much more involved and wider in scope than I had initially perceived. It was as if I were tapping into a stream of consciousness that had its own way of communicating thoughts and knowledge. After a while, I felt I was communicating with the Infinite Mind of Creation, where knowledge and wisdom are expressed at a different level of consciousness.

The Emergence from our present state of awareness to the next step in our evolution is not something mankind pays much attention to. We are caught up in the day-to-day aspects of our lives. For many, just getting through the day is a challenge. For others, pleasures of the material world occupy their time. There have always been a handful of souls who choose to follow the spiritual path and seek greater understanding of self and the universe. The level of awareness that is currently present on Earth follows a rather narrow range. The motivation to know the next step is somewhat blinded by our current thoughts and beliefs. The realm of third-dimensional reality is fixed on the dramas we have created and our investment in them. From what I understand from this material, it is time for us to realize some greater truths.

The Cygnus event brought to my attention the labyrinth of the Hopis that they called Tápu'at. I knew about the labyrinth, but I was not aware of its meaning. A labyrinth is not only important to our human psyche and spirit but also a way for us to symbolize our journey through life. The fact that the symbol of the Hopi labyrinth meant the Emergence was like a lightbulb going off in my head. We were going to travel a route that led in some way to our emergence into a new level of consciousness. The question I had was this: How? The following information is thus a small step in that direction. You will note that there are two or three different writing styles. Please have patience with some of the information as written. I have tried not to change too much of what I received.


So It Begins

What took place during the Reveal Transit brought a subtle shift in human consciousness and human interaction. Appearance of a continuance in the drama and platform of life appears normal. The foundation for existence appears the same. Old habits of existing norms move or appear to move in a sequence that seems normal. The truth is that the foundation of fundamental relationships has been altered. This is a result of the celestial event of 2016. The alteration is not only cosmic in nature but also on a microcosmic level, being reflected in relationships. That which is defined as magnetic in form is altered, as is the connection of subatomic particles. Mass moved in a relationship to the influence of energy. The equation of mass to energy is not the same as that of Einstein's theory. Nowhere does man understand the concepts embedded in the movement of mass versus the undifferentiated field of absolutes. Mankind is the surface; the cells are the accumulation of a concept. The movement from cell to surface now is a mystery for those who perceive the fullness of life. Form comes from the formless. How? It is a mystery of life that will be revealed at the appropriate time as we move to higher levels of consciousness. I have written this paragraph as I received it. The change that we are experiencing comes to us in a form that is beyond the concepts and knowledge that we currently know and accept.

The subject at hand is the impact or effect the Reveal Transit has on mankind. This is the story of change. The code exists in light. So what is the impact on life going forward, or is it upward? Night and day follow one another, just as the intent of humanity's flow follows what is perceived as real. The motivation of man is what? The motivation of man is to evolve — conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. The patterns of reality have an inherent sequence. This is like the progression of seasons or the cycles of a universal matrix. All life on Earth seeks, on one level or another, to evolve. The sequence of events over eons appears as a steady progression. This progression has been, when seen from the perspective of the ages, uneven at best. There have been stops, starts, and reversals along the way. There have been ups and downs as seen from the standpoint of evolution.


Excerpted from "The Emergence"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Howard A. Cooper.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents

Preface, ix,
Introduction, xi,
Section 1: The Happening, 1,
How It All Began, 3,
Transition from the Reveal Transit to the Emergence, 9,
So It Begins, 11,
What Are We Emerging From?, 14,
Labyrinth, 17,
Tápu'at, 20,
The Emergence from the Labyrinth of Life, 22,
Celestial Event Revisited, 28,
Unfoldment, 30,
The Six Questions, 33,
First Wisdom Stratum, 46,
Section 2: Some Things to Think About, 47,
The Path of the Labyrinth, 49,
Obstacles on the Road to Unity, 53,
Cygnus Light, 58,
The Fear Factor, 64,
The Emergence, 73,
The Doorway of the Infinite Mind of Creation, 75,
The State of Man, 78,
Miracles of the Heart, 84,
Cygnus Light, 86,
The Light Within, 90,
Second Wisdom Stratum, 94,
Section 3: A Way Forward, 95,
Completion, 97,
The Way Forward Now, 104,
Light Is, 111,
What Are Truth in Knowing, Truth in Action, and Truth in Faith?, 113,
Potential, 118,
Teachers of the Stone, 121,
The Path, 129,
What Do You Know about Light?, 133,
Light Is, 136,
What Comes Next?, 143,
Twelve Ingredients of Change through the Emergence, 146,
Faith, Trust, and Gratitude, 162,
Realignment Declaration, 169,
Third Wisdom Stratum, 171,
Section 4: Destiny as a Vision, 173,
What Is the Destiny of Mankind?, 176,
The Corridor of Time, 182,
A New Template in the Corridors of Time, 186,
A Time of Transition, 192,
The Rest of the Story, 204,
Rather than the End, a Beginning, 209,
Fourth Wisdom Stratum, 213,
Appendixes, 215,
Appendix A: Definitions of Potential, Tapu'at, and Other, 217,
Appendix B: What Do We Know about Light?, 219,
Appendix C: Labyrinths, 223,
Appendix D: Unexplained Mysteries of Earth and Beyond, 227,
Bibliography, 231,
About the Author, 235,

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